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​                                                                   By  A  TRAVELER

I'm sorry for the long delay. First I have to proof the stories so I am articulating and NOT 'I know what I am talking about and your don't'.

Secondly publishing is more than just copy and paste. So here you are; and me? More stories to type. Enjoy!!! AT out.

Short Takes                              November 11, 2019

Money is not the root of all evil! Money is the root of greed, which cause people to act unnaturally!

Although we are on cusp of over population, people still continue to have children. I know one college instructor who preached that, over population and guess what? He had two children. LOL loser!

I can’t imagine living longer with a body and brain that is no longer functioning like it should. Yet with a case of short term memory, I forget what it is I wanted to do…

Back in 1969, my buddies mother would have ice coffee in the summer time. Now it is a normal. Congratulations go to Vivian for being a trend setter.

Fight fire with fire. NOT! Fight fire with water. Because…

Two wrongs make a right. NOT two wrongs get you more jail time!

My favorite quote; I read it on a bubble-gum wrapper back in 1969: “Honesty is the best policy.”. After all, you don’t have to remember lies.

A Bull Shitter or Liar, (aka a Salesperson) is someone who think you’re stupid enough to believe their lies.

I heard something similar on N.C.I.S., per Ducky, ‘You can’t plan your children future, although you can help your children, with their future’. How true, IF only my parents had such knowledge.

This note was sent in the mail to numerous Agencies:

Post Script: I like to add, that presently I have five web sites. One is a primary, with followers; the other four a branch off.

My goal is to publish my letters, as a blog for the world to see; in one or more of the other web sites. 

In the future there will be a web hosting business that will file your detailed, written complaint(s), for a small fee, and anyone interested in a business, can review records of complaints. Fact is the internet is still a baby.

Plus, Attorneys will also surf the web site, looking for clients because we both know the B.B.B. is simply out-dated.

As we are both mature adults, and have been around, we both know, that eventually, everything comes out, for public review.

With that said, I can’t predict the future. 

What I can speculate is: ‘When it come out for the world to read, where will you be, and how will your peers judge you, by your past track records or will they judge you when they read about you?'

Happy Trails…

WoW. Today is Veteran’s Day. COOL to me and all VETERANS!!! Be safe, be alive and don't do anything stupid!

DEATH                    November 10, 2019
I like to say, this thought I am about to discuss, scares the life out of me; ALTHOUGH, I am NOT wanting to take my life. Read on at your own risk.

Per Peter Max once said, a mind expanded can never return back to its normal shape. (Or something like that. Read at your own risk. I’m NOT responsible for your thoughts or deeds.)

IF we go back in time, we notice first there were dinosaurs, followed by; IF I am somewhat correct, eight different type of human beings. You may recall seeing a photo of these pre-us life forms. l’ll guess there are about 6 different Homo sapiens figures.

With that stated, and understood, here are my thoughts…

IF you consider, going back a few hundredths years org more in time, and brought with you one or a few regular devises of today, like a computer, smart phone, tablet, or a simple alarm clock, etc. to show those people of that time; you will just implode their mind by showing them how those gadgets work. Being a Dino, I have a smart phone that is just a phone to me.

In the old days, when knights were bold, the bakers were ripping off the ignorant peasants, on a count of a dozen biscuits; because they could not count.

Thus, the King made a rule, IF you screwed a pheasant out of a dozen biscuits, you would be done harm.; like you will lose your head. 

Thus the ‘bakers dozen’ came about. 13 baked goods for the price of 12; and why not; bloody bastards.

Now just imagine, a space ship just lands here on earth and has future technology; how would we react? (Read the Hollow Earth.) You’ll be just like those ignorant peasants, when you time traveled back in time. We are no different then; where we are now.

Moving along, just how about IF we, in my thinking, were in a peatier dish? Just part of a science experiment being done by a Superior Being.

Just like we do it today, playing God with science. Genetically Modified… . 

So, in a sense, we too are playing God with food, creatures, and even ourselves with bio-engineering.

OK, just in my dreams. 

Yet, moving forward, I recall a cartoon strip that had just one caption. It was Brother Juniper. He was an old Monk Singular Cartoon, from the 60’s.

Now, in the cartoon, you have Brother Juniper, entering a room with fish food, with a view coming from the gold fish bowl, in the room. 

In the gold fish bowl are two gold fish. One is saying to the other, “Of course there is a God. Who do you think feeds us everyday at 3:00 clock.”

Moving along…

I ofter wonder about the 80/20 rule which, is in every situation in life give or take a %.

Look about and you will notice, the 80/20 rule; which is close enough to government work. I can’t stress the 80/20 rule, just look around and 75/25 or 70/30 is just as good.

To make the 80/20 rule more understandable, just make a simple bell curve. 10% +, 40%+, 40%-, 10-. Simple. 

The middle 80% are mostly +/-. Yet it is the 10% on the negative side, that interests me.

These 10% are of the belief that there is no “Religious God”, or any God for that matter. Throughout history, we have questioned this belief.

Now we have to look at that and wonder; what IF they are 100% right. Seriously. 100% correct; there is no God, (although a superior being).

Imagine being a carrot, a your friend/neighbor leaves the ground patch. What would you think. OH! They died and went to heaven. A stretch yet, what IF… I saw on TV how animals now can achieve organism. What next, we learn how to communicate with them?

After all, we don’t know exactly what carrots think; IF they do think at all.

I also firmly believe that our body parts, are made out of all the animals that were made before us. (I have always thought what comes first, the sheep or the woman. Actually, I now believe the sheep came first.)

OH; by the way, it has been proven we are made out of yeast. (aka a woman has yeast infection; go figure.)

So, what does that mean. Well, here we presently are, humans on the threshold of genetic modified engineering of human parts. I don’t know the actual name.

We can now clone dogs, and sheep or woman friends. LOL. (Stepford wives.)

Yet, what IF we are just a product of a being, that is doing similar experiments? 

Although, religion tell us we are products of God; not a scientist’s project.

Simply put, “What IF there is no heaven or hell?” 

Death is as simple as…death. 

Look up the meaning of death in the dictionary. (The end of the life of a person or organism,) The end and not the beginning of another adventure.

How silly we are, yet we only use 10%  of our brain. Plenty of room for an upgrade.

With that thought and I wondered, what is life? 

Why live IF you're not happy? 

Why prolong pain and anguish? 

What would happen IF you quit via susecide. (spelling)

Personally, I have no desire to quit my life, although, as I get older and my body is starting to fall apart, perhaps I will change my mind in the future; like I do so often. After all, it is my body; not anyone else’s property. 

So, why are there laws that prevent us from killing our selves?

I think because we put $$$ into the Government, and without that $$$ the government would crash. (Although I have heard, that in the very near future, Social Security will crash. So, I suggest, every year you put $1,000.00 into the stock market. Mary put in say…$10K back in the early 70’s and prior to her death, well, Mary had, when she died, $1000,000.00 which is now a Scholarship at Ivy Tech in her name.)

I am going to now tell you a story; before I tell you more about death.

Back in 1986 or so, I was just released from the Navy, divorced, and close to homeless again. Actually I was homeless 4 times in my life. (Another story to be sure,,,) Yea, truth be told. Back in the early 80’s. Now I don’t think I could handle it like I did back then.

I got this wave of depression from my broken marriage. I told my Gods, Saints and Angels that IF I got another wave of depression, (like ripples on a pond), I would kill my self. 

Since I’m a person of my word; so they knew (more better) I was telling the truth.

Guess what? I never got another wave of depression again. I can’t explain it. Just glad they were listening to me.

Now, looking back, I do believe that IF you put some ‘though’ out into the universe, it will be answered; most of the time. 

So, “Watch what you wish for”, because IF you are not 100% in your desire, you will get a knockoff and that is not good! I speak from experience.

I think it works like this. Think of us as a computer, and we all are tied into a master computer. 

Put it out there and it is recorded and eventually, what goes around, comes around. We all have been there. Well, at least I have.

So, are we really NOT being observed? 

Do we really have a guardian angel? (I think so, or a guardian.) 

What IF we are actually, someone’s pet? It’s so Fucken interesting. 

Put religion aside. Just what you know; untainted reality. Strange isn’t it.

How we, as human beings, are so simple minded. 

80% of the population believes in a religion. Although, there are about 200 different religions in the world, with about a cool dozen that have the popular, 80% vote.

At first I thought, we are going to get replace with an upgrade. Like one does on their computer or it gets too old for an upgrade and gets replaced. (Recall the photos of the Homo sapiensHomo sapiens? Each one was an upgrade.)

Sue Ann told me that we are an upgrade. After all, we are more-better than our Grand Parents. So, we are the upgrade. How cool is that?

I have heard we use 10% of our brain. I did research and no definite answer on brain power. So, we do have room for an upgrade. 

Maybe every century we get 01% upgrade and it is not across the board. Yea, at times I amaze myself.

So, simply put, be like the 90% that are followers, and believe what you want. 


I firmly believe that we are souls in space, meeting, greeting, and communicating with each other. Birds do it in flight. Animals communicate with sounds. Someday, Dr. Dolittle may be a reality.

I believe that I met Sue Ann in space and we, together, put together a P. O. D.  (Plan of the Day). My last lover and that is my final answer.

Although, I do know that a Magician does not preform magic, just illusions.

So, next time someone dies, just remember…You have one life and IF I’m correct, TIME is like a ruler. Any place on that ruler, you are alive, doing something. 

And yes, we relive every day, over and over. So, IF that is the case, I may as well enjoy today, because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

One player on my Hearts Game wrote something to to effect that the past is gone, so forget it and remember the lesson, tomorrow is unknown, so don’t stress it and to day is call the PRESENT, so treat it like a present! Live today because we don’t know If we have a tomorrow.

I had a thought I like to share…

Imagine IF the ‘bell curve’ applied not to woman that want to have babies, yet just the opposite. 

Women get morning sickness, just like when you take heron. You throw up. Go and do something you normally will not do, and you get physically sick. 
Imagine IF most women didn’t want children. 

Population would not exceed, war would not be committed, murders, etc. 

As a lab experiment, we would not be a good venture because we would slowly progress the population. Kinda like simple math in grammar school. 

So, naturally, woman produce and men can’t keep their dick in their pants. Over population is on the way! And thus expanding our existence within this ‘test’ of life.

Just another thought.

I just got another thought; Dating. Did I already write about it? I must have. 

Thanks.  AT out!

Post thought: Yes, it bothers me every time I think about life. What is life? Are we just an experiment? Why continue to life, IF it is just an experiment? Makes me think and think and think…

For now, here I am, typing away and you're reading…

ORGASM                       November 10, 2019
Got your attention! LOL

When I was 18, back in 1969, we joked about hard on pills.

“Yea, I was a test subject for hard on pills. It was O.K. but it worked so fast, I got a stiff neck.”

So, I was thinking, oxycontin is laughing gas, in pill form.

Moving on, I was thinking, (oxymoron), I wonder how long, it is going to take science, to develop an organism pill.

Pop the pill, and say in 10 minutes, you’ll get a 1,  3,  or 5 minute orgasm. Then you roll over and go to sleep for about 20 minutes, wake up refreshed, and pop a oxycontin pill and go on with life. (YEA RIGHT!!!)

LONE WOLF                                    November 10, 2019
There is so much negativity about a lone wolf, that we all want to be part of a group.

When I was 5 and we moved to a new neighborhood, I had my local neighbor friends, I played with.

Throughout the course of my years, up to about the age of 20, I had gone through about 10 different groups I hung out with.

I never fit in; because I was always the outsider. It Sucked!

Bringing up the present, with semi-recent events, when I was working on the Rail Road; my co-worker Sam, put his arm around my shoulders and said, “Traveler, I love you like a brother; BUT I hate the way you sound.”

Yea, for some reason, my voice is one that makes men hate me. And IF you go one step further, my mother dresses me funny. (Yea, but growing up, my Mother was…long story…from Poland and had Polish actions on how I was dressed. aka NOT American!

I don’t know what it is, I can’t change my voice, although I did think of having a voice change operation, all throughout my  life, I have been hated by men and I have been loved by women, children and animals. LOL sad but true.

Which is the reason I am typing this story…

IF you, like me, and you’re not part of a group, or the bottom feeder of a group, like me, perhaps it is time to become the lone wolf and not be a part of a group.

Sure, you can keep on doing what you always been doing; and getting the same results aka stupidity. Go figure!

So, accept the fact that your different then the group and because of that, you don’t fit in the group.

Also, heart attacks, to my understanding are like the flu. You get it from someone and IF your body is not 100% healthy, you can get a heart attack. 

So, better to be alone than a subway car full of unhealthy passengers.

Now, where was I?

OH, being a lone wolf.

For me, it was a long hard experience and this is my advice.

IF you can change careers, look for an area where you’re working alone. Become a Piled Higher and Deeper in the field you're working alone in.

With those credentials, you’ll be able to earn more money than those in a group, stay healthier, and eventually find a lover who is similar to you.

I have, Sue Ann and I are both retired; no children, and are givers.

I know I have found a lover who is similar to me. We both like to be with each other, basically do nothing because we are both retired, and basically, there are at times we are joined at the hip.

Other times, we are two ships passing each other in the night; like working on this story.

So, go to an Advisor, to help you find your best job, that you can do alone.

You will be happier, have more money, and don’t rush out to marry the first woman or man, you says hello to you. Take your time, and someone will fill your void. I didn’t and screwed up my life…

Remember this, “As a lone wolf, your part of the 10% (bell curve) that is like me; you just don’t realize it yet. Too bad, I didn’t have this hind-sight when I was younger and I always wanted to be part of a group; because that is how I grew up. Always wanting to be part of the in-crowd. 

Now, I just waste the day away, doing nothing because I can.

I don’t have to work, I don’t have to have friends over that drink my beer, watch my T.V. and get the snots beat out of me! by them. LOL!

IF you work past your retirement date, (100% retirement benefits) you are chasing the dollar.

