although, here is the letter I sent to Chevrolet...and yes, Chevrolet has the news since the beginning. This is just an update, of the POWER STEERING  leaking in the Corvette…06-03-2020!

(And there  is another situation with Apple Computers that will also be addressed later. This one needed to go out. You decide, fact or fiction?) And IF you had similar problem, once the business is up and running I am sure you will agree, there needs changes to be made.

June 03, 2020

Ms. Mary T Barra
Chairman of the Board and C. E. O.
General Motors
300 Renaissance Ctr Ste L1
Detroit, MI, 48243-1403

Ms. Barra,

This is a simple update to advise you that IF I am a liar, then please prove me wrong.

Ask the Head Service Writer about the dime size droplets and the major leak under the Corvette.

Ask the mechanic who worked on the Corvette about the dime size droplets and the major leak under the Corvette.

Ask any of the mechanics in the shop at the time the Corvette was brought in.

Ask the Corvette President about the puddle and the trail of dime size droplets.

I am not a liar.

I look forward to your written response.

Respectfully Submitted,

A Traveler, out

Post Script:    Also, for the record, IF I was pissing out power steering fluid, I would have such a mess on my driveway and I would have lost my power steering pump with that amount of fluid leak and the Corvette would be stranded on the side of the road; after I left Allen Tillery Chevrolet.

This Saturday, we go on another cruise and yes, I will check my power steering fluid there and at the end of the trip. I should not make it any where with that size of leakage that I was shown in Allen Tillery Chevrolet bay. 

So, prove me wrong or fix the problem for free. at

This is the story...

I  brought it to Allen Tillery, in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas and when I back it up, it had a very minor, pinky nail type leak. Say 1/4 inch round or less.

I show the leak to my President of the Corvette Club, and he was very adamant that I was the problem! After all, Allen Tillery is a sponsor of the Corvette Club and can do no wrong.

We went round and round, and all he got was upset at my statements to his questions. O.K. he has a right as much as I do.

Did you know that there are 2.3 million prisoners in U.S. jails. And each prisoner must have one father and one mother. And I bet 80% of them believe that their child never committed a crime. Just saying on how blinded sided people are and can rationalize any thing. I speak from experience(s).

Well, after speaking with the Head Service Writer, and listening to him speak of how he was with Allen Tillery for 35 years, and the mechanic was there for 25 years, and neither one would ever cheat a customer, etc. and on and on it goes.

So, we left his office and we checked the fluid level, and it was a bit over filled. I had, prior to the weekend, put another ounce into the container because with my eye sight, I wasn’t sure where the fill level was. O.K. my fault; although, I did drive the Corvette for another 280 miles, after over filling the power steering pump.

Well, moving on, the Head Service Writer takes the car into the shop, puts it on the lift, to show me the leak. 

Now mind you, me and the President was going round and round. I personally think it is humorous because in his mind, I am 100% wrong and the Sponsor is 100% right. NO question about it!

Recall, I told you about the leak being about 1/4 inch on the ground. Well guess what, as we come into the bay area, there is a large number of droplets, about the size of dimes or larger, following the car into the lift area. 

IF I had to guess, they were about 30 feet from the engine, (being the car is about 20 feet long), and under the engine compartment is a puddle of about 3 to 4 inches wide and about 8 inches long. AND it is still dripping power steering fluid.

He also shows me that the parts of the under carriage is wet, and dirty, yet the transmission and all parts behind the transmission have no sign of leakage? Why is that IF it was down 10 ounces? Should’t there be some kind of sign of leakage, on the under carriage after the transmission?

So, again, me and the Head Service Writer go round and round on how it gets worse as it prolongs and this is what happens when you put pressure on the system, turning the wheel from left to right.

OK> we agree to disagree. Cool. 

I meet the Head Servicer Writer in his office, and the President comes in and I am told by the Head Service Writer, that, in no uncertain terms, that they are responsible for any damage, done to my Corvette, and it will just get worse as time goes by. (Because I was shown, how bad of a leak I had.)O.K. Remember, the dime size or larger, droplets and the big puddle?

So, I say, lets move the Corvette up from where it is, because about 10 feet away is a clear, unblemished spot, and the Head Service Writer gets in the Corvette and brings up about 10 feet.

I then ask him to turn the steering wheel, left to right, and he does back and forth. After a minute of this, I ask him to back up the Corvette. 

NOW, IF you forgot, there was a major trail of power steering fluid, with droplets the size of dimes and a puddle of power steering fluid about 3 to 4 inches wide, and about 8 inches long. 

I am sorry, I have to LOL because there is a droplet less than  the size of you pinky nail.

NOW how can it be leaking, about 20 to 30 droplets the size of a dime and a puddle of power steering fluid about 3 to 4 inches wide and about 8 inches long and only a pinky nail’s worth of fluid on the ground after turning the steering wheel, from left to right? Why is it not puddling, like it was in the bay?

I didn’t sell my soul to the Devil!

So, you can believe and rationalize what you want. 

I know I am not a liar. 

I know I am not greedy for money. 

I know what is right and that is why I have started Citizens Against Con Artists. www.caca.rocks.

I trusted my Corvette Club in taking my Corvette to Allen Tillery in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas and I made a mistake.

I hope you don’t make the same mistake as I did.

A Traveler, out

June 04, 2020................................................................

I am just devastated at what I have just learned. How sad of a world we live in where people you think are your friends, and they are just plain greedy liars. Too bad there is no heaven or hell. We are just carrots being pulled out and used by our Gods.

This letter has been sent out to all Board and Officers in National Park Corvette Club.

How would you feel IF someone attempted to kill you?

This is a certified letter, to the National Park Corvette Club’s 3 (three) Board Members and all Officer’s.

Separate letter have also been sent to:  (℅ N.P.C.C. Registered Agent Mr. John Grant)

Mr. JOHN D GRANT , Incorporator/Organizer and President
Ms. MARGIE LAMBERT , Secretary
Mr. RODNEY DAVIS , Vice-President
Mr. ROBERT LOUTON , Director (works for Allen Tillery Auto)
Mr. BEN VAN WAGNER , Director
Mr. WAYLON BROWN , Director
Ms. BARBARA BARNES , Treasurer

As a 501 c 4 organization, I am certain that there are certain rules, regulations and laws, (County. State and Federal)  that prevents a conspiracy between the National Park Corvette Club, 918 B. Airport Road, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913 and Allen Tillery Auto, 4573 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913.

Conspiracy is a secret plan by a group or individual(s) to do something unlawful or harmful; and in the legal sense, it must be, between two separate group(s) or individual(s). I am NOT an Attorney. Please seek legal counsel for interpretation of the laws.

I had previously spoken with Mr. John Grant, as my National Park Corvette Club President who does mention Allen Tillery Auto; at Mr. Grant’s National Park Corvette Club meetings. It was Mr. John Grant who recommended we, (Mr. John Grant and me, Mr. A Traveler) meet with Mr. Robert Luton, Service Manager and Fix Operations Manager, on June 03, 2020, to openly discuss my situation pertaining to work that was done on my 2002 Corvette, Customer NO. 131550. (I had previously written  complaints, to numerous Agencies, Chevrolet and Allen Tillery Auto, on what has taken place. This is the first, polished letter; the other were rough drafts.)

On June 03, 2020, I met with Mr. Robert Luton in his office, at 1000 hours, where Mr. John Grant was also meeting inside his office, waiting for us. (Me, A Traveler an Ms. Sue Ann Call). I had a lengthly discussion, where it was mainly one sided on Mr. Robert Luton part, in his office. All the while Mr. John Grant and Ms. Sue Ann Call listened.

Then Mr. Robert Luton stated, that he would bring the 2002 Corvette into the service bay area, to show me the leakage. We all left the office then.

During that time, Mr. John Grant walked outside where I had parked my Corvette. 

Mr. John Grant and I had a very heated conservation, where on numerous occasions, Mr. John Grant would turn and walk away from me to regain his composure; while Mr. Robert Luton, brought the 2002 Corvette, into the service bay and onto the lift.

I also showed Mr. John Grant, where I had parked the 2002 Corvette and that I’m being much older now, (closing in on 69 years of age), I had to back up a few times to get it, right in between the lines. 

I pointed out the minute leak on the ground where I parked the Corvette. The leak was about the size of a pinky finger nail. NO major leakage!!! (You could barely see it, If you didn’t know what you were look for.)

Please understand Mr. John Grant has some alleged, emotional baggage, because as he stated to me, Allen Tillery is a sponsor to his club, and in my “opinion” he does not want to lose their sponsorship. Thus, raising the question: “Which is more important: Losing a sponsor or losing a member?”

Which raises another question: “Is Mr. John Grant willing to purge himself under oath, to keep Allen Tillery Auto as a sponsor?”

After we, (Mr. John Grant and me, Mr. A Traveler) left Mr. Robert Luton office while outside having a heated conservation about 10 minutes later; Mr. Robert Luton came out of the shop, and told me the Corvette is ready for inspection. 

We all, (Mr. Grant, Mr. Robert Luton and I, Mr. A Traveler) walked in the bay area, where the 2002 Corvette was up, on the lift.