God knows, because I was going to and fortunately for me, I was given the choice of retirement or lose your pension. (And I think it was a scare tactic that worked; and boy am I glad I took retirement!)

I like to add, many of us, have what I call: A fear of success. 

We deliberately fuck ourselves when thing go our way. (Nurse Jackie on Netflix). We are not used to positive things happening to us, so we get a panic attack, and screw up a good thing because we were not brought up to be successful. Really! Welcome to my world

So, my suggestion is to ‘brain wash’ your self. 

That is right, ‘brain wash’ yourself in being a positive person who accepts good things and rids your self of those defeating negative thoughts.

You can do what I did back in the early 80’s: “I am successful, confident, sexy, healthily, wealthy and wise… and I add what I need to…like ‘I don’t raise my voice or yell at Sue Ann’. That is another story to be written in the near future.

And yes, it worked, I got snapped and man, I was calm, semi-loud, but not screaming or yelling. 

So, go and brain wash your self with positive thought/statements. It does work!

Perhaps, I was not clear, and it don’t matter. Just give some thought to where you got your beliefs from, and learn to Question Authority!

BODY HAS TO PEE!        November 10, 2019
Are you the type of guy who pulls his underwear up to his belly button(?) (like me?) because I know they will finally end up around my ankles; because the waste band is very lose and I am very cheep on buying new underwear.

And…you’re at home and have to go…?

Well, there was a short story I was once told; and now I’m telling you the same story now. And you’ll not realize how true it is, until it’s too late. So, here I go.

IF you have a choice between standing and sitting; sit.

IF you have a choice between sitting and laying down; lay down.

Always, yes always, If you have a chance to potty, always take the opportunity!

Being old, which means my body is old, so I now know that story by heart.

So, there I go heading to the bathroom; and boy do I have to go because I am on diuretics. (Over the counter because my feet are swollen and I can’t figure out why.)

I have my zipper down already, as I entering the bathroom, and boy do I have to go!!!

Got to go; got to go!

So, I stick my hand into my pants to whip out my little friend out and go pee cause I have to go!

Well, guess what? 

My underwear is pulled up to my belly button. So, my hand is not grasping the opening, to let my little friend out.

Yea, I got to go, I got to go!

Meanwhile, there is a battle going on between my brain and my body. Which now explains why they now have ‘Depends’ for adults…

Did I ever tell you the story, about the body having elections on who is going to be the boss of the body?

Yes, the body has an election and every body-part, speaks up. 

The eyes say they should be the boss because they see, so they should be the boss. The heart and lungs, speaks up, the legs also speak up, because they carry the body around and the nominations go on and on…

After a while, the asshole speaks up.

Well, you know what happened; the whole body goes crazy and they all start laugh because it’s the asshole wanting to be the boss, of the body. Yea right! LOL! An asshole for a boss; NO WAY!

After significant ridicule, from all the body parts, the asshole shuts down.

What happens next, is just magic. 

The eyes water and can’t see, the legs get weak and can’t walk, the lungs start straining to breath, and the whole body is going into shock!

Naturally, they finally conceded to the asshole, and the asshole became the boss.

The moral of the story is, “Even an asshole can be a boss!”

So, there I was, my hand in my pants, and I can’t find the opening on my boxer shorts, to let my little friend out.

My mind is telling my body “NO! DON’T PEE YET!!!” Be calm!!!” Yea right!

My body is telling my mind, “SCREW YOU, I have to release this waste pee-pee by-product via wee -wee; NOW!!!” AND NOT hold it, JERK!!!”

Meanwhile, my brain is sending my hand a subliminal message. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!!! The body is wanting to pee!”  WHAT THE FUCK IS THE PROBLEM?

Got to go! Got to DEFINITELY go!

Long story short, I found the weep hole, or pee hole, and everything came out O.K. and NOT in my pants.

So the morale of the story is, throw out your clothes that don’t fit any more!!! JERK…LOL.

NETFLIX                 November 10, 2019
I like Netflix because I get 3 DVD movies though the mail, and we also have been watching some great movies and TV shows on the TV, Netflix Channel also.

Like, a whole lot of murders, aka cold cases. 

Just makes me wonder why would you kill someone for money? Or kill them for another person? Silly sheep

Just don’t make sense when you can get a divorce, walk away and live your life, freedom and not is a prison cell. Silly People!

Presently, we’re now watching old NCIS, which is fun to watch.

Or the Great Britain Bake Show, which is cool and to be honest, being a diabetic, I just want to bake and eat sweets. So, instead, I buy them at the grocery store and raise my blood sugars. LOL!

Now I have to see if we can get the Cooking Network for free.

On the other hand, Sue Ann is a wonderful cook, but I can do more better. 

Sorry; just the way it is. Which means I have to learn how to cook more better because I took Cooking Class 101, and because I have been where Sue Ann is? 

Now I have the opportunity to do it right and not over do it!!!

I will keep you post as I progress. Interested? 

Back onto the same page, we’re also watching Nurse Jackie. A 80 series in a one hour Show Time shows. It is great in the beginning and now in the middle, I have to wonder…but I’ll watch it to the end; which we did last night.

Makes me wonder just how may Jackie’s there are out there in the world?

Also, FYI: your LOCAL library’s all have a good selection of DVD’s. I have 3 separate library cards, and I use all of them, at different libraries to get DVD’s.

FEAR OF SUCCESS        November 10, 2019
The other night, me and Sue Ann were watching the Great Britain Baking Show, Netflix, and this one woman, who was a ‘Star’ for, OH 3 or 4 shows, (out of I think 10 Shows), and she crumbled under the pressure of being in the final bake off show.

I turned to Sue Ann and told her about how I had that ‘FEAR OF SUCCESS’ when I was younger and into my life as an adult.

Sue Ann turned to me and said that she too had the same experiences.

That made me wonder, just how many of us have a ‘FEAR OF SUCCESS’?

I was wondering,,,IF I had to do it all over again, see, Lone Wolf, what would I do more better with my life?

First and foremost is request more better parents. Ones who love me, and nurture me and most definitely, will guide me to success. 

Although IF I had to choose to be someone, I would be guided in the direction my father help me with…I would be ‘GOOD FOR NOTHING’! Go Figure. I hear that at least once a day for a 10 years…growing up.

Moving along to my mother, just about every day I would hear, “You should have one like yourself!” Yea, go figure, after looking back, I am reminded my mother of my father, her husband. Makes me wonder why she married my father in the first place?

Thus, the reason I had no children, while my sister had about 4 and the other sister had 2. Also being the oldest, I took most, IF not all of the shit!

Talk about brain washing…How many of us have been in that position of being down graded by our own parents?

Now that I am older, I have no regrets because I am today here because I have learned everything I know, on my own without any parental help.

See, my father’s dad, wanted him to be a tailor like he was. My dad wanted to be a mechanic. 

So, my dad figured, IF his dad meddled in his life, he would NOT do anything in my life and he didn’t! Except both molded me to be like them. Fucked Up!!!

I lived with a family, that I was allegedly part of, yet not part of…just like a pet. Only to be told what to do, and that is how it was for my first, 14 years of life. Formed, molded and set lose in the world; as a loser.

NOT until my 27th birthday did I really learn I was a human being and that I had rights! Sorry to say, from that point on, I was in a battle raging against anyone who told me what I should do

That date is still vidid and another story…

DEATH n DRUGS           November 10, 2019
We were watching Netflix the other night, and a person was dying of some form of cancer, in the show.

I got a thought, what IF that would happen to me? What would I do?

Well, I dug deep into my past, when I was traveling with Ben Franklin to England and France.

Ben had a situation and I told him to make a T and put the problem on the top and the positives on the left and the negatives on the right; which he did. 

Ben liked it so well, he started telling others by calling it the ‘Ben Franklin T’.

Well, I did a mental T in my brain and this is what came up; NOT popped up! LOL

I decided that when the time comes, I would choose the positive by stating: “Today, I am alive. Today I am happy because I am alive. Tomorrow, I may be dead; yet I live another day; beating death.”

On the negative side, “IF I choose to take drugs, I will most likely not recall today, because I am on drugs. I will die, in the near future, not know what I missed being alive, because I am on drugs.” The moment I take drugs to fog my mind, is the day I stop living life and start dying.”

I am willing to bet; a good 30% of the population are on happy pills. I guess they don’t want to live life to the fullest. Just wave bye-bye life.

Personally, what losers they are, and you can find them in the professional fields.

November 8, 2019

Once again, here is a new change in the structure of this web site.

I will be adding to the top of each story instead of putting it on the bottom

I have about 4 or 5 stories I am about to tell you

Happy readings

A Traveler, out

Post Script: Where do I put them above or below this note?   LOL?

​NOT, but  I should...I have decided, below this note. Cool? I hope..


Although I have been gone for about 10 months, it is because I have met my new lover and we have been together now for close to 10 months. With that said, yes, I have some new posting, and I am LOL because I have some grand thoughts at the end of the day, watching a movie, and then I just go to sleep and forget about them. So, i have and am gong to try different methods of capturing theses thoughts and write about them. (yea, right...LOL)

OF MOST IMPORTANCE IS:    www.magnow.org    is my new project on Making America Great, NOW; one State at a time. It has to do with changing the laws on which someone can get a contractors license in this country. Please visit this site, and participate, locally or out of the Country with your government. Together, we all can make a difference and perhaps make this world a bit more better, than we found it.

10-08-19 New story about me, Sue Ann and...well you'll have to read. Trailer: evolution and up grades.

09-30-19 NEWS:   I just got a letter from the Arkansas contractors licensing board that states, I can publish my letters, because they are public record, and I can't publish financial or social security no.s. How cool is that?

​Yes, there is much going on. I have a few good stories to tell. Sorry that you have to wait. I have not forgotten about you. Thanks in advance for understanding what is happening.

For the record, approximately on 09-01-19, I was dealt a devastating blow:

This is a generic form letter is being sent to approximately 24 Agencies.

For the record, approximately on 09-01-19, I was dealt a devastating blow:

I now write you this form letter because the Diamondhead Chief of Police, Chief Joel Tyner “allegedly” deemed that the Contractor who took a down payment $6,700.00 to put my metal roof on my home and shed; and "allegedly" found NO criminal intent for the D.A. to charge the Contractor. (Money was transacted on approximately January 30, 2019.)

Please wait for the Police Report and read it for your self; as I am still waiting, for a copy from the D.A. in Hot Spring County and Chief Joel Tyner, of Diamondhead, AK; a gated community.

I have just purchased 3 web sites: (to make my letters of communications to about two dozen agencies and my Police Report public knowledge for all to read):


It will take a while to get the websites up and running, (a few months) and then lets see what the public thinks of living in Diamondhead-AR now.

IF this should be problem publishing my letter to you, then please have your attorney advise in written format.

I like to add, IF you are allegedly paid to do a job, and IF you choose not to respond, and me, who is not paid to do a job, take my precious time to write to you, then why do you take money for not responding in written format to my letters? 

And IF you did, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your professionalism.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration of what has happened and is going to happen.

Respectfully Submitted,

A Traveler, out

Post Script: #  4   July, 11  2019  has been just added. Enjoy!

Post Script: Sept, 17  2019 With all that is going on and I'm getting older, I guess I need time to recuperate my self. And I have purchased AAA batteries to put into my recorder so I can recall some of my funny idea. More in the future.


For 2 weeks I was on a down hill, tired, half dead, and last night I did 65 minutes, and this morning, i feel just great!!!

#   1   June   2018

And for those of you want to e mail me here, it is operational! IF for reasons unknown it doesn't work, let me know at: atraveler8@earthlink.net    Thanks. OMG i think i deleted that web address. Or at least have not been there in years. LOL


Please do-do read my other areas if you like my journal. happy trails, a traveler, w.p.p. out!


Everyone talks about how fragile life is. Yesterday, while me and my friend, Donna, were traveling down the road, some blonde woman, was passing two cars. While we were traveling in the opposite direction. Donna, was like a deer caught in the head lights. ME, I had a similar situation a few week earlier; NOT like this one, though.

I saw a white something, which could not make sense of, as I was on cruise control, 52ish, in a 55 mph zone. I finally noticed it was some SUV with the head lights off, and it was coming straight for us! NOT slowing down to get back in her lane.

I immediately hit the brakes, shutting down the cruise control, and when she got back into her lane, I was down to 30 mph. In less than 5 seconds we all would have been D.O.A.

IF someone was behind us, and didn’t know why I was breaking, I would have been rear ended; spun into her lane, and BAM!!!

That is one of the reason, I refuse to go RV’ing in the months of June, July and August. Too many idiot parents on the road because school is out for the summer. And rush, rush, rush. I will not ask, if your one of them because you most likely are.

Later that day, as we proceeded on a journey to visit a dozen RV Sales places, I went to the one furthest dealership away; or so I though. 

I was about to go another 1/4 mile down the road, and turn into some commercial property and make a U-Turn and go back in the opposite direction. Just then, Donna points out, there is a RV place on the right. And she was right.

We pull in, and I speak to the sales man, Vince. I explain to him, what I am looking for. Vince says he knows exactly what I want, LOL. Yea, right.

He takes us to this RV, 2,700 dry weight. Nice outside, and inside, and it is exactly what I wanted. A bed facing long ways in the RV, a bathroom at the other end, and as an extra; a table/boot for two. 

Plus, it is new, and the price is $3k below what I expected to pay, without any extras. $12k with extras furnished by the dealership.

NOW I have to say, IF you want an RV, go to:


Not that I have been around, but I have surfed the web, in looking for campers, and this place, is by far the best deal you can ever think of. Contact Vince first, and see what he can do for you!

Needless to say, I immediately put a 10% deposit down, Credit card. What good are they if you don’t use them? Beside I get 01% back. LOL.

Then we went to my bank, another story, on getting a secured loan. Two hours later, I have the check in hand.

Bloody secured loan, I give the a $15K c.d. and all I want is a mere $12K loan. And they want to do a credit check. ‘We do that on all loans.” Jerks!