All Mr. John Grant has to do, is verify that he too, saw a trail of droplets of fluid, approximately 25’ (twenty five feet) long from where, my 2002 Corvette turned hard right into the stall bay area; at Allen Tillery Auto on June 03, 2020 and the trail of fluid, ends, with approximately a puddle the size of 4” (four inches) in width and 8” (eight inches) in length, underneath the front, of my 2002 Corvette; which is up, on the lift.

Now all the National Park Corvette Club Board and Officers have to do, is prove me, Mr. A Traveler, wrong; which is very simple.  

All Mr. John Grant has to state in a notarized statement is “Mr. A Traveler is delusional and I saw no droplets and a puddle of fluid on the floor.” (In country to what I say.) 

Backed up with a similar notarized statement from Mr. Robert Luton, and the auto mechanic because Mr. John Grant showed them this letter. Simple you allowed them to read what I wrote. They responded with a similar statement. aka I am a liar. End of discussion and any further complaints.

Now Mr. John Grant, Board Members and Officers, which is more important to you? 

Allen Tillery sponsorship and trinkets; or my membership and the safety of the membership of your Corvette Club Members?

IF telling the truth is more important to you, then tell your membership that the next meeting; exactly what has taken place. Stand up for your members and not your sponsor.

The leakage under (my 2002 Corvette) carriage, was very limited; approximately within 2’ (two feet) or less, of where the leak was, and no noticeable leakage past, into the remainder of the under carriage. I saw it with my own eyes and mentioned this to Mr. Robert Luton, the Service Manager. 

Remember, the droplets when the car was turning hard right, and the puddle below the engine. 

For those of you that took the trip last week, May 30, 2020, up into an Arkansas Mountain. 

All those sharp turns and twists. What a downpour of power steering fluid it must have been, just coating the undercarriage of my Corvette. 

Why was my undercarriage not coated with power steering fluid? 

As Mr. Robert Luton, the Service Manager, stated, that because of turning the wheel to the right, hard, will cause a massive fluid leak, because of the pressure, put on the power steering pump. 

Did you read the paragraph above? How may hard rights and lefts did we make?

Reread it, because, we, (Mr. A Traveler, and Ms. Sue Ann are going on this Saturday’s day trip up another mountain, run by Mile.

I am going to have my power steering fluid checked prior to departure and upon arrival on the mountain. That is right, you will hear me asking for help, and asking Mr. John Grant to check my power steering fluid level. (About 10 minutes to the hour; prior to departure.)

I should be losing a plethora of power steering fluid, just like on the bay floor, with all those twists and curves going up the mountain. OMG, Noooooooo!

FYI: This letter is being mailed out to all, the day before we meet for the day trip, so, yes, Mr. John Grant and everyone about will know what my fluid level if prior to departure. 

Upon arrival at the top of the mountain, I will ask for help again, by mentioning to Mr. John Grant, I like him and everyone else to verify my leakage going up the mountain. 

IF Mr. John Grant balks, I will have to ask him why? Politely, of course. So, you see, IF am a liar, I would not ask for help to verify my plethora leak, which was on the bay floor.

Actually, IF you run the car’s power steering pump, after a short amount of time, there is already pressure in the system, thus the reason there is two setting on the cap of the power steering pump. One for hot and one for cold on the cap of the power steering pump. I know, because when I check it after running the Corvette, you can hear the pressure being released from the cap, as it is loosened.

Now after a brief discussion in the bay area, with my Corvette up in the air, Mr. Luton and I agreed to disagree about the leak. 

Back in Mr. Robert Luton’s office, after Mr. Robert Luton was parked the 2002 Corvette outside of his office, me and Sue Ann Call, were having a conservation. Then Mr. John Grant entered a few minutes later, and finally Mr. Robert Luton entered his office.

After another brief conservation being led by and monopolized by Mr. Robert Luton, we again agreed, to disagree.

I then stated, lets go and move the Corvette up, say 10’ (ten feet) after you parked the Corvette, and you turn the steering wheel back to the left and then to the right, a few times, and we’ll see how much fluid is on the ground. Which Mr. Robert Luton did. 

Mr. Robert move the 2002 Corvette about 10’ and he then proceeded to turned the steering wheel, back and forth a few times.

Realistically, there should have been a trail of power steering fluid follow the corvette leaving the bay stall area and following the Corvette to where Mr. Robert Luton park the Corvette. There wasn’t. Why did it only leak entering the beginning of the bay area, and not continue to leak as the puddle was large.

Mr. Robert Luton then back up the Corvette and there was, a pinky nail drop of power steering fluid on the ground. NOT a massive puddle the size of 4” (four inches) in width and 8” (eight inches) under the front of my 2002 Corvette; as was the case in the shop bay stall area.) Why is that? Please explain, in minute detail why it leaked a lot in the stall area, and puddled under the leak, and a pinky nail leak where Mr. Robert                                 

Luton turned the steering wheel?

I will tell you why not. 

All you have to do, is take a bottle of power steering fluid, and put your thumb over the outlet, and pour droplets on the floor, and make a puddle where the hose is leaking. NOW go and call me a liar and sue me for slander!!!

There was NO noticeable leakage of fluids, from where the 2002 Corvette was parked to where it was moved and returned.

NOR was there any trail of power steering fluids, from the bay area to where the Corvette was parked. Why not?

I advised Mr. John Grant that he should go and see for himself of the leakage the Corvette done when Mr. Robert turned the steering wheel back and forth. 

Mr. John Grant just sat in his chair. Why didn’t Mr. John Grant get out of his chair and verify that I am not a liar? Is there a conspiracy going on between Allen Tillery Auto and National Park Corvette Club? I don’t know, do you?

I don’t know what happened next because we, (Ms. Sue Ann Call and I, Mr. A Traveler) left Mr. Robert Luton office, with Mr. John Grant sitting in his chair, and we departed home.

IF the leak was as bad as it was on the floor, in the bay area, we should never have made it home and been stranded on the side of the road. And what about this Saturday day trip up another mountain? (Did you forget already?)

I know all about power steering hose leaks because my 2006 Crown Victoria blew a power steering hose, and I limped into Wal-Mart; put in a bottle and a half into the power steering pump, and it blew out within minutes on the way to the auto mechanic.

IF it ever happened to you, you know I am telling the truth. So, how can numerous ounces be on the bay floor, and yet, I am still driving the Corvette w/o any power steering problems?

Mr. Grant and Mr. Robert Luton had private time to communicate after we left them in Mr. Robert Luton’s office. 

I have no knowledge of what conservations took place; only Mr. John Grant and Mr. Robert Luton can state what took place. Has a conspiracy just taken place? 

IF I have to speculate, I would say, a contractural agreement was made; aka an conspiracy allegedly took place; between National Park Corvette Club and Allen Tillery Auto giving National Park more trinkets. Prove me wrong. Please!

I personally can’t sell my soul to the Devil for a few trinkets.

Here is my suggestion, to keep this situation from escalating any further, and by keeping it in house between National Park Corvette Club and General Motors/Chevrolet Division.

1.    The National Park Corvette Club writes a notarized letter signed by all Board Members, to the following General Motors and Chevrolet Officials:

Advising them of what Mr. John Grant observed, in minute detail, while at Allen Tillery Auto of the day of June 03, 2020, while in the presence of Mr. A Traveler, Mr. Robert                 Luton, and the auto mechanic of 25 years experience, in the Allen Tillery Auto bay area. A very detailed and vivid description, of what he saw, on the bay stall floor.

2.    Request that General Motors/Chevrolet Division fix my power steering leak, with a new power steering pressure hose at no charge, at my choice, at an Authorized Chevrolet Dealership. (Understand, I was told it would cost (approximately) $850.00 or more.

3.    Power wash the under carriage of my 2002 Corvette at no charge, and prior to me taking control of my 2002 Corvette, put it up on the lift and show me, that there is no traces of leaking power steering fluid is left anywhere. NOT a half done job! jOtherwise do it again, right this time.

4.    I will be given a loan car, at no cost, insurance cover by the dealership, no charge for mileage and no need to have it returned with a full or partial tank of gas. The loaner car, will have a full tank of gas, prior to me leaving their lot.

4.    Since I have requested a thermostat housing part be returned to me, twice, and because I was told it was not the proper thermostat housing. Since there is no proof that it was replace, I want a full refund of the cost of a thermostat bell housing and tax. (Approximately $79.00 and tax.) 

5.    National Park Corvette Club has complete severance with Allen Tillery Auto as a sponsor; and will never be allowed to be a sponsor, of the National Park Corvette Club, again.

6.    A request that General Motors/Chevrolet Division revoke Allen Tillery Auto license as an Authorized Dealer in Chevrolet products because of unprofessional tactics which have been backed up by the National Park Corvette Club, with Mr. John Grant’s own version, of what he observed and heard at Allen Tillery Auto bay area.

Now, IF I am a liar, then the National Park Corvette Club should stand behind Mr. John Grant with a notarized letter, stating that I, Mr. A Traveler, is delusional, and there was NO visible sign of leakage in the bay stall area, and have it notarized with Mr. John Grant’s signature and by Mr. Robert Luton and the auto mechanic, with 25 years experience; because they read this letter.

IF I am NOT a liar, then as a member of the National Park Corvette Club, in good standing, Mr. John Grant, the Board  and Officers should rally around me; and what Mr. John Grant saw and heard in bay stall area. (Please don’t stop here because there is another situation that is about to unravel. Recall the first sentence…)

A letter to General Motors/Chevrolet Division should be sent forthwith, in a Special Board Meeting; held forthwith; stating one of the two above.

Or the third choice is to do nothing and allow me to continue fighting for what is right! 

Allowing me to speak to the membership to state all the facts as I perceive them, by reading this letter to all members, and allow Mr. John Grant and Mr. Robert Luton, have their option to rebuttal my statements. (That would be worth tickets to see and to tape record.)

Sue Ann and I will be going to…“There is an Itinerary & Maps for tomorrow’s Club Cruise to Mt Magazine. The weather is perfect so please make plans to attend. We will meet tomorrow May 30th at the Kroger parking lot on Airport Rd at 8:30 AM.”

Prior to my departure on Saturday morning, I repeat,  I will ask Club Member(s) to check and state, what my power steering fluid level is at, and upon arriving on Mt. Magazine to verify; after all those turns and curves, a minute amount of power steering fluid has leaked. IF any!

IF there is no leakage that is noticeable, then I am NOT a liar.

Verifying the leakage show on the bay stall floor was a deliberate and intentional act of deception by Allen Tillery Auto and an alleged conspiracy between them and National Park Corvette Club to deceive me into agreeing to spend money on a problem that was not there; prior to bring my 2002 Corvette to Allen Tillery Auto. Again, prove me wrong and that I am a liar.

On the other hand, IF my power steering should go out, on this Saturday Day Trip, up the mountain, then  who ever is behind me, I will put on my 4 way flashers, and seek refuge on the side of the road. Call AAA, to tow me to the nearest Chevrolet Dealer, Then apparently, I was mistaken and I am a liar. Only time will tell. 

I am willing to take that chance to prove, once and for all, to prove that Mr. Robert Luton of Allen Tillery Auto and the auto mechanic of 25 years, deliberately and intentionally created a false leak, by laying power steering fluid on the bay floor, and allegedly National Park Corvette Club was involved in a conspiracy against members of their own club and me; because Mr. John Grant has NOT spoke up for me at this time! Why not Mr. John Grant?

For the record, please check the postage date on this letter,  because this letter is being mailed to all on June 05, 2020, and the trip up the mountain is on June 06, 2020. 

It will be a postage stamp from the post office. Check the date on the envelope to verify I am not making this up.

Also, I was not happy on the way the Corvette went up the mountain; last week. Yes, at times Ms. Sue Ann Call, was…politely put, very disappointed in my drivings skills. I now understand why.

When I received my 2002 Corvette back from Allen Tillery Auto, I noticed that it felt different. Not that I could put my finger on the problem, because driving my Corvette as a car, and the Corvette was not as limber as she was before. She also pulled to the right when I braked.

Yet, I was not about to make a statement because what IF I was wrong. I would be making accusations that were not correct. I would be a liar which I am not!

Going up and down the last mountain, we all traveled on,  she felt hard driving. Twice I almost lost control; and so did Ms. Sue Ann Call. She was not the way she was before I went to Allen Tillery Auto.

If you’re like me, you know how your car handles. You can tell when something is wrong. Well, hell, so do I!!!

Today, I had my 2002 Corvette alignment checked. Enclose is a copy of what was found and fixed.

Both sides had CAMBER pointing out. NOW how can you have both sides of CAMBER point outward? 

One side I can understand. NOT both sides. And both were in the RED! All other alignment controls were in the green. Why is that?

So, I figure, a mechanic with 25 years of experience, with a wrench, can make a simple turn of a T-Rod and make changes that are hazardous and deadly to my driving.

Can I prove it. Well, IF the tires are scared from driving in an outward motion, then yes. IF there is no scaring because it was limited to very little driving, then how did both just so happen be turned outward after I got my 2002 Corvette from Allen Tillery Auto?

Again, the other alignments were in green. The top 2 (two) were in red. (Sorry, I don’t have a color printer..)

I will most like be filing a police report for attempted murder once you read this letter. With both tires pointing outward,.

How can I control a Sports Car down those mountain road and not crash and kill me and my passenger and having full blown leaking of the power steering fluid, as noted in the bay of Allen Tillery Auto?

I did minor research on attempted murder. You do the research; because I am not an Attorney. 

Mr. John Grant, I hope you are taking time to read this.

As far as I am concerned, my 2002 Corvette is a Sports Car. I drive it like a Sports Car. And I followed and did pretty good, going up and down the mountain roads, on our last outing; this past Saturday.

As I have stated, twice I almost lost control. Now I know why. 

Both front tires were positioned in an outward direction. Doing that has cause me difficulty making some of the curves and turns that I took last week. Fortunately, I have 50 years of driving experience. A less experience person would have died.

Now after I had my 200 Corvette aligned to factory spec.s I can tell a world of difference. The Corvette glides down the road. 

So, you decide, or I will for you, because when an attempt is made on my life, and my passengers life; it is time to keep on banging on the doors of Justice, until someone answers.

As far as I am concerned, I believe that there is a conspiracy between National Park Corvette Club and Allen Tillery Auto. 

I believe that Allen Tillery attempted to kill me thru changing my camber on my wheels.

IF NOT, prove me wrong Mr. John Grant. Stand up and speak the truth.

How many have had a problem with Allen Tillery? How many of you know of someone who had a problem with Allen Tillery?

Speak up now because I don’t like being put in harms way because some mechanic has alleged mental issues to do what was allegedly done to my 200 Corvette.

Enclosed is a copy of my alignment. You decide. I am not a liar!

Sue Ann and I will be leaving for Texas right after the 4th of July get together party, sponsored by the National Park Corvette Club.

Fore the record,  I will post this letter and all pertinent information on my web site, in the hopes, that an Attorney, reads and prosecutes those guilty of perjury, conspiracy, and attempted murder to the full extent of the law. And this is not set in stone. I despise attempted murder.

As I perusing all County, State and Federal statues available to me, because I am the Founder of Citizens Against Con Artists, Inc. (Presently, waiting legal notice from the S.O.S. to be legal.)

Remember, the longer the wear on the tires, the longer the problem. NO recent wear, means it was recently done.

Please keep all communications in written format. 

NO phone calls. NO knocking on my door. NO one on one conservation. You never did before, so don’t start now!

Again, I am the founder of Citizens Against Con Artists, Inc. and  as the Founding Father, I will set a precedence that I will not accept being abused any more. And I firmly believe America is ready for someone like me, to say enough is enough!

Any action to be hostile, remove me from membership or any segregation will be taken as deliberate and intentional actions of the National Park Corvette Club and I will file suit.

We all have lived long enough to know, those that have crossed the line, will eventually be brought to justice.

A Traveler, out

Post Script:    After about 6 hours of polish this letter, I was reading it out loud to Ms. Sue Ann, and I just noticed why Mr. John Grant was so elusive, on helping me.

It is not because the National Park Corvette Club has Allen Tillery Auto as a sponsor, Mr. ROBERT LOUTON, is a Director.

Yes, that is correct. Mr. Louton is an internal part of the National Park Corvette Club; and Mr. Grant is not going to, proverbially, going to cut his own throat; to help me.

So, bottom line: my 2002 Corvette was allegedly tampered with, parts may not have been replaced, and attempted murder was attempted on me and my passenger, Sue Ann.

As the founder of Citizens Against Con Artists, Inc. I have no other choice but to seek justice by constantly banging on Justice’s door and seeking a court hearing to put those who want to harm me and perhaps you and others; in jail. 

NOW a full explanation is making sense to me, why Mr. Grant acted in the way he has, and will continue in an elusive manner with you when you find yourself in my position. Call it a learning experience.

You as Board Members and Officers, well, I guess, you will continue to back Mr. Grant and Mr. Louton, because I believe you are just like them. Sorry to say, I am not like them.

I like to add, I telephoned Allen Tillery and spoke with Mr. Luton, as he spelled his name to me. IF Mr. Louton is Mr. Luton, why the deception?

I went on Truth Finder and researched Mr. Louton’s name and it is spelled as Robert E. Louton and not Robert Luton as he told me over the telephone. Go figure. Maybe it is me. After all, I am old.

Why would a Director act in such a manner? Or for that matter, why would a Club President?

I was always under the impression you had to own a Corvette to belong to the National Park Corvette Club. 

It makes more sense now, how all this damage to my Corvette can go unnoticed because a Director has a Siverado and not a Corvette; as per truth finder. I can be wrong.

Under Truth Finder, Mr. Louton own’s Silverado’s. Is that a breech of the by laws? Personally, I don’t care because the deck is stacked against me.

Sue Ann is right, time to move on and join a Club that takes care of its members and doesn’t allow a Director to act in an unprofessional manner to his club member. And does he have a Corvette? I don’t know, just what I read.

Again, just call me a liar because I see no help coming from this Corvette Club. How sad, how true. Yet, now you know the sad truth. at

June 06, 2020................................................................

​I woke up this morning wanting to kill my self. I recently had problems with Entergy, Apple and now my beliefs in humanity were shattered when I realized just how weak the President of the Club I joined is. To stand by and say nothing, was just heart breaking.