Come that night, well, I have to tell you, What the Phuck did I do!!! (yes, I was in a stupor mood. $12K, first RV I seen, no haggling, etc.)

Well, I went to sleep, all jittery, and I must tell you; I had a pleasant dream, and I woke up the next morning with no regrets. I made a good decision. I had slept on it, literally, and I was over joyed with my purchase!

Come today, (or the next day, or next day, etc.) I got a number of web sites to review for best deals on parking the camper; and stories to read. More on them, as I read them, I'm overwhelmed.

My friend Donna came over and she cooked us a meal, we watch 2 DVD’s, and she left back to her home. Without Donna​'s cooking I be losing weight again. I was once down to 140 pounds. Yes, that was scary! Now I average about 160 to 165 pounds. And yes, I have a gut, that I finally decided to do something about. Lipho-suction. LOL! yea right.

I got very depressed, and I thought: You are going to be in an 18 foot camper, by your self. At least here on the ranch, you can cook, eat, watch a DVD, chocolate, wine or beer, or hard liquor and do so much more.

There, in the RV, which I am now going to name, the TARDIS; you can’t even pace the floor without hitting your nose on the wall, if you go too fast; or turn around quickly. LOL sad, but true.

I got to think, why do people give up their home and travel. It dawned on me.

1.    The couple who are together, and are childless. They decide to sell all and buy a motor home. Smaller, but Never the less, 3 times bigger than my little TARDIS on wheels. Only difference is my is much smaller. LOL

And when you read their story, there is no room for doubt. They just did it. Yea, right! I have lots of doubts because there are stories and then there are the real stories.

Like now when it is raining, what the hell am I going to do alone in a 7 x 18 space? NO TV, NO friend, NO food to cook and definitely NO Happy pills or drugs to take. LOL sad, but true.

NOW, I could be a runner, like so many woman have know to be. I have to LOL because they allowed their fear emotions to control them. 

Did I ever tell you the time I had spent with General Patton? 

Yea, we had a chat over some mud. That is what he call coffee.  I asked him, did he ever get afraid before going into battle? 

In less than a blink of an eye, he said, “YES!” And then proceed to add, “I never console my feelings before I go to battle.” 

How any of us, console our feeling and then run like scared rabbits? 

I can tell you, to date, about a dozen women have run from me, like the wind after they came at me full throttle. And those that haven’t, I now call them friends. Good friends. 

Although, I am a LEO, I’m also old, lost my growl and most of my teeth. LOL sad, but true.

So, my point is, simple. I will be taking off mid September, for a camp ground unknown so far. It will be a shakedown trip, and I will learn what I need to do and don’t need. What I have to do, and don’t have to do, to survive. Most importantly, will I enjoy doing it!

Back in the summer of 1977, I took 3 months off from work, to see the country. 

I did 30K miles, visited/drove thru 20 states. LOL yea, that was me in a Karman Ghia, a yellow Labrador, sleeping bag, air mattress and a pup tent. Boy did I have experiences like none I ever had before. And the memories are wonderful!

NOW it is time to do it again, yet more better, than ever, before.

And in that process, I will write to you about it. 

Please tell you friends about me. Maybe I can visit you some time. Or your friends. It does get lonely on the road alone. Or you can travel with me. 

Here is a breakdown of expenses:

Camping fee for one day:        $  20 or less.
Breakfast out:             :            $  10  eat in. eat fresh and buy for the next morning(s)
Lunch out                    :            $  12
Dinner out                   :            $  20  eat in. eat fresh and buy for that night on way back to the                       camp site.
Gas costs split             :            $  20

TOTAL PER DAY             :     $  52 Approximately each (which in my opinion is still expensive)



Yea, IF you don’t do a lot if eating, and we don’t do a lot of driving, cost does go down. Simple math.

2. There is thing, about the boondocks; wanders. 

This person definitely separates them selves from 99% of society. Usually singular human being, has a pet dog, and camps outside the grid. Again, they prefers solitude. I am not one of those people; because I like people, especially women. 

My goal, is to meet a woman that can afford her share of the expenses, and doesn’t want leave. I know that is hard, and I accept that.

To make my life simpler, IF your, a woman, sorry guys, no men; should like to join me on my travels, (which you will read about here). Cool. And let me know.

Let me know when you want to meet, aka what dates, drive down to the campsite with your car, and off we go, seeing the sights. Any time you want to leave, there is your car. Bye-bye. 

NOW I have only one bed. A queen size. And I am buying a long and large snuggle pillow, as a separator, IF you choose not to snuggle with me. Simple; there is a divider.

I have given thought to the need of posting my journal, and I think once a week, twice a month or monthly would be in order. Just still not sure. Although, I have leaned towards, every 15 days, which give me time to re read, correct mistakes, and post after the fact. (Been doing this for almost a month, and boy is it hard. Will bring cameras for photos to show on this site.)

And IF you want to make contact, you can reach me here thru e mail here, or my cell phone number: 501-547-1334

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have given much thought to food and food costs. 

I have concluded I can save $300 a month by having breakfast in the RV. Why not? 2 eggs, toast w/cream cheese; honey walnut. Eggs with cheese, liquid smoke, some spices, and let me not forget the ketchup, on top of the eggs. 

Next on the list was dinner. 

Just had a short thought. Stew in a crock pot. Easy to make and prepare. I have small crock pots. Will work greatly. Or a baked potato, peanut butter sandwich, or turkey or chicken, etc.. 

By cooking my dinner I the RV, another saving of $500; for a total of $700 in food saving each month. Although, IF you can cook, all the more better. I will buy the food if you cook and clean up. Still cheeper than eating out. Fair is fair.

And like the Chinese, you buy just what you need for dinner that night. No bulk extras in the frig.

NOW if you have a food that you think I can cook, I am LOL, because I took a cooking class, and it was not for learning how to cook. I had a phobia about doing dishes. I washed dishes, 80% of the time in that cooking class, class. I no longer have a problem with water. 

NOW, as it was explained to me, I am a LEO, a fire sign, and as a fire sign, I fell like a flame going into water, sexually, with a water sign. 

Thus the fear of doing dishes, because I have to emerge my hands in the water. IF only life was that simple. LOL


Yes, lately I have been think of food, and how to save food/money costs, by cooking in the TARDIS, two out of three meals a day.


​This is where you come in.


Please offer me suggestions on simple cooking, not to high on carb. or cereals. Something a 10 year old can prepare, like me, with a brain of a 10 year old and the body of a 67 year old. Send me an e mail here, (atraveler@atraveler.info)  with your suggestion(s), or you can telephone me at:

501-547-1334 is my new cell phone number. IF I am not in, please leave a message. I will telephone you back.


So, lets start with breakfast. Here are my options:

Scrambled eggs, (2) with grated cheese, spices of sorts and some liquid smoke with 2 pieces of toast with honey n pecans cream-cheese. on them.

​I can use a packet of oatmeal, or grits; microwaved.

Protein drink.

Soup, can or packet.


I like those for break fast, so far, so good and easy to prepare. A good, healthy, break fast to sustain me, until lunch. Which I figure, lunch will be at a buffet, of sorts. most likely a Chinese buffet. 


​For dinner, I  figured:

​Soup, can or packet again. maybe left over from breakfast.

Franks on the grill, maybe beef burgers. Good to reheat in microwave.

French fries in the toaster oven. 

Bag of salad and dressing.

Canned or fresh corn.
Can buy fruit cut up for desert.

(Still thinking, because I hate to eat the same thing, every day, over and over. Reminds me of the time I was in the Big House. LOL, NOT!)


​Moving on, I sold my boat. it only cost me only $3K to use it for a whole summer. it was worth it. I got boating out of my system and memories.


I pick the TARDIS up on the 21st, a Thursday, at 1400 hours. Plus they will do a walk thru and tell me and Donna, (you remember Donna, she is my only local friend I have),telling me, all you need to know about the TARDIS, tow package, etc.


We, me and donna, almost got killed again, on the road, by another blondie, who was going around a turn, and decided to come over on our side of the lane. This time Donna screamed. LOL Apparently, we are still alive. Don't understand this conspiracy blondie has against me? Actually, hind sight has a lot to do with it. LOL because Mary, my (deceased) lover, has a way of telling me things I keep putting off, and shouldn't. This time, it to prepare a will. actually, a Long Term Care Will/Trust. Which is slightly more complicated. So, I guess I am going to live a longer life than expected.


I checked up on the Corvette, and they are still waiting for parts to come in and stop the leak in the roof. ​(Personally, I think it has a secondary leak as well, but we will see, come the next rain and it is parked here.)​

So, lets have a shake down period with the Tardis.


I figure, I will need to replace the water pump, belts, hoses and  coolant; and with that done, and then the 98 Dodge should be road worthy.  The A/C is shot, but not sure if I want to spend the $ on repairing it. Although, I most likely will, since everything else is being done at the same time, belts, etc.. When you consider the cost of a used F150 or there about, $10K and still need to replace parts, what the hell. 


​And then I though, spend a few more dollars and get new. why get used, and have to pay another $3k in parts.


I also spent $200 on the TARDIS, getting supplies at Walmart. I still am in need of a tv, microwave, and it was suggested a small wok to cook with. so, yes, traveling is going to happen. late August or early September. 


I always believe that road blocks come to prevent you from obtaining one's goal. I think of them as trees falling in front of you down the road. you can either stop or go around, over or under. depending on just how determined you are. so, yes, I am going to be prepared. 


​Like now, my friend Donna took the p/u home, because her motor-vehicle, had a water leak. Donna called me today to tell me, the p/u has no brakes. Better now than pulling 3K of metal behind me. Brake line rusted out. yea, go figure. 


Speaking of road blocks, in the summer of '77; I was 30 days out, and I got side swiped from, my left front wheel down the whole side of my car. I missed a head on, by a second. Ended up in the ditch. That is another story in and of it self.


So, I was once told, about a guy, who would take his new car key, and put a scratch in his chrome bumper.


Simple: now his car is NOT new; it's damaged. Somehow, new seems to get damaged some how, some where by someone, eventually. Thus also the reason not traveling when the school is out; months. Idiots on the roadway in a rush.


Now there are three scratches on the rear bumper of the TARDIS. Me, Donna, and the rep.s at LIVINGSTON CAMPER SALES. Hopefully I will have a long and memorable journey in the TARDIS. After all, you can't take money when you die, only memories.


I got the pick up truck fixed-up, and have to take it to a second auto mechanic for re-inspection. Better to get a second opinion than go on the road, and have an breakdown. 


​Well, I went from a used F 150 to a new F 150, to a new Chevrolet Colorado, to a new Jeep, to a used Jeep, and back to a new Chevrolet Colorado. the Chevrolet Colorado is cheeper than a new F150, and I hope it has a manual transmission, but I doubt it. Reality is, new is going to be $25K and used is $15K, and fix up dodge, is another $2K. 


Well, I'm mentally preparing for a road trip. I will keep you posted, as I journey to the center of my mind.


I picked up the TARDIS yesterday, and it is now scary, because now I have a travel trailer! I feel like the dog that caught the car. NOW what do I do? LOL sad but true.


I still need to review "camp grounds" web sites, and work still needs to be done on the TARDIS; wheels balanced, and make sure I have all my needs such as: a such as microwave, stock pile the TRADIS with canned food, bed sheets, etc..


My goal is go out in the TARDIS, after Labor Day; because the silly parents and children should be back in school and work. Less idiots on the road. 


I'm still not sure in my direction of travel, because I  still need to review camp grounds and locations; as well as prices. 


Just read a brief article on Boondock camping. Very interesting. Last time I boondock was in the summer of '77 in a pup tent. Now in the TARDIS. (Time And (something) Distance In Space. I think; LOL


So, IF your reading this, than let me know IF I can park the TARDIS on your property. Visit and stay a few days, play a few games, good conservation, and mention you in my journal.


NOW I just realized I need to get my air mattress and sleeping bag, just in case. 


What about your 5 man tent? That is an interesting thought, camping outside. I will have to see IF it still works. 


 I have been researching camp grounds. I have two that I like membership in: ESCAPEES RV CLUB & PASSPORT AMERICA. There is a third one called Coast to Coast. More about Coast to Coast later.

Both are cheep, and under $50 each. When you shake down the sites, there are some $20 below or less, camp grounds/with showers. Most are limit on days there. Although some are from unlimited to NO: weekends. Some are just good for one night at the discount prices. Again, need to sort them out. 

My present plan is to either go: AR, OK, TX or just go to TX. Just not sure; and then there is Darlene. This ramble reminds me of the ski boat I bought. I got it, and then found a lover who had a boat dock. Now both are gone.

To date, I say, I have spent a good $1K on needs for the TARDIS. and still another $1K to go. Not bad. LOL...

I begin to wonder, IF the TARDIS is like the boat, a fad, that will evaporated after some time. I hate to go on the road alone; and the prospect of a companion is not looking good for the future. Yet, who know what roads I may travel down and people I meet along the way.

Back to the TARDIS. I will be going out on the 8th of July for a week. that is only 10 days  away. WoW! Weeeeee! I didn't realize it was so close.

I have met a woman friend, Darlene, that I hope is going to be a traveling companion. I’m not going to get all excited until we meet, and talk and see how we like each others company. 

Something to look forward to since I am going on a shakedown trip, to her town, and I will be there for a week, with Darlene. We plan on traveling about the countryside, and get the bugs out traveling.


Update: due to the heat, I have postponed my shake down trip; until September. Darlene is a friend; like Donna. Nothing sexual to constitute a Lover. And If someday we become friends, and you like to take off for a few days, seeing the county side, cool.

I have to admit it’s a scary future, yet as my friend George did say, I don’t console my emotions. 

I also recently got a hair cut. New photos of me will be posted. Just have to figure how to do it. LOL sad but true.

IF you ever choose to date someone, I suggest you read Linda Goodman, Sun Signs, and go to Facade.com to compare biorhythms. 