To have a mechanic tamper with my tie rods and power steering line. To have a manager say that it was not done; the Corvette is 18 years old, and most of all, this manager is a Director in the Club...well I now know, who is really running the show. How sad, but true.

More reason to 'rest if you must, but don't you quit.' Come Monday, I will take up the battle again. I will stand up and file my attempted murder charges. I will not win. I know that. I do believe in Karma, because I have been at the receiving end of Karma, in the past. 

​I guess, now it the time to use this situation as a positive and realize, I am glad I am not motivated by money and greed.

Sue Ann was right, even thought I was against her thoughts at first. Time to move on and leave the National Park Corvette Club. I was always outside looking in. Never really part of a heard mentality. WoW! To think, I chose this life. What was I thinking...

To those that were with me from the beginning of this BLOG, (although I don't call it that, because I talk about silly and not anguish.).

Tomorrow is my last trip with a group of Corvettes. Tomorrow, is another day, where I make the step to becoming...not the leader...a spokesman for Citizens Against Con Artists. 

Papers should be arriving mid-June. From there, Go Fund Me to get seed money. Then IRS to make us legal. 

I spoke to a few people and all agree, we are tired of getting taken. Many of you forget, the women didn't get the right to voter until the 1930's. The blacks didn't until the 1960's. NOW Citizens will start to learn how not to get taken, and Citizens Make A Difference, Inc. will teach citizens on how to change the laws, by changing the politicians. Together, we can stop the abuse from those that are motivated by money. Fix the defective laws, like our Forefathers did. 

​There was a song, back in 68 - 69 called Camp Granda. (Grr-na-da) It was about how bad the camp was,  and in the end of the song, he goes on to say, the sun is coming out and I am going out to play. I guess, IF you want change, you have to change. (read it in a book.) How true. Time for me to move on, and get a movement on changing the way we are treated. 

Happy Trails,

​A Traveler, out

Post Script: I couldn't wait until Monday, so I telephone the police and visited them...and you will guess correctly...My Corvette is 18 years old. 'You caught the problem before it got worse.' 'There is no proof that anything was done wrong.' Thank you, don't go away mad, just go away. Bye-Bye. End of conservation.

Strange how right you can be, and still no one will believe you. Although, I am not a quitter. Tired of this, yet I pick my battles. Still out $7,600 from last year, Apple took back the cheep computer, yet is returning my phone w/o 10,703 songs they deleted. Entergy, well, I haven't started yet. And no need to part of a heard, when you get no support from the leader, and Allen Tillery Auto has them in their pocket. 

​As for you who own Corvettes, you can trade your corvettes in after a few years, and have new shiny cars, or you can keep them and wait and see, what happens in 10 years when they say to you, "Your corvette is old." and things happen to you, like they happened to me. Just warning you. 

Here in Diamondhead, they are raping the land for the trees. It is no longer a gated community in there woods, because there is less and less woods. I am so glad that I have a good 7 or so years before I die.

On the plus side, the Police had a good pamphlet/magazine on how to avoid scams. I got me a copy.

Interesting idea on a pamphlet/magazine.

Botton line: don't be a pack animal, don't be trusting, and always remember, NO ONE gives a fuck about you; except your self. How sad, how true.

In a sense, I am glad, I am a New Yorker survivor and a fighter. I would implode IF I allowed what has been happening to me and I done nothing. Some people are like that. We are programed from birth to be like that. I was and when I changed my name, left N.Y.C. and recreated myself. I like who I am.

WEll, that is the news that is fit to print. I really don't know where I am heading next. I do know where I have been. And I can say, I lead a colorful life, than most humans have. 

​A Traveler, out

March    2020..........................................

I realize I have not been here in a while; because I am still working on the business plan. 

I got almost done except were I have to put in the costs, expenses and other numbers. Which i need bids.

So, here it is, the world as we know it; and it is starting to shut down, with corona virus. personally I think trump has it, and he is not sounding well, saws and heard him give the national emergency.

moving on…

Since I am part of the group over 60 year of age, I have concluded it is best to stay at home, and not go out. 

Plus, you may recall, me talking about the Strider. 

well, I have decided, that in order to get my immune system working, as not to die, my goal is 10 minutes an hour, as long as I am awake. 

May not sound like a lot, yet, getting back in to it, the Strider, I usually do more than 10 minutes. yet, being awake for a good 16 hours a day, puts me at…160 minutes, rounding up, 180 minutes/3 hours of blood circulation because we have an immune system that needs blood circulation, regularly.

IF you have no knowledge of what I am talking about, think of it as bicycle pedals on the floor. you sit, watching tv and you pedal. Not exercise because your muscles don’t get worked. just your blood flowing, which is part of our immune system at work.

When you really think about those that are getting sick. they are: over weight, diabetics, lazy, sedentary workers, fast foods, junk foods, drive about the parking lot until a spot near the door opens up, and prone to a heart attack.

So, which is you? waiting to die or wanting to live?

Well, I have to put a list together and on Monday, allegedly, make phone calls. although, from what i hear, by the end of the month, all will be shutting down. how sad; for about a month. 

Don’t know if that will help or not, have to wait and see.

Again, sorry about the delay. IF the plan works, I may be seeing you in the near, no far future. lots to do.

So,  get your blood circulating, and chances are you will not get sick.

a traveler, out

I was thinking the other day…well actually, it was a few months ago, on how we, as human beings are…well…not as smart as we think we really are.

What I mean by that is…before us, there were, what..8 different types of humans before us? (I don’t know their names, yet I do recall, seeing a photo on a chart. Don’t you?)

And before us, there was the apes, chimps, etc., going all the way back to which came first, the sheep or the woman? 

(Side bar: yes, we are made up of yeast. Proven fact, about 25 years ago, I heard that; aka the reason that women get yeast infections.)

And IF you really go back to the first, which would be our great, great, great, etc., great…would be the amoeba. LOL 

Because, they are the original GREAT GRAND PARENTS of who we are. And how do we honor them? WE kill them, by boiling them alive. LOL-ROFLMAO.

Oh, sorry got off track.

As you and me are aware, computers have been about, publicly now for over 30 years. Cool! 

Now we all are aware of the word “up-grade”.

(Sue Ann got that word for me, when I told her my story.)

So; IF you think up-grade, all we are…are up-grades. The amoeba, than the protozoa and then animals, and prehistoric man and all those that followed; until here we are. 21 Century Humans.

Side bar: although the year is 2020 it is the 21 Century. Reason was, as it was explained to me, our first year of life, is only counted, after our first year of life. So are centuries. did that make sense?

And when you think of time, life, the earth is slowly losing its spin, as the world turns, how we will be a dead planet one day.

I think in a few billion years. Yea, but for now, better to tell humans, global warming. Don’t panic the cattle; or is it sheep?

Yet when you think about it, look were we were say, the year 1900. Pre WW1, auto are coming about, pre planes, etc.

And in 100 years, look about you, playing on your electronic toys. Imagine in the next 100 years. and we still have what…

999,999,999 more years to go before roughly the earth stops rotating? MOO. LOL or is Baaaha-ha.

Now you say, cool. OK. yet here is another thought…


Think about your habits. You get up at a certain time. You perform your morning tasks. You do something at work. , etc.

All these things we do, are simply are a habit. Our lives are basically habits. Which explains why you can drive drunk; or do other things w/o using your brain.

NOW with the corona virus aboard, peoples habits have been altered. So, what do they do? 

Like cattle, (recall, we have been an upgrade of cattle. LOL) so we stampede to the grocery store and stock pile toilet paper. LOL what a mentality…LOL!

We really have some sort of DNA from all those before us.; like a computer up grade. Don’t have to be extreme, can be 1/10 of 1%; yet some may have more and some may have less.

Also, the behavior of some humans are…well, women call us men, dogs. LOL. Yea, I am one, yet I also have a brain and I know wrong from right.

So, that is my thoughts on the human population/race.

I like to add, MONEY is the main objective; instead of other areas. I really feel sorry for those small business that live day by day and have no back up money. 

Like the housing problem, what…15 year ago. NOW it is businesses. Sad, but hell, nothing here on the earth lasts forever. And IF you don’t plan for the future, well, I guess that is your mentality…sheep going to the slaughter.

So, get it together, and have a plan for the future!

FYI: I did some more on the business plan. First time in a few days. The more I think about it, the more I feel confident. Yet the truth is getting a loan. Yea, and then getting donations to keep it afloat. Yet, I have some ideas. 

I also sent it out to 2 individuals for a open minded, objective statement: WoW! or are you crazy?

Yet, to be honest, I have been called crazy many a time and not stupid. So, yes, I think, despite all odds, I will still make this idea work.

And yes, you can go and read a very simple, call it ingredients; you don’t get to taste it, just have an idea of what my business is about.

One part, or ingredient is, IF you read the Police Report, you too would ask, “How can the Contractor Board allow someone with this Police Record get a contractors license?” “And how many more have been allowed to get a contractors license?” and “Why?”.

So, that is the news for now. More in my empty head, yet for now, stay home, stay healthy, and don’t horde the toilet paper. Recycle it!!! LOL yea, right!

a traveler, out

Post Script: NOW that I have discussed…humans and our habits, I want to go one step further.

Have you ever watched a cartoon where this Doctor, in a lab coat, and he gets into this large robot, and controls it from the head of the robot?