NOT that all that matters, just a little help in understanding where you are going. An example is me and Mary, my lover of 30 years. Under Intelligence/(communications) we had a 4% communications between us. That meant that 96% of our conservation was not completely understood. WE did make it work, just was difficult at times.

Yet, I now tell my new lovers/friends, you have the new improved A. After all, I made a lot of mistakes in my 30 relationship with Mary, and yes, I am sorry for being such an asshole. I now do my best, not to be. 

After all, who the hell is going to care, 50 years from now? So, best to not have power struggles, emotional out bursts, and mind the medication your taking.

OH before I forget! I got to cancel Sprint on my cell phone. I didn't realize I could have done it sooner; I think? 

Anyhow, I am getting Verizon with Straight Talk for about $20.00 less than Verizon it self. NOW I will not be in a dead zone and I can, as advised, drop HughesNet telephone system because they have a problem with the Satellites. 


I have Straight Talk, and the phone works at home. In 4 years, the savings will have paid for my new Iphone.

So, IF your reading this, and you have my land line phone number, send me an e mail asking for my cell phone number. 

I guess I am coming of age, where you no longer have a land line. Sucks, but that is OK, cause I don't answer my phone 100% of the time any way; and I don't remember to carry it with me either. LOL sad but true.

So, I guess, I have now have to get back to were I was during the 60 our of 90 days, where my blood sugars did drop below or about 150 or I will die, or get a stroke. Sucks, but hell, like my friend Donna says, you just got you travel trailer, and going on a journey now. so, yes, time to get back into exercising, eating right. 

When I was moving down here, my friend, Norene, asked me one morning, “who were you have a conservation with, at 0100 o’clock in the morning?” 

I told her I was asleep. LOL because apparently, I was talking in my sleep. Never been told that before.

NOW fast forward to present. 

I woke up with bites on my ankles. Itched like crazy. No idea how I get ankle bites on both ankles.

I got to the kitchen, because the night before, I had put water and detergent into the sink basin, because I had some food stains on the bottom of the sink. 

When I got there, the sink stopper was removed and the water was gone.


Next I stepped into the shower, and on my inner, upper right arm, was a tick. NOW how the hell did I get all these things? Bug bites, sink stopper removed and a tick? 

Am I now sleep walking? And I guess I had to put on shoes, but then again, was I naked to get a tick on my right upper, inside arm? Beats the hell out of me! And what is causing me to sleep walk?

I recall a figure on the refrigerator top missing. Some times I think I know where something is and it is not there. I just blame it to old age memory. Now I begin to wonder…What a long strange trip it has been.


And Donna says, aspartame is not healthy for me and you.


I have read both sides about aspartame, and I think you should also. Being a diabetic, I accept both sides and my conclusion is stop or at least slow down my consumption of aspartame; aka diet soda. Yes, I recall a time, when I was not such a soda junkie. I will follow Fran's footsteps, and enjoy caffeine free, unsweetened tea, found at Krogers only, so far. After all, it is basically just flavored water. 


So, thank you Donna, for pointing that out for me! 

​And not only getting a new cell phone carrier, and new cell phone number, bring the Dodge named Mary Helen, to the shop to get it checked out again, and maybe front wheel bearing greased, I think it may need an idler arm and after that, see how she tows the TARDIS. Nope. All checked out by 2 mechanics, and MaryHelen is all set to go.

#   2   July   2018

For those of you wondering about Donna, Darlene, or a number of other women I know, I'm still looking for that one, Woman Lover. Simply put, I now do, have number of women friends; and If you can't handle that, sorry that is your problem. I'm not giving up my friends, no more than you are giving up your pets, family or friends.


​OH, I joined another dating site and took a lot of personality tests. Here are the results:

Openness: You are quite habitual, not a risk taker. (go figure; plain vanilla. NOT a player.) 

Conscientiousness: You are within the average.

Extraversion: You are within the average.

Agreeableness: You are quite compassionate; (in touch w/others emotions/feelings.)

Neuroticism: You are quite stable emotionally.


I hope to add more as I remember, but truth be told, I blinked and I forgot what I was to do. 

So, simply put, I'm normal. Nothing wrong with me. (Explains a lot...to me, at least.)


​AND IF you want more information about me and dating, go to dating, at the top. While your at it, explore the rest of my web site. 


​No news about traveling. Although I do have to put together a list of what I have concluded, that I need in the TARDIS. In case anyone out there should want to go RV'ing. Figure on an extra, $2K in costs for necessary items.


Plus, I figured it out, 10 miles to the gallon. Or about $25 every 100 miles. WoW!


And IF you just want a family get away, for the weekend, or family vacation, then there are other RV camp grounds to go to other than what I have found. The list I am putting together, will be put together later.


One more thing. I upgraded my website here, and now I have to copy and past everything to the new web site. Me being computer silly, it should take a good year or longer. Only changes is that  I can now rotate the photos I take.


It has been a strange day yesterday. I left Diamondhead, and on the hood of my Mercedes was a grasshopper. The bloody grasshopper, stayed on the hood of the car, from Diamondhead, 15 MPH, thru the 40 MPH, and then I got into the speed zone and did a mild 53ish MPH to Malvern. Dropped it down to a 40 MPH, rolled into town at a 30 MPH, 40 MPH, 35 MPH, grasshopper still on the hood. Down to a 25 MPH, and as I was closing in on Donna's, blocks away, by the school, the grasshopper flew away. 


​Then when I got home, I had a visitor in the front yard. pictures were taken with the iPhone. It was a deer. just hanging out in front of the house. Usually I see a deer in the mornings, from my office window, going down to the road and across.


​I now decided to add dear corn to the back of the house. The dear, eat it in the mornings before I get up.


And my dreams seem to be increasing. Strange, because this time I was driving the Corvette, and Tabby, (Fran's cat, who Donna has now, because Fran is deceased.) was also in the dream. LOL because she spoke to me in a sign language sort of way, and said, "I'm going to stay here" and I said OK, but I don't know, where here is. 


​I am on new meds, and one says side effect, sleep walking. maybe it is also more dreams I remember.


I want to talk about Elder Law and about an Rvocable Living Trust and a Ilrvocable Living Trust. Now I am not an attorney, yet, this is what I understand about it. Which is very simply not much, but here is the bottom line. First it cost more that a Revocable Living Trust. Twice as much. So, why get it?


The only difference is, with a Revocable Living Trust, after 5 years, you get to keep your house, one car and any money you have, up to $2K. Anything over $2K you have to spend. You can not give it as gifts or you will be penalized. NOW you will spend it on updating your home, because you can. Buy a new a new car, (and new car prices are at an all time high, $30K is the average.) And when you do, Medicaide will cover your costs until you die. Pretty Cool. Except, from what I understand, when you die, your spouse can stay in the house. When the spouse dies, the house and car go to the Govt. Simply put, your screwed, or should I say your air's are. They don't get anything. 


ON an Ilrvocable Living Trust, the first thing is you get to 50% savings off the top, and each year, 60%, 70% etc. until 5 years have passed and you get 100% kept from the government; as far as property goes. Money, they get your pension and S.S., every month. So, before you go in, spend what you have on the house. And when you die, your will, will state what you want your possessions to go.


NOW if you are over 60 years old, you and me both know, that someday we are going to die. Reality is, I know a guy from W.W. II who is 95 and is in grand health. My mother died at 82. And people have been sent to nursing homes for rehab. as well as just plain dementia. So, IF you end up in a nursing home, and you have money, you pay for that stay, until you are out of money. And yes, the Govt. can take your home and assets to cover your cost of staying there.


​I know of two people, one was crying how her parents went into a nursing home, and now she can't get their house. She was about 40ish. Another told me of a parent who died in a nursing home and his dad had $250K in bonds, that the nursing home took the $250K when he died. Him and his brothers and sisters, never knew Dad had the money. So, you decide, screw your children or screw the Government.


​The other way to go is twice the money, yet same work for the Attorney, since it is all form printed, fill in the blanks. I have a copy of mine, and yes, I could screw the attorney and recopy it and submit it, or keep it, etc.. I choose not to, but pay twice the money. Karma is something I strongly believe in.


It is called an Ilrvocable Living Trust. The only difference is, after 5 years, you get to keep everything! That is correct everything that has a money value. House, car, boat, motorcycle, money, everything. To me, that I worth the twice the price payment. And I have rules on what to do with it once I am dead, or power of attorney deems me incompetent. All gets sold, and money goes into the Mary Helen Keith Scholarship Foundation, at Ivy Tech, Fort Wayne, IN.


​Also, once you have it, I understand you save 50% off the top; and as years go on, it increases to 100% after the end of the 5th year. (Did I just repeat my self?)


NOW understand, I can't afford twice the price but I can afford the cheeper one. Cool. NOW we fast foward to 3 years later when I can. OK. I want the expensive one. Cool. NOW it start all over! I just lost 3 years, and the new plan don't become 100% effective for another 5 years!!! 


HELLO! I just lost my money by being cheep.


I now do have peace of mind, knowing that after 5 years all my assets will go to the Mary Helen Keith Scholarship Foundation. (When Mary died, I promised her, that her money would go into an educational fund. Simply put, I put $100K of her money into that foundation. Now, periodically Mary gives me a dope slap, when I procrastinate. LOL sad but true.)


So, you decide! Cheep or Expensive? Today or maybe when it is too late? Screw your children or screw the Government?


I don't sleep with you, so I don't care what you do. And IF you do, find an attorney that specializes in it. I am sure there are more cheeper ones than there one I got, but hell, he has been doing only this for 13 years now. Yes, he is more expensive, locally in Little Rock so it is a drive. And yes, he wanted me to take the Revocable Living Trust! I decided, why should I pay twice the price twice later, because what will happen IF I win the lottery and shortly there after die? (I know it would not cost me anything to pay it twice, but what IF, I had to go into a nursing home and then what? How the hell am I going to spend the money and get down to $2K. OH sure I can pay someone to take care of me; and maybe live another 20 years...)


​I personally think the Ilrevocable Living Trust is the way to go. And don't be like me and put it off for 2 years. Inquire now!


Because we don't know when we are going to die, or be put into a nursing home. And IF you choose to give it away, for ever $5K you give away, you pay $5K in nursing home stay. You MUST have receipts to prove you spent it. And you know since it's the Government, they will check. LOL how sad but true.


​And yes, I am not an attorney, but I will tell you what I know, IF you ask me. So, ask.


​Some of you may know, and IF you don't I am impotent. I did sever damage to my little friend after Mary died. I went into a chocolate/sugar death dive for 6 months. Raised my A1C to an 11.

​So, now I think with my big brain. LOL sad but true. And that is not what I wanted to talk to you about. NOR the fact, that IF I choose, I can get a Pump, to raise the dead, LOL, at no cost, thanks to the government. Yet, since no one wants to play with me at this time, I choose not to get the pump. FYI: I also have the genuine little blue pill, but haven't tried them. (What the hell am going to do walking about with a hard on for up to 4 hours?) 


​What I am writing you about is I have tried over the counter pills, and no satisfaction. aka no hardness. Although, I have to say, taking a generic blue pill does stimulate my brain, eventually to the point, where I do desire an organism. just limp which is still OK because it satisfies the craving in the brain. LOL So, there is this ad for Big RED on the radio station! Yes, I am going to buy the free bottle plus shipping and write about it. LOL now that should be an interesting story.


LOL really hard, because the want $20 for one Big RED pill. Yea, $20 a pill. I can get the real stuff for $3.50 a pill. What a rip off!!! So, sure it may work, really exponently, but at $20 a pill. you must have more money than brains to pay that price. Although, IF I was younger, etc. I guess what is $20 to have an night of fun? 


I did buy an air fryer and I gave Donna my oil fryer. NOW there are a few differences. First is the cost of the one I have. Consumer Report stated it was the best of all air fryers. It is a NUWAVE 6 QT model. Cost me about $130. Now there is a new one, a 10 QT.  Someone wrote it has a small basket. And yes, there are much cheeper models about. You decide. I guess I have more money than brains. Go figure, but it must be true IF you know me. LOL!!!


Now we, me and Donna, did try flowered chicken. Nope. did not brown the flower. Great French Fries. And I have to try other things, like a grilled cheese sandwich.


It does come with a cook book with recipes, and yes, I think it was worth the cost. I will venture out and learn how to use it more better. Again, you can get a cheeper model.


​I also have 3 sizes of crock pots. Small, medium and large. I use the small and medium, a lot. I also cook in the crock pot with red wine. I fill it up with red wine over the meat. I did do some crock pot cooking using stew meat and then drained off the liquid, added flower, salt and pepper and made a gravy with the remaining red wine. It was very good, and what was left over I poured it over French fries later. Still not good at multi-cooking. LOL sad but true.


So, again, IF you like to share a simple cooking idea, let me know. Please.


​WE tried some ribs, off the bone, and I made the mistake of not boiling the ribs first, and second mistake was putting the ribs too long in the air fryer. Lesson learned. Yet I have to tell you I am getting damm good at crock pot cooking. 


That is right, CROCK POT COOKING!!! And I use red wine. I found that Oliver's Dry Red, is the best because it is a known brand, and dry. Although  I did recently buy some cheep $6 red wine, simi-sweet. And I personally like Italian Red Dinner Wine. (Cheep and dry for a diabetic like me.)  I cover the meat completely, and slow cook for 15 to 18 hours. And fast for a minimum of 8 or so hours. ​I also use the wine as a gravy, I think I mentioned this before.


Moving on! I have concluded that I need a schedule to keep me afloat and stop from drifting about. I made up a small, 16 things I need to do tomorrow and stop relying on my brain to remember, because tomorrow is another day. LOL how sad but true.


I am now going to go to the dating section.


​I just got a text from a friend in NYS and she says, "I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the legal information you sent me. It really put things in perspective. I have changed attorneys and now have an appointment with a recommended Elder care Lawyer." HOW cool is that?

At the ranch, I have been a couch potato for the last two days. My blood sugars are rising! Apparently no movement causes blood sugars to rise. I walked 1/4 mile today; getting back to walking again. Need to get those blood sugars down or yes, I will die. 