Well, guess what? We are just the same. 

I have talked about how the mind controls the body. Well, reality is, I think you can and you will. Think you can’t and you will; think you can’t and you will not. Simple. Which one are you?

NOW I know, reality is we can’t fly. So, that is where reality comes in. IF you can’t tell the difference, like say, playing a game, well, hello! What effect does it have IF you lose? Who knows and who cares? I don’t. 

Yet, I have stories, LOL, on me and Dr. Evil. Yes, I call my little Dr. in my mind, Dr. Evil. 

So. you say why Dr. Evil?

Because what is evil? Really? I now that my mind is not bad. I know that calling my brain evil is not negative. We have been brain washed by our parents and peers. And who brain washed them? Yes, the past, past and past. 

So, realize, don’t matter what you call your brain, as long as you realize it controls your body. And who cares what others think? IF you do, and there was a line in one of Lewis Carroll’s books. I have to find it and i will publish it. So, I will not give it away.

After spending a year plus with Sue Ann, and her couch is…saggy, I have gotten my brain to tell my body, I can get up without the use of my hands; to boost my self up. (You try it yourself.) And I can’t tell you how many times, I would burst out in laughter, because my body tells my mind, Yea, Right!!!

It still makes me laugh. Yet, I amaze my self at times.

I have to say, Sue Ann said something, and had to tell her, “You amaze me sometimes!” LOL and yes, she didn’t take it as funny.

Now, the other night, I did it on and off without my hands. LOL yes, it was funny. Dr. Evil say, O.K. you have to get up, without use of hands. My body says yea, right! 

And you guess it, I was not able to get up. So, Dr. Evil reinstated the job. And yes, this time I got up, with no help from my body.

Later, it was time to go to bed and sleep.

Dr. Evil says get up with no help from your hands/arms!

My body just bursts into laughter. NO WAY! And I knew I was not going to make it happen; so I boosted my self up.

FYI: I can, to a limit control my:
    hick ups
By telling my body, that is enough. Stop it. (per Dr. Evil)

So, now you know, it can be done. Not as good as those Buda Monks can who spend a life time training their bodies. Yet, you too can do it. Just takes some time and patience. 

Also, it does not work 100% of the time. Most likely 98% is a realistic projection. 

I was going to tell you about a “SHITTY” story, yet I want to give my opinion of the corona virus. And yes, it is my opinion and thoughts; not necessarily yours.

What blew me away, was this 24 year old woman, who died recently.

NOW, again this is my thoughts.

IF you recall, the bell curve. 10% on both sides, and 80% is the majority, with a 40/40 split between the + and -.

I got to thinking, this woman who died, what was her life like?

I decided that she was a virgin, a book person, and had little encounters with other human beings. Thus, I believe, that as we interact with other humans, we gain more immune systems. 

Heart Attack is a virus, that is passed about. IF your health, you don’t get a heart attack. IF your sick, low immune, you get a heart attack. How can you tell? You can’t at this time. Give it another 100 years, and your DNA will tell you. Your partners DNA will tell you. Together, you can decide, do you want a child?

Corona virus is a virus. So, IF you're silly, and don’t protect your self, you will get sick and most likely die. And I have to say, IF you put your self in harms way, and get sick, who is to blame? You are. So, don’t whine. You made a decision; not me. And yes, my heart goes out to the 7 week child that died. All I can think of, the child’s immune system was not proper. Sorry.

Me and Sue Ann have been home bound now, for…going on the 4th week. 

Sue Ann wanted to go grocery shopping or have it delivered. I was adamant we are not gong out because Sue Ann was the one to get the flu and I finally got it from her, and she lasted longer than me with the flu; and I am not going to die!

I think, IF you have a bad set of lungs, and it attacks the lungs, so smokers, be aware. Those with breathing problems, use your brain! PLEASE!!!!

So, moving on. IF you think you're not going to get it, and you do, and you die, well who is to blame? You are. 

So, lighten up and realize, better to lose money, lose some friends, lose a lover you just met, and be alive! Stay the fuck at home. Don’t socialize. You lose, what 4 months of your life. OK. You live to be say, 75 years old, (my goal) 850 months vs 4 months = LIFE!

And the lates I have heard is 200,000 Americas are going to lose their lives. WoW! Population reduction.

With the Civil War, we lost 10 - 12 New York City and Los Angeles cities. So, take 12 second cities and make them like the above, and then take the next wave, and make them up date, etc. and you will have an over populated earth. So, IF there is no wars, what next? A paramedic of major proportion. 

OK moving on.

I have an idea, an almost completed business plan, and I have to LOL cause one sales man told me that for $10K to $12K they would establish me as a business, not for profit and maybe do a web site for me.

I have the documents for a Corp. and not for profit does not scare me. I have to LOL at him and the business. I researched the business he represents.

There is one in Canada, one in Calf.; and apparently maybe one in the United Kingdom. 

Yet, when I dug further, there was no Bio’s of anyone to be found. NOW how the hell am I gong to do business with a blank screen? 

I think they take your money, give a % to a hired gun, and say fuck you asshole! Call it an alleged con.

So, here we are, hunkered down in Texas. I plan on one more month here before we run out of food and toilet paper; even though we recycle. LOL

Take what is still good food, and go to Arkansas for another month. That would be 3 months of seclusion. And yes, financially, well, like you, together, we are in this together.

So, now to the “SHITTY” story; and what a “SHITTY” story it is.

About a month ago or more, the toilets started backing up. Yes, I am on a septic tank and yes I used RidX monthly. So, what is the problem?

Well, for some reason, the ground was saturated from the rains or it just happened! 

I crawled under the house, and opened the pipes. 

You got it, shit flowed out and onto the ground. OR so I thought. 

They had put tarps and then gravel over the tarps. LOL because it was not good. So, now I go shit all over the place, under the house in the crawl space.

Well, as you can guess; the problem, didn’t get more better. 

Finally after a few days of this, the house began to smell of shit.  

OMG! Nooooo! Yes, LOL-ROFLMAO!!!! well, not really; just crying a lot. LOL

I should have gone to the woods, and be a bear. Too bad I didn’t.

Well, I finally got a hold of a septic tank cleaning company.

I got so prices, and all, and he finally came out. 

In the before time, I had a 25’ cleaning router, and I needed a good 30’ - 40’ router; because the clog was under the driveway that was a good 30’ - 40’l away. Yet, I tried and failed.

So, he comes in and drains the septic tank. I have to tell you, there was shit floating on the top, and about 1,000 gallons of waste water.

My suggestion is simple. Don’t allow this to happen to you IF you have a septic tank. 

Today, well, later, contact a septic tank cleaner service and have you tank cleared. Trust me, because sooner or later, you will have a problem like I did; and you don’t want that. 

Spend the money now, and sleep good knowing sooner or later you will have a problem.

Now, after he cleaned out the tank, I made phone calls on renting a router. It cost me about $50.00 and when you get one, make sure it works before you leave the store.

When I got under the house, about 20’ in, I was ready to use it, and the damm wire would not come out. Boy was I pissed because the woman told me, it would automatically come out when you turn the machine on. It didn’t!!!! What the fuck!!!!

Was I mad? Oh yea! I telephone the store, and let them know what I thought of them. I traveled 40 miles one way to get it, and it don’t work.

Well, I as angry  and I mustered enough strength to finally pull the wire out. And it was not self feeding. So, have then show you how the router works before you leave the store; or you will be like me. And make sure you have leather gloves.

I put the snake through the opening, freed the clog, and got it back to the store, all with in the 4 hour window. What a rush  job it was.

NOW back to the septic tank guy.

Since it was about 4’ deep, to get to the cover, and yes, I had to pay an extra $250.00 to find the opening, OK. I accept that, don’t like paying $250.00 but I know where the lid is.

What got me really upset and I told him, was I was charged $75.00 each for 3 round extensions that were worth about $20.00 each to raise the opening. A complete rip off and I will not use him again. 

In the end, I paid $850.00 to get my septic tank cleaned.

Again, don’t be like me because it will be a “SHITTY” story you will tell others. So, avoid that story and get your septic tank cleaned, within the next month or two.

On a lighter side, I have the web site. simple for show and tell. I can’t go legal because I need one more board member, and I need to get it notarized. 

I was going to show you the basic plan on the web site, yet not sure at this time. I like to go legal first, so you will need to wait. Sorry about that. 

IF you look or remember, I may have told you. Legal means I need a notary and I an not socializing for another 2 months.

The bank that I use, decided to sell one of my C.D.s and also charged me for an over draft, when I have over draft protection. Yea, go figure. Need to look for another bank, again.

So, because of their greed, I am looking for a new bank. Sure, I will keep my checking for now there, but eventually, switch banks; once I get back up on my feet.

IF the business turns out to be good, it will be a major plus for the new bank. Fuck those Greedy bastards who want money and no return for me. Time to move on.

Sue Ann has a constant problem with her bank and why she stays is, I guess, the simple problem we all have that problem. WE don’t like change! Stay in a bad marriage, job, car, life…

Hell, IF you want change, you have to change. Read it in a book.

Yet, here we are, under house arrest. LOL because of the corona virus will get us and I don’t want 2 weeks of living hell; even IF I live. It’s not worth being silly and getting sick and dying.

So, that is the news for now. Once I get legal, you will be one of the first to get the web connection. For now I have to wait for feed back.

For now, please be healthy! and don’t get infected. Better to lose  a few months, then your life.

happy trails,

a traveler, out,

Well, I woke up last night, well, actually early this morning, scratching my body; because I have hives all over my body.

Now this is nothing new.

When I arrived here in Arkansas, about the 2nd year, I was going crazy with the breakout. 

In the past, I went to, 2 emergency rooms and I was treated by some nurse; not a Medical Doctor. 

Neither one could tell me what the fuck I had. In about a month or so, it went away. NOW i have it again.

I figured it out, tree pollen and grass pollen was high, when we went out for a short stroll. NOT good. It was a year ago, I broke out, so now I know. 

Last time I had it, I see a skin Doctor and she gave me drugs.

Well, now I am not going out and get sick and die, so, as you may recall, I previously talked about my mind, Dr. Evil, and my body which I still have not give me a name. OH!, a traveler? no, not good enough. So, well for now, call my body, my body. LOL

Anyways, I am using Dr. Evil to stop my itching, which is as close to giving my body an organism, by scratching. 

So, being the asshole that I am, I have decided that Dr. Evil will control my itching, and yes, it is working, slowly…yet, i still plan on telephoning the med. doc. and see IF I can get a script, and have CVS deliver the drugs.

In the present time, my itching has gone down slowly, yet flare ups do happen regularly, I still have control…reminds me of Rocky Horror near the end, when I think, it is the doctor, or somebody, who loses it, in their song.

Update: I took some over the counter allergy relief pills and Mary, (remember her, my 2nd wife, 1st lover, died after 20 years and 6 months later, I became impotent. Yea, sucks. Slowly killed myself by chocolate. Being a diabetic, I realized I be dead in a year, so I moved out and moved to Hot Springs National Park, AR.

I also took some of Mary’s drugs. Ranitidine, 300 mg. May be old, yet, between my mind, (LOL because I am not silly in thinking my mind controlled the breakout, and disappearance of the welts. It was an over dose of drugs that stopped it!)

Well, that is the news. NOT!

The frig. here is slowly getting scarce and so are the shelves. 

We still plan on 30 more days here in Texas and then another 30 or more in Arkansas. I am not going to die, because I have a goal on getting my not for profit up. Recall?

Speaking of not for profit, I got a quote of $10K TO $12K for doing a web site and getting me a not for profit status. LOL to think, that this company can charge me, ridiculous prices for something I can do, for about $1K or less in fees.

Now an update…

I was up around 0300 hundred hours. I went back to bed about 0600 hours. Slept for about 3 hours; and I woke up with my body going crazy, itching all over. WELTS bigger than Silver Dollars. Everywhere and I mean every where; except my face.

My plans and wrists were driving me crazy. Last time it was arms and legs, and then my back. Sucks…

I had Sue Ann put bag balm (which has an deadening effect on the rash. I used it when I had that skin rash. Siroccos? Anyway, you can buy it at Walmart pet section, in a can. or a animal supply store.) on my back and legs and arms. 

I lied in bed for about 5 minutes and had to get up and put some type of salve, I got from the E.R. years ago. (Triamcinolone Acetonide).

Since I was home bound for 30 days, so yesterday we took a short stroll. Maybe it was the tree pollen or grass pollen or something because we aired out the house, and all of a sudden, there I am…itching all over. And scorching my self with a hair brush to get relief.

So, which is worse? Corona Virus; you can die. At least this lasts a couple of months. Well, guess what?

Have to tell you, when the itching calms down to a low itch, you want to have a cigarette, and I don’t smoke because you feel so…oh…so…calm and good and normal.

And I think it is my scalp, and too bad I have a full head of hair. 

I telephone the Dr. and bottom line: My script expired a week ago, and since I have not see the Dr. she would not renew my script. So, time to find another Dr. 

I hate these greedy Dr.s. 

As for the person who took my $6,700.00. I don’t know. I can only hope the universe is taking care of him and giving him what he deserves.

As for the business, as I mentioned, 2 letter out. Now to wait.

I hope to spend some time in cleaning up this web site. 

thanks for your patience.

as always, a traveler, out

I like to add on a thought, that I just gotten…

My first wife, Norma  Jean, is dead, she was 21 years my senior. My second wife, Mary, and my first lover is dead. She died of level 4 liver cancer. She was 3 years older than me. My allegedly second lover is dead, Fran, of tumor in her body. 

Now here we all are, some are home bound while others are out and about, for reasons they can only justify.

I allegedly have a Dr. appointment, end of the month. 

I began to think, what IF I am at the Dr.s office and i get sick?

This past winter, Sue Ann got the flu. About 5 days later, I got it from her. I was sick for…say, 4 days in bed. Sue Ann was still sick after I recovered.

So, the moral of this ramble is: What IF I get sick and I bring it home to Sue Ann? What will happen IF Sue Ann dies? 

Do you honestly think, I can live with the fact that I, selfish me, gave it to her, because of my silly actions?

Which raises the question…How about those who were silly, and brought it home to their family, friends and co-worker. Do you think they can live with them selves, knowing they could have prevented a death?

I can’t, despite Sue Ann’s claims that she is healthier than me.

From the internet:
Over the past month, 2.627 people have died from coronavirus, 54,000 have died from seasonal flu and around 100,000 have died in traffic accidents.  Around 4 million have died from something else.  Get a grip and a sense of perspective.

So, I have to ask, can you live the fact, that you caused someone’s death because of your actions?

Don’t matter how minute the death toll is, all that matters is you may have caused a loved one’s death. 

And they are talking it may go into the summer. 

Well, hell, I don’t have enough groceries to last that long. A month or two, and that is it. So, yes, mask and gloves, thanks to Sue Ann.

And although I can’t tell you what you should do, and yes, I know of people who are still out and about, I can only hope, they don’t get sick and bring it home; and well, we know the rest.

So, please, stay at home, use up all your groceries, and then go out safely, gloves and masks.

I hope I was of help…..

OH!, since I am on a roll, I had a few thoughts last night watching the television.

Last night, I told Sue Ann one of my thoughts, because I forgot the others; so here it is.

In 100 years from now, medical field of brain would have exploded with knowledge of different parts of our brain and also animals. 

As you are aware, animals are used first before we get to humans.

So, here it is, 100 years in the future, and the large animals, like tigers, lions, etc. all have a part of their brain removed, and they are domicile pets.

Yes, you guessed it, there are people walking their lions, cubs, etc. down the block; instead of a dog.

OMG! I just say a guy walking his elephant down the street. LOL


Today was quite the experience…my lap top, which is 8 years old, decided, w/o my permission, to go…off line!

I had that problem about 15 years ago, with my big computer. I drove 200 miles and left it, drove another 200 miles to get it, and when I got home, it didn’t work. Bastards!

So, this morning, I got my black coffee, strong, sat down and played a game while I woke up, my routine.

I was going good in the game, and all of a sudden, she, the computer, turned the game off. OK.

So, I restarted the game, and it happened again. Damm!

So, I shut her down, and started her up. OMG! She went crazy!!!! I had to keep on shutting her off, and on, and try this and that, and finally, I got a proper screen. 

So, here I am, downloading all I can on flash drives for the future.

The good news is, for what would be considered twice the price to fix, I can get a new laptop, with twice the speed and other things as well. 

Plus, Apple has, 18 months w/o interest IF you pay on time. So, I figure, $100.00 a month, with auto pay, I should be able to get a new computer.

Just thought I tell you, IF you have an Apple, and like me, your computer is old, like me. LOL

Well, fuck, guess what?

After playing and rebooting, putting in a new system up date, and lots of on/off and attempts to fix, I got it!!!! Yea!!!!

Now that I know the system will fail, just a matter of time, Mac has a new low end model lap top, for only $1K and considering I paid 2x that amount, and got half of what I do have now, it is not a bad deal.

Mac is offering 18 months of interest free, so, IF I send $100.00 a month, I have it paid off in about a year. NOT BAD!!!

So, considering all things, I got it to work OK. 

Bad news is both computers are old, and the big one at home, got an update, and it is so oh so slow. So, it looks like the lap top is going to be the one to use for now.

Well, that is the news. Hope all is well with you. at out.

Post Script: Since you all have been with me this far, go to:

www.magnow.org to read, very basically, on what I want to do.

And you can e mail me there, atraveler@magnow.org.

I have to do work on the web page, and put numbers into the business plan.

Do to the corona virus, I can’t get legal, because I can’t get a notary, and I am not going to get sick, and then be responsible for Sue Ann’s death.

I just can’t imagine those idiots that got sick, passed it on to the loved ones, and they died. I mean, how silly can you be, knowing that, that person died, because you were stupid in not staying at home and getting sick, which is cool, it’s your life; yet giving someone you love the sickness and they die, well hell, I feel sorry for that 7 week old baby that died. Who ever gave the baby the sickness, will have to deal with that for the rest of their lives. 

So, as far as I am concerned, I am house bound, and I will not put Sue Ann in harms way. I don’t think I can live with the fact, that it was my stupidity and lack of brains, that got me sick, and I survived and Sue Ann didn’t. 