​Also, I believe as my blood sugars rise, so does my Blood Pressure. Another way to die!

​NOPE! just found out both are separate. 


I just wrote a really grand morning story, where I opened up, with true feeling, and an honest portrayal of me and my raw feelings. It was so grand, and funny, and real; that I was going to put it into my journal.


It contained depression, life and death, health, St. Michael, (he is in charge of healing), and it just took a 'stage right' approach, on me. I can’t explain it, but yes, it does that some times when I am write a message on ‘our time’ dating web site. The page actually, goes to the 'right' of the screen and disappears, and IF I'm lucky, I will be able to be swipe it 'left', and back into place. I did that, and it happened again; 'stage right' before I could copy and save it. Sucks! So, it is gone.

And I have no idea IF it just me, or it happens to other. And this is not the only dating site this has happened on.

I recall one time, I had made a 2 page copy of a letter I was sending out, to complain about something. Long story...short, I shredded the printed 2 pages because I had made minor changes on the computer, and at that time shreeding was like, in 1/4” or less; shredded strips of long paper. Show how far back it was. Now the shredding is cross shredded.

Well, I lost the new copy on the computer some how. I had though I had saved it, and again, it was not saved at all! Completely gone!!!

Yea, IF you thinking what I think your thinking, your right! 

Me and Mary got the long shredder papers out of the shredder basket, and pasted the letter back together again. LOL! We had to pull only the top shredded strips and it took about an hour to paste the shredded papers together, now; a 2 page letter is back together again.

Now looking back, I have to LOL because, what ever it was, don’t matter today. Funny how we take something so minute, because it has happened to us, and we explode and go to war.

NOW don’t get me wrong. I have always believed that IF everyone in this world, stood up and fixed one problem, we have billions of problems fixed, at least once a year. Yet, I also believe in the 80/20 rule. And only 20% of us are ever going to do something. Sucks. But than again, that is life.


IF you look the word objectively, there is a lot of 80/20 going about. water/land, gay/heterosexual, bell curve, millionaires/average, we only see about 18% of the galaxy.

I used to be a warrior, and after too many battles, and yes, I thought I was part of the 80% that was winning battles, LOL because just like the presently; I though I was getting my blood sugars down, LOL I am not! 

So, did I make a difference? Maybe. But the Big Machine, just keeps on turning. Just a hick up in the system, no biggie. 

So, here I am, still staring at my drugs on the office desk top.

NOW what sparked this raw material of writings?

A note I received from a friend of mine. She is so Wonderful, and Grand, that her note to me, and here I am still thinking about it; yes, it makes me LOL!!! 

And that was my response that got lost, 'stage right'. 

I was just opening up and letting the damm break open. I felt such a release of emotions, that; well my morning coffee is drank, and I felt so much more better; writing about it.

Interesting, because I have friends, that I telephone and we talk to each other. So, yes, we are human creatures that need to talk to each other. How we forget how much we need each other. AKA, a couple. Some one who is always on hand to talk to, about life.

I got this note from my friend, Debbie, which sparked the note that went 'stage right' and well, here it is!

Hello A Traveler. I just read your novel aka profile. 

I am very interested in getting to know you. 

I am 6 ft tall, I weigh 125 lb.s, and I have no kids or pets; and I also have been disowned by my family. 

I own a very expensive and huge RV that would eat your Tardis for breakfast. 

I am looking for a man with 2 Mercedes and an older corvette. 

I do not wear anything but low cut shirts so my men have something to look at when we are eating our Dutch meal. 

I am extremely combative and live to banter back and forth. 

I cannot deal with anyone named Donna. I have been hurt by many Donnas in the past. 

I love PDA and my dates usually end with me throwing my man on the salad bar and having my way with him. 

If you think we are compatible, please message and if not, block me. However. I know where you live!


Red Head in Waiting

I'm still LOL, still after reading it again. I have decided to make a copy of it and put it up in a frame, on the wall in the office. Just makes me LOL reading it. (And as I go over correcting grammar mistakes here, I still LOL, at what Debbie wrote to me. A really wonderful friend!!!)

Yes, Debbie, has a way with words! And that is what spurred me on, to writing about the ramble that got lost; aka 'stage right'.

Expect now, you will just have to settle for the watered down version of what got lost; when I get about to writing it again.

Presently, I have decided to take back my life: exercise, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and get my blood sugars back down again. (and YES, the drugs, are still on the desk top. Yes, I still haven’t taken them or the needle. (insulin).

And I am learning to continually hit command S regularly now with a sign on the computer that says, “USE  PAGES!” Least I forget….(and I still do!!!)


​OH! Before I forget, I am being scammed for $150.00 past due. NO explanation. So, I'm sending letters out to P.O. Master, (mail fraud using a P.O. Box), 3 collection agencies, letter to scammer, letter to F.T.C. (monitors bill collectors), Attorney General of AR and OH, (senior citizen scam) and the scammers, (who say advise us within 30 days).


Well, I did walk a 1/2 mile today, had a good breakfast, cauliflower rice and some crock pot stew meat. LOL yea, I get tired of eggs and bacon and toast. Left overs are for tonight’s dinner.


Did you realize, that the frozen food section has a plethora of cauliflower mixes, and they also have cauliflower tater tots and there is sweet potato tater tots as well! Try them over white potatoes.

I need to start using my bull worker. Just a few minutes a day. Maybe help me give birth to that baby elephant I am carrying about. LOL, because I just measured my gut. 40" around. Yea, got to do something. OMG! I just felt her kick...LOL.

I saw a prepaid cell phone phone card for $60 a year. All I need it for is when I misplace my phone. LOL yes, I do that once in a while and I have to call in St. Anthony. And yes, it is recovered within moments, thanks to St. Anthony.

Going to get my “titles” at DMV and check about when I can order my next batch of drugs. Plus lunch at Donna’s. Fried green tomatoes, French fries, and I think I’m bring chicken patties. NOT...change of plans.

I'm giving thought to a NetFlix review of movies. LOL have to do something being a couch potato.

OK that is the short news for now. More later.


Today is another wonderful day. My blood sugars are below 100. I went to bed, after taking my drugs, and just as I was get started, in saying my prayers, (new word replacement: invocations) I was reminded; that I didn’t take my nightly insulin shot. (FYI: I didn’t take my morning shot either.) So, I pranced, LOL, out of bed, and took my night shot.


I can’t tell you enough of how I hate needles. Recently, my fat about my stomach seems to have gotten smaller, and the needle now hurts. I can’t explain this, because I still weigh in at 165ish.

I got up this morning, (funny how I thought it was 0745, closed my eyes, mind started to kick in, and I got up and it was 0645. Did I go back in time?  Anyhow, my blood sugars were 96. (anyhow: another term for anyway.) Thank you St. Joseph and Archangel Raphael.

I just found out that  two of my saints, I invoke, LOL, strange word, invoke; are healers. St. Joseph and Archangel Raphael. So, I recently started asking them for assistance. Both are healers, and yes, thanks to them, (and yes, I too take credit for minding my sugars) but they are there helping.FYI: my invocations are also on my web site. I think under Dating.

Strange dreams I have had last night: Attorney’s are taking 10% of my retirement, I ate salad with my hands, and spilled ranch dressing all over my sports jacket. What a mess. And I was with 2 women. I wonder IF they were Mary and Fran? I thought mother and daughter, but hell, it is my dream, so I will choose who they were. I said that, you didn’t.

The morning deer, used to be mom and her two fawns, that ate the deer corn which I put out, by the back sliding glass door.


A few nights ago, I put deer corn out for the morning breakfast rush, and there were 6 deer in the back yard; eating the deer corn that was for mom and her fawns. News travels fast here, 'A Traveler is putting Free Lunch out. Come and get it!' LOL, because I don’t give out 'Free Lunches' to women on a date.

The leader of the pack, LOL, saw me, and he or she picked up his/her right front leg, and we stared at each other. Must have been…6 seconds, and then they all bolted. I also put a salt lick, out there the other day, too. 


​Since we had rain, I put a colander over the salt, just to see if the rain, would not wash it away. After all it cost me a whole $3. LOL, this morning, the colander was kicked off the salt lick. LOL I can just hear them. ' Who the hell put this black thing over the white salt?' 'Must have been the guy who don't feed us!' Yea, that right!!!" 

Sad part is, when cross bow season come up, there will be hunters, who have to deplete the heard, or else the Govt. will come in, and extinct the heard for over population because of some deer disease. 

I just feel really really good this morning, because my friend Donna is coming over to do laundry, (not not for laundry, I have to do mine also) but because I am going to ask her to help me move boxes into the garage, and hang smoke detectors in in the house. AKA I now should have a home w/o boxes everywhere. Well, almost every where, since I have been here 2 years, and I'm still unpacking. 

From about 300 banker boxes to about 50 banker boxes, and still some large boxes that need to also be unpacked. Plus, I must have about 50 banker box tops, w/o boxes; that have to go to recycling. I have a shelve int the hall way, that needs to be cleared off; so I can put kitchen items there. It beats going into the garage for kitchen items like: Blender, Crock pots, pans…Mary was the cook and yes, I did get rid of some of her cooking stuff, which I will not use; because I don't know how to use them. And NO, I am not going to learn. 


Well, we, me and Donna, did some box moving, rearranged the freezers. Yes, I have 3 refigerartors/freezers and one stand up Freezer. Two in the kitchen, and one each in the laundry room.


Any way, I got the cauliflower mixes, rice and cauliflower pasta, in one freezer with egg rolls, and I don't remember what else. The other frig. has French fries, and some chicken and fish.


Then I have meat in the stand up frig. and a whole door side, and I think 2 shelves of chocolate and ice-cream, and ice pops. Hell, you only live once, (at least on this planet, for me; another story.), and since it is out of sight, it is out of mind. I don't remember what I have in the beer frig. I do know I have a lot of bottled, flat beer; because I have not had beer in a long time; as well as hard liquor, (which is about 25 different types of liquor).


I must have told you this story, that I took a cooking class at the college, just so I can get my hands wet, doing the dishes. Yes, it was explained to me, that since I'm a Fire Sign, naturally, I am not compatible with water; or Water Signs.

Yea, the other morning, I woke up, to the slight smell of smoke. NO! there was no smoke in the house, just, I believe Fran, (my second Lover, who was a smoker, who died a couple of months ago) was telling me, “Hey silly, you have smoke detectors, put them up and put them to use now!”.


Yesterday, Donna and I hung 4 smoke detectors. Bedroom, office, exercise room and laundry room. One was already in the hall way. There is one in the garage, and I like to put one in the kitchen...just when were cooking bacon, the smoke is so dense, cooking it in the oven. 


You have to understand, Sam's Club sell it, like...20 pounds at a time. So, naturally, the oven is filled with a good 10 pounds of bacon all smoldering away in fat. LOL and smoke fills the house. Because the overhead stove fan, can't keep up.

For those of you who don’t know, my first Lover, Mary, she did things like that to me, also. Giving me a 'back of the head, dope slap'.  Yes, I believe that maybe, WHEN a person dies, they can choose to watch over you. Who know, I may actually have an Army of Angels.

I always say, there is a reason I’m still alive today. Don’t know the reason why I'm alive;  just that I have all my fingers and toes, and I'm capable of walking and thinking, on my own.

I write about that too in my journal. My…what was that new word?… invocations? (Sentence makes no sense. LOL guess that is just me.)


I should, LOL, because when God was giving out brains, I thought I hear her say, trains, So naturally, I said it take 2. LOL. (Old grammar school joke.) Now I have no trains, no brains, " Now If only had a brain!" LOL...go figure.

For those of you, who are like me, (LOL, just imaging another one of me, LOL!) who sometimes misplace their cell phone because of sheer silliness. Well, now there is a prepaid cell phone card, for your second phone; the one you disconnected when you bought your new phone.


For only $60, your old phone can be used for 1 year of prepaid service. It contains 250: Texts, or minutes or MB 4G LTE Data. For me it is a god send, because I need that!!! I misplace my cell phone a lot!


And for $5 a month, I can telephone my self, and listen for the ringer, IF I have not muted it. LOL

The service  is speedtalk, GSM mobile and the sales phone number is 855-999-7266. Check it out on the internet, and see IF your phone qualifies. And NO, most places that sell phone cards, don’t know about it, like Walmart. Best deal ever!

#   3   August   2018
​Well happy birthday to me. Many years ago, when I went into a drug program, (1969), not that I need it, LOL, I was living at home, I would send myself  a telegram, each year of being drug free. It lasted about 6 years. Life goes on. 


Here is a bit of news that is going on with my life today.  I hope you enjoy reading my rambles. 

Finally after 2 years of moving boxes, I finally got almost all of them in the garage.


LOL from 300ish to 50ish banker boxes. The trouble is those 50ish have to be shipped or put some where. Today, I must do some kitchen adjusting. I already have one counter free. Now for the rest of the counter. Feel so good to get back counter space.

I live in a gated community next door to a state park. The deer here, get fed by me; with deer corn and a salt lick. Mom is a regular with her two babies. Had up to 6 deer once, eating here.

My goal is to get a schedule again; to exercise, eat, and get my blood sugars back under control. Up n down, it goes. I don’t mind, cause I know I am doing something and not nothing. I have been there, with excessively high blood sugars and I have no desires to go back.

You may have hear about an illrrevocable living trust. Just got one completed. Cost was 2x my normal monthly spendings. And I hate to say, the Crow Victoria car is now getting repaired, my normal monthly spending again, 2x more for repairs, and  I did buy a travel trailer, and that was 1/2 my monthly spending in getting DMV license plate tags. So I figure I have spent about 6x my normal spendings. OMG Where do I get the money?

I guess I am fortunate, I have some money left in savings. LOL did you start to think, OH NO! Here it comes. A request for money….LOL, got ya! 

No not my style. Just present news. Next day is another story. My life is a twisting, winding road as those of me know me.

I have a begun to use, a crock pot for stew meat. I put in a package of stew meat, from walmart/krogers and I fill it up and over the meat with red, dry wine. A simple $6 bottle. Simple, and I cook it for about 18 hours or so. Yes, I know, should be 12 hours for slow and 8 hours for high. Hell, the liquid keeps it moist, and I have bought baby carrots to add to it. 

The meat is very tender, and now there is cauliflower rice in the frozen food sections. Also, there’re now sweet potato tots. And I have cauliflower tots as well. Plus, they make pasta out of veggies now too. Maybe I will finally get to eat healthy. LOL! All in the frozen food section.

Well, that is the news for today, type when you can to me. Or even more better, telephone me because I am looking forward to hearing your pretty voice, and seeing you attractive face on face time.


Well, here is what is going on; presently in my life. I attempt to never look backwards, always, present into the future….and beyond!!!

I have been going to the library, not only for DVD’s because I don’t TV here, but now 20 music CD’s at a time. Yea, I have a music collection of 8K+ of music songs and I like that because I have it on my I-Phones as well. 

I'm presently downloading the Who and WoW! have they gone down hill since they first hit the charts back in the 60’s!

Here is me: 'Violent Femmes'. I thought it said 'Violin Femmes', as in female violin players. LOL yea, I know, sad but true. One song out of them all was worth downloading.

So, once I get started walking on the treadmill again, I can put the I phone on shuffle, and start walking and listen to different tunes; all I like. Yea, right....

Last night was a bit of a scramble. I talked with a friend until midnight, which is three hours longer that I usually stay up. For some reason I could not go to sleep. Very strange. very! 

I was up for two more hours, before I could go to sleep, not a deep sleep, on and off all morning;  then I woke up at my usual time, anywhere between 0600 and 0700 in the morning. I can’t do that again. I like my sleep. LOL, sorry.


CD's have been around a good 20 years. Well, this morning I finally learned how to take a CD out of the case. Yea, silly me! Took me 30 years to learn that all I have to do is just push 'in' the center, and the CD gets released. NO need to attempt to yank it out! LOL sad but true.


FYI: all information about cooking and recipes will be transferred to cooking/recipes. 

If you really want to know what I have been doing:  How To Make Chili, Amazing Meatballs, Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Zucchini, Burrito Zucchini Boats, Carrot Coconut Soup, Championship Chili, Dynamite Chili, Easy, Crockpot Chili, Easy Pleas'n Chili, Family French Onion Soup, French Onion Soup, Garlicky Shrimp Zucchini Pasta, Low-Carb Big Macs, Low-Carb Breakfast Pizza, Low-Carb Breakfast Wraps, Mac N Cheese, My Chili, No-Bread Meatball Sub, Simple Turkey Chili, Slow Cooker Turkey Chili, Slow-Cooker Corn Chowder, Spicy Alabama Onion Beer Chili, Spicy Slow-Cooked Chili, Thai Pumpkin Soup, True Texan Chile, Zucchini Pizza Crust; so far, I have down loaded these recipies; and more. Well, not all...just reviewed them.

There is this web site, www.delish.com, that has some really cool recipies.

I figure that I have to eat, sad, Burt true; because I have not ate breakfast or lunch and now it is time for dinner. Hell, I can’t multi-task. So, I now have lots of recipies to choose from to make meals. I like that. I may become a cook. LOL never know. Yea, I know....LOL!

WoW! The other day, blood sugars toped over 300.


Yesterday I spent time researching Chile recipies and I really didn’t have breakfast, lunch and just a sandwich for dinner. Forgot to take my morning meds. I took them at night instead with a shot, (NO not that kind of shot, dee da dee, an insulin shot) and now my blood sugars are just over 100. Makes NO sense at all. (Although thank you St. Joesph and Archangel Raphael.)

Plus, I could not sleep last night. I spoke with Judy, a new friend, who told me that melatonin levels decrease in ones body, which causes sleeplessness.


She told me how she started out with 3 mg. and worked her way down. Interesting. So, I am going to get 1 mg. and cut it in half and take it at night and see how I do with it. Presently, getting 7 hours of sleep, with new B.P. pill, cut in 1/2, one sleeping aide pill, and no melatonin. Going to add a 1/2 melatonin pill to the mix. See what happens...


Judy also says, “Also on the Melatonin you usually have to take it for about two weeks before you notice any results, if your Melton is really low. Most people give up after a couple of days and say it doesn't work, thats because they didn't give it a chance.”


Presently, just taking .05 mg. because I have time to let it build up in my system. I used to take it to go to sleep when working on the RR, and I would sleep for 10 hours, be groggy for the next 3 hours. NOW, I just want to get back to normal, with no rush in mind.

A Traveler’s Chile(which is a combination of a 1/2 of dozen Chile recipes.) 

(Presently on cooking/recipes with more information.) FYI: NOT A GOOD CHILE!!!

Time on Low: 10 Hours. ( or in my case, more like 16 hours on low.)

2.5  Pound of ground beef
1  15 ounce can Chile beans
1  Large onion – thinly sliced or 1 cup +/- of minced onion flakes
2  Garlic cloves – finely chopped (I forgot to add, but bought some garlic powder)
2  Tablespoon ground chili pepper
2  Tablespoons paprika
1  Tablespoon dried parsley
1  Teaspoon red pepper flakes
1  Teaspoon garlic powder
3  Teaspoon instant beef bouillon granules, (or 3 cubes of beef bouillon cubes crushed, I used)
1/2  Teaspoon black pepper
1/2  Teaspoon cayenne pepper
4  Tablespoons chili powder
1/4  Teaspoon onion powder
1/4  Teaspoon salt
1/4  Teaspoon sugar (forgot to add; added later, which took away the tomato taste. Thanks Sue.)
1  teaspoon ground black pepper
1/4  Teaspoon garlic salt
1  pinch ground allspice
1  (6 ounce) can tomato paste
2  (15 ounce) cans tomato sauce
3  tablespoons hot pepper sauce (e.g. Tabasco™) (add to taste)
1  (12 fluid ounce) can beer (I used a dark beer)
1  Tablespoon lime juice

Any way, the Chile is NOT hot, more on the mild side. I frozen the Chile in baggies, and today I am going to take one out for tomorrow's lunch meal. Will see IF it is as good as I said it was.


Actually; just right in taste and after the first mouth full, you just want to wash it down, with an cold beer. At least I did, after I tasted it, (after it was simmering for about 3 hours, in a large crock pot; slow setting.)

It is not watery, and has a nice consistency, for now. It is all about what you like.


IF you like it HOTTER, add more peppers, or tabasco, or what ever hot stuff you like. I am going to add different hot stuff to the Chile and find what is just right; not too hot. I bought two different types  of hot sauce. will do a dash of either and see what happens.

When you brown the ground beef, I used a potato masher, a plastic one, to break up the beef. I drained about 6 ounces of fat off it when it was done cooking. (FYI: it was not my idea to use a potato masher. I just read about using it today.) This is why Cooking/Recipe's is going to be added to the master list.

I am actually looking forward to stocking up the freezer with this Chile. (And I did with baggies, because I have the bowls w/lids in a box in the garage.) It is quite good. Besides what rule says you can only have Chile, in the winter?


I just made up A's Chile recipe, from many Chile recipes, and it has a very slight tomato taste. Very mild noticeable taste. NOT hot, and no heart burn so far either. I think leaving the tomato paste out or just one can of tomato whatever, or using a jar of spaghetti sauces will fix the tomato taste problem. (Fixed.) NO, thanks to Sue, a 1/2 tablespoon, cured the tomato taste.


I now understand how Mary felt about cooking. After a while, you just don't mind the cooking, but you do mind eating what you cooked. LOL how sad, but true.


Speaking of heart burn. I used to drink a 6 oz. of strong coffee. NOT any more. Now I am down to an 8 oz., an ice cube, and some colotical-silver? Plus, no more heart burn. Ah! I'm getting old. LOL!!!


Today, I hope to make Onion Soup. Will keep you posted on it works. I did make onion soup, and now it is on the cooking/recipes page.


​The deer that I feed are acting out. When they don't get fed, LOL, they knock over the salt block. Yes, deer are temperamental too. And I hear one snorting like a horse. Must be talking to the other deer. A is out and about, beware!


# 4   JUL Y 11, 2019

APRIL, 12, 2019

Yes, I realize it has been months since my last post. Sorry. 

I can go down many roads, all of which will sound normal, yet the reality is, I have found the woman of my dreams. Sue Ann is petite, slim and attractive and wear glasses. LOL yes, I have a thing for glasses on a woman. (The number one reason for my not writing is because I have spent a considerable amount of time getting us, Sue Ann and me, up to speed; getting to know each other. Now that we are in cruise control mode, I can go back to writing…cause I hate being alone.)

Moving on…

I have decided to vacation in Texas. I still own my own home, as does Sue Ann, and we have decided to visit my home together. Which beats me having to go off alone and drive back alone which I was doing for a considerable amount of times? She has a place of her own, in the hill country of Texas, with a very wonderful view and a lake near buy. Now I have to get my out of state, fishing license.

So, as our relationship started out, Sue Ann thought of me as Dexter, and me of her as the Gypsy Queen. LOL because both our thoughts are untrue; fortunately. I think I touched on that earlier before I stopped writing. 

Again, we gave each of 100% of our time and now that we are comfortable with each other, we need time to spend alone, or at least in the morning hours, for me, typing my stories for you to read.

Moving on…

We, Sue Ann and I, are now entering our eight month together. Yes, we have, or should I say, I…have my flare-ups, and like a summer thunderstorm, it passes, clears the air and we move on…just in case you are wondering, IF I am living in a fantasy reality.

I have decided, that someday I will be dead, and the information I have learned to date, will die with me; as so many others before me; who chose to take their knowledge to the grave with them. So; here goes, another chapter in my life…

Thoughts on marriage…

Let's go back to our childhood years…what do we see about us. Family, children and that is about it. No one really tells us of work, bills, expenses, physical needs, love, or much of any thing else. (Which raises the question I have for my dead parents…why the fuck did you have me when you both chose to do nothing with me?)

By the time we get into high school, we start thinking of sex; after all, what else do we know of…only family and children. 

Guess what? 

A percentage of us, gets married shortly after high school graduation and are doomed to spend the next 50 years with that same person. Some of us go off into the military and establish new beliefs about life, while others go off to collage in search of a lover. A small percent go off into the world, unattached to a partner. My first marriage was at the age of 33; and was it a mistake. 

and what happens…

50% of us will get a divorce. How sad. Now we have child support, house payments, bills, a job we detest, and wonder just how the hell did it all became so bad; and why? 

Stop wondering; you're decisions got you where you are now! And IF you can’t leave the past behind, you will never live in the present; and forget about the future!

As for me, I hated my childhood, my family, and most of my past life. Gee, what else is new? 

Well, to be honest, I am here today because of my past (decisions) and becaappy with my new found Lover; Sue Ann. And I only project only good things, into the future aka Karma/the Universe.

Actually, I have had two previous lovers one which I later married, and one wife, all who are now dead of natural causes. So, yes, if you had told me, “A Traveler, in the end, you will find a lover of your dreams and this life you are embedded In, well, in the end, you will just “love” where you are" and I would have told you to go intercourse yourself! Because I see no good at the end of the road I’m traveling on. Simply put, this road sucks! (After thought, LOL!)

Side bar: LOVE is such a word generically used today. We just made love last night. Not sex, LOVE. So when you say, I love my children, do you actually mean, you want to have or do have sex with your children? You love you car…does that mean you have sex with your car? 

How can you love an object that can’t love you back? Are you that mentally unstable that you crave love from things that can’t love you back or do you just want to have sex with your children?
Just saying, we have a dictionary and a thesaurus to help us learn the proper meaning of words. Why not use them; after all, sex is just that: sex.

Yet, here I am; in love, with my third lover. Yeand that is another story for later. (Another after thought, sex does apparently die, if you are a guy; Impotence.)

There was a study that was done and basically, it stated, that woman want a man for their money. Men want a woman for her looks and beauty. Yet, if we look beyond those needs, we will eventually find a person who loves us for us. And yes, I have turned down some woman on looks; as they have done me on having no money; LOL. 

Yes, not everyone will be as lucky as me and Sue Ann, although some of you will. All you have to do is accept the person for who they are, and once you have found them, stop looking. sounds simple…

Well, it is not that simple. I had to make a decision, and so did Sue Ann. There is always going to be someone more better than what you have. The problem is simple. Is it hight? Or how about weight, hair color, breast size, personality; or what ever it is that floats your boat. Don’t matter! There will alway be someone more better! And yes, I am not looking any more. I am content!

IF you accept that person unconditionally and yes, you are allowed to have a roman eyes, have fantasy thinking, just never put yourself in harms way by getting too close to another human being and you will never regret having your lover with you when you do things together. Always hold hands, sit next to each other when eating and never walk apart from each other. (funny story…Me and Mary, would go shopping in Walmart, which was a local function in Auburn, IN were we lived and did Walmart. We, would or I would park in the Auto Center and a short walk into Walmart; go shopping, check out and out the Auto Center. And yes, I would always bring the cart back into the store. One day, we went to Walmart, and right after I parked our car, I got out and started walking into the store. I got maybe, 10’ from the car, and Mary got out and said, “Where are you going?” LOL, yes, we always walked into Walmart together. This time, I had a need on my brain, and well, Mary was right. Where was I going w/o her? Apparently this happens a lot with Sue Ann. She like to stroll ahead of me sometimes. I have learned, “It is not who you dance with, what matters is who you go home with!” So, yes, perfection is not something we will ever find, just someone who loves us for our mistakes also. So why not love them for their mistakes. 

OH, one more. Mary and I had an agreement. We keep the lid on the toilet down after use. NO matter how often I put the lid down, after use, Sue Ann always keep the lid up, after use. So, as you read, I accept her desire to do nothing, on keeping the lid down. And yes, I can go on and on, on her faults. Why? I have learned to accept her faults, 100% because IF I stray from that ideal, I will, in due time, learn to not like her. DIVORCE! is in the cards, because I chose to go down that road. 