So, IF your one of those idiots, who goes out, and thinks you will live, you most likely will live. The problem is, who will you infect and maybe they will die because of you!

Please, stay at home, recycle the toilet paper, eat all the food you have at home, and don’t go out. 

I have tell you, we are low on carb.s and being a carb junkie, I hate it. Yet, we have been home bound now for about 5 weeks, and the food is low. 

The refrigerator is almost bare. The freezer still have about 10 days of meals. So, I figure, we are good here for another 24 more days before it is empty.

So please, don’t get infected and don’t infect someone you love!

a traveler, out

The other day, it was Palm Sunday. People went to church. WHY? Are the religious nuts, in such a disbelief that the corona virus is not allowed in the church?

Next week its Easter Sunday.  By the end of the month, you will see a peak of “Religious Nuts” who think God will protect them in their house of worship.

We have been house bound now for weeks, and I have to say, this morning, while lying in bed, I felt a weight on my lungs. I can just imagine how it would be IF I was sick. Every breath, just hard to do to take a breath. 10 breaths a minute. You can imagine how hard it must be, knowing you may die.

So, IF you’re silly, don’t like your life, go out and get infected. They stay at home and just die. 

IF you’re like me and Sue Ann, stay at home. Use up your stock of food up, recycle your toilet paper, be smart.

I shut down the computer last night, started it up this morning and all was cool. I played a game and PoW! the game was good for one hand, and then PoW! it went bad.

Big Fish Games, that offered you a new game for $6.00 every month, has games that don’t work with the new Mac upgrade. Sad, but that is Apple. Buy our games and not theirs. Simple.

UpDate: I tried another web site, for Mac Games, and same recourse. Screwed up my computer. Not sure what I am going to do at this time.

So, this computer may be OK, the home computer may be OK yet, reality is, a new program don’t work well with older computers. 

As I mentioned, they have a $1K special. Twice of what I have here, at 1/2 the cost I paid, 12 years ago. Plus, you get 18 months to pay it off. 

So, auto payment of $100.00 a month, and paid off in 1 year, interest free. You need a Barclay Credit Card; which I have because that is the only way you can buy it on a credit card.

I was on a roller coaster ride with my blood sugars, and now they have stabled off. I guess, lack of carb.s and sugar products here. 

I am still waiting for some professional to say, you go out, and you get sick:
1.    You could die.
2.    IF you live, you could infect a loved one and they can die.

IF you infect a loved one, can you live with the fact that you directly, caused their death? IF NOT, then please, stay at home.

You watch the television, and  you see people out and about. I have to wonder, what the fuck is wrong with them? 

Now, I realize, that because we all have “evil” inside of us. A percentage of of us, allow then to let the “evil” out. You see it every day on television. Murderous Affairs, 48 hours, other other movies and stores of killings.

OK, sorry for my ramble. I just don’t understand, how silly people are, knowing they can  get sick and die; or infect a loved one, and they can die.

On a more pleasant note, we were watching some movie last night, and we just had fun laughing at the writing on the monument, because it was in Russian. 

After a moment of laughter, it dawned on me, “It’s all Russian to me.” LOL

NOW I have a decision to make. Is the lap top and home computer cool, or is it the games that are the problem?

To be honest, I go with the games, and I hate to delete, yet, IF not, then I have a problem, and the computer may not work well any more. It took me hours to get it straight. Clean, delete, rearrange, etc..

Ok, you got me. DELETE! Be back later. at, out.

Well, 2 hours later, and many app.s and games deleted, I think I fixed the problem. The computer rebooted properly, and hundreds of dollars later, I have a clean and useful computer. 

Now to get home and do it all over on the large, home computer. Plus, I found things that I haven’t used before.

IF you really like a challenge, go to Finder and put in a letter or a number, and watch what comes up. You be surprised at what you have hidden on your history.

I just deleted over 40K in the trash when I went into the Finder. And that took another 2 hours just going thru a. 

Now I don’t know how much free space I did, but hell, a lot of it was bad files, they are black, and web mail also. So, there you go, got time? Clean out your junk on your computer.

I went thru the alphabet, a to z and 1 to 10 and I didn’t check how much I had before I dumped a lot of bad, but I now have 85 GB of use at of 121 GB of space. So, that means I still have 2/3 of used space and 1/3 available.

ADD   ON   4-6...

I was watching television, and they started talking about color; and not brains. 

Yes, color like in Blacks have an 80% death rate vs the others; or so they say; depending on the “stats” they are using.

I personally think it is brains that rule! Because Sue Ann and I have been home bound for a long time. 

You go out, well, hell, lets look at the religious idiots. Yes, idiots because IF you went out to church, Palm Sunday, you stood a very good chance of getting sick.

NOW, lets say, you did go to church, and you feel fine. Good! 

NOW, lets say, you did go to church, and you think, you may have the corona virus. 

O.K. Now, lets say you’re a late bloomer, like me. And IF this is your time to die, I will bet, this may be your Last Easter Sunday Mass, you’ll attend; while alive.

So, since you’re dying any ways, and you know, you will go to heaven! You have no reason(s) NOT to go to Easter Mass next week

I predict, that although they are calling this weekend 911 and then, they say it will go down; but hell, 2 weeks from now is the 20th. After Easter Sunday, is the 27th.

Take delays, movement, and more “Hot Spots” will flare up. I think that is when people finally realize, someone they know, died. 

I bet Easter Sunday, will go down in history as the day, the most people got corona virus. I can and you can, only hope that I am delusional. I hope. at, out

ADD   ON   4-7...

The other day, I was having a “day dream” about a female “star” and it was going pretty well, as you guys can imagine. Women, I can't speak for because your thinking is different from us guys.

And then, like in the movies, the "day dream" came to a “road block”.

And I ended up asking my self, “What do you have in common” or what do you know of this “star” other than what you see on your television?

Not a damm thing! LOL

So, I guess, IF you don’t live in reality, you then become a stalker. You build up a false reality, based on your own thinking and not that of reality. Hello!!!

Actually, I, we do it all the time. We have a path we take, and when it don’t conform to our, alleged reality, we tend to lose it and wonder, what the fuck happened. (Reality happened De Da Dee!)

So, next time you have a “day dream” remember, it can go many ways, because the other person, or goal, may not conform to our reality. aka Murphy’s Law.

On the other side of the coin, this lap top I own, aka Mac Book Pro is a good 8 years old. The mistake I made was to upgrade to the new operating system. Actually, I didn't realize I did it. My fault.

Everything went to hell, and I am not joking.

The computer would go…bad…split screens, shut down, hard to restart, everything was bad. OK

I dumped my games, I went thru my memory and deleted some bad files. IT worked!!! for a moment. LOL 

Yes, I did put all necessary information on the flash drives.  (2)

I also bought a new Mac Air Book, I think it is called that, for a total of $1,300.00. It has all  the power of a Mac Book Pro, just misses a touch screen. Being old, I don’t need a touch screen; too many exercises to do. LOL

OK, well, that is the news. OH!, IF you like, you can go www.magnow.org to review what I plan on doing, as a not for profit, and you now can write to me at atraveler@magnow.org 

Just don't expect all responses. I have a hard time keeping up with business e mail.

I forgot to mention, I broke out in a rash last night. I forgot to take Ranitidine 300 mg. which is 2x the strength of over the counter. Apparently, it is 4 years old, yet works for me and my hives, which I think is caused by tree pollen and grass pollen here in Texas and Arkansas.

So, If you break out, go to a doctor, and mention Ranitidine. It may work for you too.

HERE is another update. 

Sue Ann decided that she wants milk, coke cola, and eggs for me, because the neighbor is going to the store.

NOW, you need to understand, 10,000 human being to date, in the USA have already died! (Or is it world wide?) What is to say, our neighbor, who is going to the store, with is his son, is not going to get infected? 

Here we are, quarantined now, for what 6 weeks, and what IF, his son, brushes by a person who has corona virus? Bam! the whole family is now infected. I can't live with the fact, that I cause another person death because I was greedy and wanted groceries. 

I just don’t understand how a grocery need, is more important than life? 

​Again, someone had to give that 7 week old child the virus. I don't want to be that person that caused the death of a baby. 

I just hope you all, have stayed home because what is 3 months out of…840 months of your life? (From birth to age 70.) Unless of course, you think your life sucks. 

IF life is a repeat of life as we know it, at least we had the good sense, to have toilet paper, food on the shelves, and health. Maybe having a sixth sense, is because we were there before. Who knows?

Thanks for listening. Write if you like. Don’t expect a long response, or any response for this situation. atraveler@magnow.org

As always, stay healthy by staying quarantined. Be one of the smart one not to get infected!

a traveler, out


I forgot to mention, I got another phone call from a saleswoman who wanted me to pay her to do something with my business. On the grounds that I need a program to collect donations. 

Well, IF I am going to collect donations, it will be the responsibility of the company that is soliciting the donations problem, to make a program, that I want or you don’t get my business.

It is so sad, how these salespeople want me to buy, yet I don’t have to; because IF you want what I am offering, you have the skills to meet my needs.

I recall, Ford, had his products he needed, shipped in certain dimensional crates, that he took apart the crates, and used the parts, for his automobiles. Same is true here. How we forget the past and only think of our own needs.