Take my advice, IF you have a Sue Ann like mine, NEVER think bad thoughts about her because you too have faults. Something I have finally learned after 67 years on this planet.
And always say nice things to her/him. ALWAYS!!!!

I once had a 64 Chevy pickup truck. 4 speed with a granny low. sucked. I actually hated that truck. too bad for me. I finally gave it away. sad but true. So, IF you really detest something or someone, you will finally be rid of that object. So, why go after something you don’t like? OH…you thought…you could…you might…you can…you will…and what? you just have a good rationalization, that is all. Convinced your self now did you? LOL yea, right.

For are we not a product of our thought? 

Put it out into the Universe, and eventually it will come true. I know from my silly, experienced thoughts; that thoughts have manifested themselves into a problem…IF you are not 100% exact on what you want, well guess what, you're screwed;  I know because I have been there. Watch what you wish for.

Do lots of things together. For me, I have a Jon boat, and I traded my speed boat in for travel trailer, we got a pick up truck for the travel trailer, and Sue Ann is now driving one of my cars. Soon, I will see how she does driving the Corvette 6 speed manual. Simply put, I have to trust her and we do things together. (more on the travel trailer, cause it coming here to Texas). And yes, we will be camping out in her, in Sue Ann’s yard. We have to get the bugs out first; before we travel, because it is a small, travel trailer. Just right for two; me and Sue Ann.

Now when I first arrived here, on vacation; I will be the first to admit, I enjoyed my vacation time here. I was 100% lazy. After all, why not, it is my retirement, vacation time! I paid my dues working to the age of 65. Never retire earlier, because you will lose 25% at age 62.5. I lost 8% at age 65. Do the math.

Well, after a couple of months, I started to feel very tired, like…it was hard to get up off the couch or get out of bed in the mornings. Yes, there was I time I used to jog, and now I just walk to the bathroom, when I wake up.

I was, in my mind, going straight; like a rock in water…down, down, down into my death. I knew it, and yet, I could not figure out how to stop this downward motion of knowing I was gong to die in the near future due to lack of exercise. And yes, I despise that word, exercise! I did my time on this planet, and now I should enjoy my relaxation retirement vacation time.

Side note: Exercise is a word that is not accepted by me or a good 80% of the population. Why? Because it involves spending energy doing something that has no joy, in doing it. Personally, it should be changed to getting the blood flowing. And last night I did 12 minutes of getting my blood flowing without breaking a sweat. 

I also got a high blood sugar, 200, this morning, from too may carb.s and not enough blood flowing. I’m still relearning how to eat and get my blood flowing; although, on the average, 100 - 200, is my blood sugars morning draw.

I know of a woman, who’s husband had a stroke and his legs don’t work. Sad, I know. Yet when I mentioned this strider, to her friend, she told me, he goes to physical exercise once a day. 

Now, think about it, what is 1 hour a day, when you can use the strider, (with arms that she could work back and forth, as his feet are strapped in the foot holds) 5 minutes an hour for 10 hours a day, starting out, and working up to 10 minutes every 30 minutes for 10 hours a day; equals 3+ hours a day; of blood flow! VS one hour a day, for what 8 weeks and then the insurance company says; you are on you own now!

Now; she has to watch as her spouse slowly rot away and why? Women mentality! IF you read up on stroke victims, it says they need blood flowing to the brain to get back to normal. Some times it takes years and other times, they don’t recover.

But hell, I am not married to either one of them so I don’t care. As for her friend, she has to live with the fact that someday, her husband my get a stroke and then what is she going to do? Not my problem; after all he takes care of everything. Literally; I bet her friends was the same way. Now what is she going to do having someone take care of?

I told Sue Ann, that if that happens to me, buy the strider with the arms, and put Velcro around my feet to the unit and she should get the arms to move back and forth and get my legs going up and down; to get my blood flowing.

I guess that is why, when you are sent to a nursing home, you have a life span of 1.5 years as a resident; before you die. They do nothing to do you; plus you are mentally A. F. U. in the brain. How can I be here? Where is my family? , etc. 

You're just a throw away spouse, is where he will finally end up. And IF you don’t have an ill-revocable living will, you lose possessions, and all you own will go to the nursing home. Spouse keep the basics and then it goes to the nursing home when they die. 

So, I had do something for me…and I did; because I was going fast like a rock in water, getting lazier each day, having restricted my blood flow, and growing more and more tired. A perfect recipe for death; IF I wanted it!

I purchased a strider. (again, more later). It is a stationary pedal unit, and I have NO tension on it, (because my sciatica gets irritated and so did my left knee) with tension. I just pedaled and pedaled away, while being a couch potato for, say a good 6 to 8 hours in front of the TV watching a movie. Now, you may be think, OK so what?

Well, let me tell you, my toes were turning blue, from lack of blood flow. My feet were cold as ice cubes, as well as being a diabetic, I knew that in a year, I would be losing my toes. OMG NO!!!!!! yes! And then my foot, legs in just a matter of time I will be dead; from lack of blood flow.

And how many of you have cold feet? What are you doing about it? Oh, double socks. Cool.

Well, after about 45 days, my feet did a 180 degree turnabout. They got warm, my blister healed up, and I don’t need socks to go to bed at night. 

My blood sugars have dropped to below 150 which was my original average when I got diagnosed as a diabetic, back in January 2000; for now it fluctuates around 100 and I have to say, only twice to date, did I have my blood sugars go high. 300 and 200 last few days; is a far cry from the 400 I was running 2 - 3 years ago after my first lover’s death.

Side bar: I also have to add, that I have my iPhone set to go off at 2000 hours every nite, to remind me that no eating/snacking any more. Yes, it works, and most of the time it is in the other room, forcing me to get up and turn it off. 

With the strider, I lost 2 inches off my belly button gut, waist size is now a 32” and sometimes a 31”; blood sugars are mostly normal, average 100+ and other old age problems are under control. So, yes, not just blood flow, but NO eating after 2000 hours has also been a plus for me.

When I suggest the strider to others, they look at me like and think, “What the fuck; do I care!” OK, cool, when you get to where I been, and you just know you going to hell in a hand basket, T. F. B. because you had the opportunity and you chose to die instead of getting your blood flowing and living happy.


Me? I have a Lover and toys and some money coming in, and I’m getting in more-better, good health, so, you can go down your road of self destruction and I will go down my road of heath, life and love; feeling good about myself.

The best part is, we still borrow DVD’s from the library, have Netflix, and we just watch 3-4 movies a day and whenever I want to do 5 - 60 minutes of just pedaling my way to health, I do. I have gone up to 2+ hours in one night and on other nights, zero minutes pedaling. Bottom line: $100 was the best investment I have made in my health. (more on what is it and where to find it; for right now, I am in the middle of a ramble).

Sue Ann and I, have decided that we both need some time to jump start our writings, so here I am. Yes, I know it gong to be hard to get writing motivated again, and I hope to give gems of information out, so that maybe, hopefully, you may not have to make the same mistakes, I have made.

And yes, there is so much more going on in my life, yet some stories are not going to be told; whiles others are made to make you laugh and maybe learn something.

Thanks for bearing with me as I hope to tell you more stories of my life…with a new adventure every day. After all, I am on permeate retirement vacation time.

IF you're an old reader, welcome back. 

IF you're a new reader, please tell your friends about this. 

And yes, my goal is once a day, having a routine of writing down stories of my life; and maybe Sue Ann’s also. LOL; NOT because she is more of a private person and she lots of stories to tell, when and IF you meet her; but because she is not wanting me to put her out there.

happy trails,

a traveler, out (for now)

Post Script: I had some idea of was I was going to write, the next day, except. LOL, life happened. Like a water leak that I was trying to fix. What a mess i made. So, what else is new…JOKES is new; and I hope to get them out to you. silly ones of course. LOL

April 17, 2019

Well, we are into our eight month of our relationship, and a very long story made short, I have noticed that…well, simply put, we are arguing more than ever now, and I wish I could explain it. So, I will attempt to make sense of it all, here; for you to read.

For some reason, Sue Ann has a way of rubbing me the wrong way and when that happens, as a Leo, sparks fly. LOL I got that from an astrology book and it’s true.

So, after much thought on the subject, I concluded that it’s something Sue Ann is doing; of course, and not me. LOL and that Sue Ann should be the one to change, NOT me! After all, she is the catalyst; and not me.

Then after much more serious thought, I concluded that it takes two people to argue! What a revelation; it takes two people to argue! So, now here I am in it, 50% deep. OMG! NO!!! Not me! LOL yes, me!!!

So now the blame is on me also. I can’t start an argument with just one person, so, for all you out there who think you're so right, just remember, it takes two to argue! 

Side bar: please remember, this is the person that you live and sleep with. NOT someone who is being paid by a business, to do a job. That is a different subject, all together. 

Simple fact: IF a business violates you, you have every right to file a written complaint against that individual(s) and always keep it in a factual content, without emotions. Reality is, they can’t tell you what has done to that person, so don’t ask. Just know you did something and it is in their personal jacket. How cool is that?

The next revelation came to me when I realized that we are apart in our thinking is what is causing, the provable, light switch in me, to get turned on, and cause me to go…politely put, go off the wall because my brain is not engaged when mouth is operational.

So, at first I thought, I actually believed it was Sue Ann that must change; after all she is the catalyst that is causing me to go off the wall; so, why should I change?

Sure it’s Sue Ann that is igniting me to go off the wall, and yet, why am I going off the wall? Well,I concluded, that it is me who is the problem; as well as her, and that it is I, who needs to  first to change, not her! Yes, you read correctly, IF you want change, you have to change. (I read that, in a book.)

I mean, think about it. Gasoline and fire are two volatile combinations and why change the structure of either one? Together they make your car go fast.

IF I can change my thinking and be the bigger one to say, yes we have a problem and yes, I am 50% of the problem, and I, most definitely, need to change!!! WOW! Think about that. How many of us say we are the problem and need to change? Not many! Because we are so insecure in our thinking, why give in and show weakness? Because our parents and teachers were bullies.

After all, just because Sue Ann is the catalyst, doesn’t mean I have to explode. It just means I have to come 50% of the way to a solution, and Sue Ann has to come 50% of the way to the solution. Together, we can meet in the middle, and no more explosive, off the wall behavior!

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Sure it does. Yet, to be honest, I still have not found my trigger that is causing my explosion. 

Yes, I have taken the blame, yes, I have suggested we find a solution for me to fix this problem of mine, and most definitely yes, we have NOT found my trigger. Go figure.

Although, giving it some thought now, it is simple. Stop, think and don’t react. LOL yea right.

Reality is simple. Don’t react. Simple. Yes. I have at this point in time, (months later) realized, that this is who Sue Ann is. Why should I ask her to change, IF I don’t want to change? 

Again, I have learned to accept her, as Sue Ann has learned to accept me. Many a relationship has dissolved because someone refused to accept the other person. 

I used to be able to be in touch with my emotions, (another story going back to the summer of 69 and me in an alleged drug program, learning how to get in contact, with my emotions, I never knew I had).

So, I will tell you this; next time you have an argument, just remember, you are 50% of the problem, and you should be the first to admit there is a problem. You should also be the first to want to fix your problem; at your end; because, IF you do so, you will be on the road to less arguments, more mutual agreements on putting water on the fire and not gasoline on the fire.

Remember, you fight fire with water, not fire. (I learned that one from a movie and being a former fire fighter.)

I can only hope I have made some sense to you, and that you live with less arguments and more laughter in your relationship; like we used to. Again, we used to laugh more than we argued which made for a great relationship; and now, it’s the opposite. How sad, but true. 

Sue Ann and I were just talking about what I was typing here, and I concluded, that NO you should not be a door mat when a business does you wrong! You should always stand up for your self. 

Yet, when your lover and you fight, please stop, and remember, it takes two to fight! So, how can you stop that behavior from happening again? What is causing it? What needs to be addressed and repaired?

Remember, this behavior can also spill over to road rage, loss of a job, being banned from a business, and eventually jail time; all because you allowed this off the wall behavior to run like an unstoppable cancer; throughout your life.

So, don’t allow your self the pleasure of being a jerk, because in the end, you are not a primitive animal, you're a mature, rational human being, who is capable of great destruction or great accomplishments in a wonderful relationship you are in now.

Presently; I am so aware of myself, its like a blind person seeing for the first time. It’s very scary for me and I am in uncharted waters. i now have to make sure, that i don’t go off the wall, ever again! And in doing so, eventually, Sue Ann will not rub me the wrong way. after all, I am the first to not allow a spark send me off the wall, and thus paving the way for a more better, more relaxed me. (and that takes the future sting out of road rage, and makes way for more laughter, in our lives. And yes, I have 100%, well, 98% acceptance of her behavior. So far, so good; more laughs less fights.

Final ramble: After watching Forensic Files and Murderous Affairs on Netflix, I can honestly say, it is not worth going to jail, when you can just leave it all behind; and move on with your life. aka most adults on Forensic Files and Murderous Affairs had some sort of a sexual affair, and then decided to kill their spouse; instead of leaving them and moving on.

As for me, I don’t put my self in harms way; aka Sue Ann and I do things together, like hold hands, eat next to and not across from each other, stop and touch, hug as we pass each other, snuggle in bed when we go to sleep, and those are just the tip of the iceberg in keeping a relationship together. Everyone is different, so the chances of finding someone like you, is slim to none.

April 17, 2019

As a child I used to wonder why, air escaped from a balloon that was tied securely at the end of a knot.

Then AIDS came along, and it was stated how the virus was so minute, that it could pass thru a rubber. 

it got me thinking…

We all seen cyclone fences. We all know that a tennis ball can’t pass thru the holes in the fence; yet a golf ball can easily slip through.