Well, she said bye and so did I. I will not use a company that only cares for it self. at, out

IF you like what you have read at www.magnow.org and like to become a part, certainly. Just wait for the corona virus to expire, let me become legal, and I will help you. You have to tell me, exactly just what it is you want to do. Simple. at

ADD   ON   4-9...
The other night, I was lying in bed, and I said to my self, self, you may have lost the most recent, well not most recent, just what you typed in the beginning of this year, may have been removed by you!

Well, hell!!!!

So, IF you were fortunate enough to read, before I allegedly removed and deleted those stories, sorry; my fault.

Moving on, my mentor at SCORE, just advised me that Banks don’t make loans to not for profit business. OMG!!!! NO!!!! So, be it. I accept. 

I will now become a real life grass root salesman for the not for profit. And Sue Ann want us to use the travel trailer this summer, so, yes, it will still work.

And yes, as I continue moving forward, PoW!!!; more road blocks. IF you want donations from 50 states, 41 of them want money before you can receive donations. Something I have to check out.

Since Sue Ann has bad lungs, and I have diabetics, I figure, I will be home bound for a while. Maybe until I turn 69! LOL cause it is only less than 5 months to go.

That is the new for now. Thanks for reading. And PLEASE, DON’T be silly like I heard about this woman checker at the grocery store. She felt that the old people there needed her. Well, as you may have heard, she is dead. Why? Only she knows the real reason. I can only think and boy, my thoughts are that she really didn’t want to go on with her life. 

I don’t know IF I talked about my past, where I was recently divorced, lost my…well just say, I was at a bad place in time, and I got this wave of depression…like when you throw a rock into a still lake and the ripple come onto the shore.

I didn’t like it. 

I told my Gods, Saints and Angels…that IF I get another wave, I will commit suicide. Guess what happened?

I never got another wave of depression.

So, reality is, we control our lives. No matter how bad it get, it can only get more better.

Again, I was homeless 4 times. No future in sight.

In the end, I got a grand job, RR, good money no life. A Mercedes Benz hard top convertible, a corvette convertible, a pick up truck, and a paid house, all when I was in Indiana.

A complete 180 degrees from where I was many, many, years ago. So, DON’T go putting your self in harms way and give up.

Enough about me. Yea, right!!!!

a traveler, out

OH I forgot to mention…I purchase a small Mac, I don’t recall what it is, yet, because of what has happened to my computers, both old.

You get 18 months to pay it off, interest free. So, IF you pay $100.00 a month, cool deal. I pay it off in a year. at

Oh, I have to mention, last night, was the first time, in a very long time, that I drank plain water. NO soda, NO tea, NO additives in the water. Just plain water! It was filtered, so it was not bad at all. LOL

ADD   ON   4-10...

Another young, 25 year old female died. 

I have one question, how many human beings would have died, IF they were able to work, for FREE? NO PAY CHECK? NO MONEY! 

Hell, I know of no one, who works for free!

So, those that got sick, chose money, over their life.  Sad. 

Sure there is a percentage that will work for free, they are called, when they die, Saints. 

Sorry, but stay at home. Live to fight another day. You choose this life, and don’t let your ego, money or reputation stop you, from staying at home. Please!!! stay at home and don’t die!

They, the news, talk about death, yet how many could have been saved, IF at first warning, they had stayed at home?

The news don’t talk about that. They only talk about stay at home like they are the parent; and we are the child. They glorify the dead, and yet, you see on the news, many congregating, getting  together. Someone must have given them the virus when they were out. So, what was so important that they had to go out?

The government tell us to eat turkey on what, the 4th Thursday in November? On February 14th, we are to buy flower and candy for the woman in our life. And on and on it goes. You should do this and this…

From childhood we are programed; to follow, not lead. So, habit is, we go to work. 

I heard some Billionaire who was running for President of the USA, defaulted on paying his employees. Yea, a Billionaire! All about the money! How did we ever live without money?

I guess we took care of each other. 

So, lets stay at home, lets live to see our future unfolding. 

My blood sugars have gone back to normal because I have no sweets left in the house. I have to cut down my drugs. I hate not having sweets to eat. OH FUCKEN WELL!!!! 

When God gives you lemons, you make lemonade. You don’t go out the store and buy some; and get sick! Please stay at home.

As far as the business, not for profit, goes…did I mention, I was just told, Banks don’t make loans to not for profits. Yea!!!

Change of plans. We are versatile. IF one path don’t work, why keep going down the same path? OH, I forgot, rats don’t; yet humans do. HELLO!!!!! Change  and stay at home.

Sorry for the ramble. I guess I have cabin fever. Been indoors now for what; 6 weeks, may be more?

Sure we have food for, what, another 2 or 3 weeks? Then what?

I guess we go to my home. Got food there. Stay in for another month. OK. I was cooped indoors for what, 3 months. OK IF that is what it takes. You too can do it.

Neighbor stepped out to get groceries a few days ago. I refused to allow the neighbor to get us groceries. You may have heard about the cashier who said, I have to go because the old people need me. OK, now they don’t because your dead!


Moving on to another subject; which I must have talked about in the past…massage table.

Yes, I have concluded, from the past, massage table will not keep you together, no matter how much you massage each other. 

Eventually, there is a situation, that just is not resolvable. Sorry to say, yet that is the truth.

So, IF you should have some extra $$$, yes a portable massage table will run you around $600.00 - $800.00 for a good one. 

The reason I write this, is because I just got a grand massage, from Sue Ann the other day, and it made me feel grand!

People pay $60.00 an hour for a massage. So, do the math. IF your in a relationship, and you want to go a step further, massage each other. It is worth the money.

OH; IF you haven’t been noticing, there are 3 … after the date, showing that another story will follow. NO ..’s means last story.

I think this way, makes sense. Just have to make this section, 2020. Another time. at

ADD   ON   4-12...
Here is some business news for you, since you may have been to the web site…

I learned from a company, that 41 states want you to register, IF you are doing business in their state. Thus, saying an average cost of $250.00 each, they will do all the paper work for you. OK…cool.

Well, I did some research, and here is what I am came up with.

Registering to do business in a state is not the same as registering to solicit charitable donations, so it’s important for charities to differentiate between these two potential state filing requirements.

Generally speaking, a nonprofit is considered to be conducting business in a state if it has sufficient nexus (or connection) to a state, such as opening an office, hiring employees and other activities that would constitute an ongoing business operation. In these cases, most states will require nonprofits to file an Application for Certificate of Authority (or similarly named form) with the corporations division of the Secretary of State, which is commonly referred to as “corporate qualification” or “qualifying to conduct or transact business” in a state as a foreign nonprofit corporation. 

In most states (absent any other nexus with the state) soliciting charitable donations, regardless of the method (e.g. mail, phone, e-mail, social media and online, charitable sales promotion, radio, TV, etc.), does not constitute doing business in a state. Therefore, corporate qualification is usually not required, but rather charitable solicitation registration is in most states (currently 39 states and D.C.), absent any applicable charitable solicitation registration exemption for certain types of nonprofits.

Keep in mind though, that registering to solicit is not the same as filing for a business license or qualifying to transact business in a state (i.e. qualify as a foreign nonprofit by filing an Application for Certificate of Authority to Transact Business).  With few exceptions, this is not required when a charity’s only nexus (or connection) with a state is fundraising via phone, email, direct mail or online.


In summary, to comply with state charitable solicitation laws, a 501c3 charity that is not a law enforcement, public safety or veterans organization and that does not use the services of a professional solicitor and that is not otherwise in an exempt category, is required to register in 37 states and D.C., and to file a one-time exemption in Missouri.  

So, now do I seriously need to register, since I will not be going into any states except Arkansas and Texas? Interesting…so, I have to do research in Texas, since I will be going from door to door, like Col. Sanders; yet I will not be accepting any money because I will eventually get an IRS investigation. I just advising them of my web site. NO more, no less.

Well, glad I ordered a new lap top, because this is keeps shutting down on me.

Other news, well, food supplies are getting low and so is toilet paper here. 3 more weeks to go. Should make it. 

The county me and Sue Ann are in, has single digit deaths.

I think the worst is be on a ventilator because the corona virus attacks your lungs.

Now, IF you tired of watching silly television shows, or movies, try finding some NOVA shows. Very interesting, and educational. Saw one on the Black Holes and it was a  WoW!!! 

Don’t worry, I will not ramble, although it is interesting, looking at us, as human beings and space.

IF I offended you with my rambles, just remember, it is my opinion, and you have a right to your opinion

MAY 04, 2020

As I predicted, a large majority went to Easter Sunday mass, and now a whole town of 20K has the town closed down.

Here is a story that goes back 30+ years....

I was part of a truck washing crew. The temperatures were below freezing. Finally, when they dropped to single digests, and we called it a day. No work for a few days as the temperatures rose. 

Finally, the cold spell broke. LOL because when it turned 40ish, I drove the truck with the window down. 

Yes, that is correct, I drove with the window down at 40ish, a cold winter temperature. I thought it was just wonderfully warm out. And it was. ​

And you know the rest. I got very sick. |Dee Da Dee!!!


Because I was silly! Just like all the other who are going out w/o a mask, and mingling with others who are carriers.

More later, because this key board is defective and I have to order a new one. And yes it was my fault.

at out