Dee Da Dee…just about everything in this world has some sort of holes in it. Our skin allows a needle to pass thru like when I give my self a shot in my belly fat, or how air slowly goes through the balloons walls, or how even the bread wrapper allows air to get in and dry out the bread.

So, next time you have a question ask. Like why is the sky blue? Now I am not going to tell you how stupid my thinking is, that because 75% of the earth is made up water…LOL, but the sky is blue, due to a prism effect as the sun light passes into our atmosphere. 

Or how about free as a bird, yet how free are birds that they can’t go past a certain hight…or guns don’t kill, people do…we live in our world, clouded by our own judgement and beliefs.

And yes, positive thinking helps, for think it, believe it, become it, aka act as IF…something I have forgot from my alleged, drug program days.

So, help a friend and pass on some information. Make the world just one more better place to live.

April 18, 2019

So it happens to me, just about every evening when I am being a couch potato watching a DVD and I get this grand idea to type about a story, the next morning; and when I wake up, poof, the idea is gone. LOL 

I have no recollection of what I was thinking at the time. I keep on saying, you need to leave your self a voice mail note and then I forget to do it. Go figure, cause I can’t. LOL

Lately I have been receiving a voice mail that states my Social Security No. has been compromised and that I should call them. LOL how do you compromise a Social Security No.? And no, I don’t care. Nor do I care, IF I get an IRS phone call either. LOL yet, 01% of us will respond and with that, OMG are you screwed by verifying your Social Security No. 

Side bar: when I first got on the internet, and got e mail, I thought you HAD to respond to every e mail sent you!!! Yea, go figure; gullible me. Now, I hardly go to my e-mail. 

Most of us have a smart phone. And yes, my phone is much smarter than me. I still go back to telephone party lines and 3’ kitchen phone cords, with a rotary dial. And you were up town IF you had a 5’ phone cord.

Although I do have the smarts to make a phone connection titled GOVERNMENT on my smart phone. Yes, that is right, GOVERNMENT, and in that listing, I have it structured, than any phone number listed, is BLOCKED. LOL, yes I BLOCK those annoying phone calls.

So, IF you want to waste your time, telephoning me with some useless information, well, you only get one shot. After that, you are blocked and I will never hear from you again. LOL Bye-Bye!!!!

April 18, 2019

Many of us are coffee drinkers. Some of us like it black. I do. 

Now to take the bitterness out of the coffee, I prefer to use Da Vinci gourmet flavor additive. Purchased at Sam’s club, 25 oz.s is under $5 a bottle.

Being a diabetic, I use the sugar free version. There is also the sugar version as well as numerous flavor additives. I prefer the vanilla flavor over the rest of the flavors. And yes, I have the complete selection at home, just never use them.

So, IF you want to cut your sugar intake out, and make your coffee a tad less bitter, just a spoonful of additive will make your coffee worth drinking.

April 18, 2019

My lovers car is old; like 20 years old, plus. 

I did some research at this new auto shop, in town. $50 for wheel balance. Walmart raised their $12.50 price to I believe to $15.00 and I think $10.00 for tire rotation; for life. Considering there are numerous Walmarts across the country, and IF you travel, it is worth the investment. On the road, take a break and have your tires rebalanced and rotated for free.

As for this new shop, they offered a BG Transmission service. For only $50.00 they will drain your transmission pan, pour 4 quarts of the BG fluid which will remove the varnish, gunk, etc., and then you come back in and they will drain the 4 quarts again for a price, and put in your regular transmission fluid back in. Sounds good.Right?

Well, do the math. Say, a 12 quart system; minus 4 quarts is 66% transmission fluid and 33% additive. Now if you mix it all together, and drain it you will still have, about 25% of the additive in you system. 

As the additive continues to breaks down the gunk, you will have specks of the gunk, varnish, etc., flowing in your system, and eventually it will be clogging some weep hole in the transmission gears, causing premature transmission failure.

So, do you trust this mechanic? I most certainly would NOT; ever trust this mechanic!!!!!!

April 19, 2019

I finally got it and used the voice recorder. The first time was OK and the second time I got caught up in something where by the time I did was I was to do, I forgot what I wanted to say. Go figure. LOL silly me.

So, here is one story. LOL again. I have it on tape and still have not played it. Again, life got in the way. And to be honest, I really don’t care.

April 29, 2019

We just drove both cars, corvette and crown Victoria to Texas.

Going to get dressed and get a few washers for the plumbing problem and hopefully, it will not leak.

Breaking out in hives again. Can be stress related.

Well, I had my morning coffee and away I go, until next time.

June 26, 2019

WoW did time really fly. OMG, so much is going on.

Trouble is LOL, I am old. LOL

Oh, I don’t know who you are or where you are reading this. It really don’t matter, cause in reality what do I have to gain? 

And IF you don’t know what I am talking about, it is FAME! REMEMBER THE NAME. LOL cause we, me and Sue Ann, well more me, lol, that they change something, a-building, plane, ship, bridge, and Chicago Yard, Train Yard to the dead person’s name; instead they should give him recognition that person is alive and. With Rules…

NO one on this planet, That I know of is A god or an alien. So that makes us all equal. I treat you how you treat me; and I have to tell you; I am so in-love with Sue Ann as she is with me. Never have I had someone that grand, to really  be around. Just so cool!!!!!

OK its is getting late, for an old man like me. OMG my mind went into a time warp. Weeeeeeee

I have one more for you.

In short how computers are the A.I. Bosses over us. (still working on that one.)

OK, lol night.

June 28, 2019

I was unwrapping a 3 Musketeers candy bars, which is start where the seam is on both ends, and give it a bit of a tug. Then as it is slowly opening up, I could grab both ends of the seam. And IF you listen very closely, you can hear 3 Musketeers candy bar going, “OH! Do it again…OMG!!! MORE!!!…YES!” As you take the candy bar out of the wrapper as I do, or use the wrapper from getting mess and being civil. LOL

What do I care? Have fun, because as you're sliding into home-plate, head first, it going to be something or nothing. And as it was said before, Heaven don’t want me, and Hell is afraid I will take over! How sad, but true.

When I was in the kitchen, I was thinking out loud, and I have few good ideas. Yet, since I am here in the office, I didn’t bring my ideas with me. OOOOOOOOOPPPPS! Sorry.

I’m hoping www.magnow.org will take off. I have ideas for phase 2. OK it is implemented. NOW reality is crooks have the ways to get around the rules.. Cool. Accepted and affirmative.

So, we have to learn how to think like a crook. Simple, we all have it. WE just keep it under control!

A crook knocks on your home door. He introduces self and you ask to see I.D. like your Drivers License.  OK…You copy the I.D.number, close the door and make a phone call to verify the I.D. number. Auto answer will say in good stand or not in good standing. IF not phone call will be immediately transferred to a dispatcher. You’ll give your address, and say bye.

Police will be dispatched when available. Take information, because you are not authorized to with hold that person! Eventually that crook will be caught, with our help.

That is one thought. 

Another is having this be implemented, on other types of jobs. CDL has gotten harder to get. Yet once you have it, Honer System. People change. Let's keep the majority safe, and the minority, will realize IF you're not a Citizen of This Great Nation, GO HOME because there is no work here: IF you're here illegally!

I found out my Wheeeee, rocket ship taking off, etc.,…Well it had to do with pills that were for muscle relaxers. NO thank you! My driving skills were off and when I like to take a 30 MPH S curve in my Corvette, I better have all my senses. LOL cause I used to go to Malvern, 3-4 five times a week. Cool Curves and me with no brakes. An old Andy Capp cartoon statement. LOL thinking back, yea, that is me now. LOL 

I have two salt licks in the back yard. I think, I talked about it. Well, for certain the white one is the one most used. The brown one is used less than the white one.

And I think they (deer) pushed it off its rock, to a hole where the three stump is. I guess they want a new block. Tomorrow. LOL; lazy me. I can blame it on the pills. NOW I have to learn which one it is and keep removing them from my 30 day pill container. NO problems, everything is good, please…and they have been removed.

I have decided that I like music more than sitting on the couch watching a DVD. Although I do get exercise their, strider, I said I get you more information. OK…tomorrow. LOL

I still have 2 nasty grams to send out. OH, 3 but I forgot to who. OH yes, the Congressman. What an opportunity to shut down the wall once and for all. Let's make America Great One State at a Time; I said that. And so did Robert Zimmerman. NOW first who is Robert and what song did he say it in? LOL NO I am not going to reveal.

OH, a hint. Early albums. My I phone has…I forgot…2 of his album. Well actually 25 oh his albums on my I Phone. NO, not all his songs, I only keep the songs I  like. And he has allegedly more albums. And I don’t think I have heard his voice with new music in a long timer. I did see him in person, about 20 feet in front of me, in NYC.

Where was I, hint, I say he was in the Beatnik era in NYC if you listen to his early music? I say he was the first to use rap. Sub - ter - rain - knee - ummm Blues. NOW you got it. LOL

OK until next time. Same bat channel, same bat time!

I don’t know if you guys or gals do it, but I did, I was taking a we-we LOL a piss, and I was thinking. 

I used to audition for parts in the movies and plays, and always the guy in front of me would get the part.

I started to get a reputation.

Guys would try to muscle in-front of me because of my reputation ‘of the guy in front of me gets the part’.

Then  I started wearing masks, and that make it worse. 

So, I finally left acting and started selling a bridge. Very lucrative for a while and, well, I had to leave Brooklyn. aka NOW NYC!!!

JULY 10, 2019

Yes, times goes by before we realize it, and then we are old. What used to take a day or two to recover, now it is up to 5 days of recovery from the road

Yes, I am old. Going on 68 in less than a month. WoW Weee! 

So, I am sorry for the delay. Yes, I did plan on sooner release, and then…time goes by. So many women, so little nerve. LOL

Still with Sue Ann, who is the best woman I have ever know. Too bad it took such a long time to meet her. 

Did I ever mention that some where, some place, we met, and together we wrote a script, together…yes, but when you look back at my life, and yes, there were many good times…I just forgot them and relished the bad times in my mind…yes, i know, it is in the script…yes, that we, Sue Ann and I wrote, somewhere someplace together. and I like it, every much.

After a life time of silly shit, I have a woman, a human being, who accepts me for 100% me. Now that is something. Me, being the asshole that I am, I have a person, who accepts me being an asshole. Mind you, not 100% of the time, I’m just a part time asshole. LOL 

I recall I said, I am a mirror, and boy do I mirror her love 2X back to her. And in return, she returns it back to me 2X. thus, we an infinite amount of love to each other.

And, yes, i keep on wanting to publish, and yes, I will, today. yes, we have some errands to run, some place to be, and yes, today is the 5th day of recovery, after the road trip, which, to me was a breeze. 550 miles in just 9 hours, with gas and food breaks. yet, here I am, finally restored to normal. Their must be a more better way, which I am trashing in my mind. Just can’t seem to find it right now. But still on the back burner.

And I also wanted to discuss in a brief moment, the lack of sexual desire.  Yes, apparently IF you like me believe in the bell curve, than, as we get older, only 20% will be hard, while the 80% of us are limp.

Yes, I took those pills, and to be honest, it caused me to be an asshole. My behavior was not proper. It was quick to get angry. So, when you find yourself in dire need of a boost, to get excited, just remember, that for every action there is a reaction, and the reaction is not always good. Also you have no control of the reaction. You just spin out of control. 

Which leaves the question is it necessary? Why yes of course. I have been giving my self endorphin rushes for over 50 years. Why should I quit now?

Well, because, the plus doesn’t outweigh the negatives. Simple. Yea, right. So, when you find your self going down this road, monitor your actions. see if it is so simple. for me it is not, and although I like my endorphin rushes, I have to explain to my mind, sorry…no more for you. 






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Respectfully Submitted,
(Yea, go figure. I can't figure it out!)
A Traveler, out for now.

October 10, 2019

NOW I normally don’t talk about such an incident because why let someone assume your an #&*#$ by opening your mouth. When IF you keep it closed, they don’t know for certainty.

Yet, this is something that, simply put, would implode a simple mind like mine.

OH, what is it? 

Well, here is the story from the beginning.

While on vacation in Texas, Sue Ann, borrow the Crow Victoria, to visit a friend. No problem. After all, we are a couple and Sue Ann has been driving as long as me.

Recently, I had purchased three Fuller Brush hair brushes; that for me, were just the best you can have to brush your hair. I had one in the cup holder, on the passenger side of the Crown Victoria.

I’m growing my hair long, and when I get into the car, I like to brush it back, so it is not in my face.

A few days later, I took the Crown Victoria into town. I immediately noticed, my hair brush was missing.

I confronted Sue Ann about the missing hair brush, and Sue Ann denied touching it, let alone throwing it out of the car.

O.K. No valid proof, yet, in the back of my mind, Sue Ann has an outburst problem and thinking back as a child, when you are mad at someone, what do you do?

Destroy something of theirs. (In the Month of May, someone turned on my exterior water for 5 Days straight, when I was gone on vacation. I got a bill for over $300.00 of water use. So, it could happen to you; as it did to me. That is another story.)

Moving along, lets fast forward to recently.

I had purchased $22.00 worth of Triple A batteries from Sam’s Club.

We have a few items that need Triple A batteries, and last seen, the batteries, unopened were on the kitchen counter in Texas.

I did tidy up the counter recently by moving some of my things about, yet in my mind, and in Sue Ann’s mind, the batteries were still on the counter top. 

Well, I finally decide I need to put the batteries where they go into the products that need triple A batteries.

Guess what? They were NOT on the counter top. Where where they?

We both looked and looked in the house, and we could NOT find them. 

Well, now I’m mad. First the hair brush, ($25.00) and now the batteries ($22.00) are missing. AND I know I didn’t move them!

O.K. I’m mad, yet, what IF… .

I have no proof, yet Sue Ann, cat naps during the day and/or early evening, so, after 4, 5 hours of sleep, Sue Ann is up.

What does Sue Ann do when she is up? I don’t know because I am still in bed, wanting to get some more sleep.

Yet, in the back of my mind, I am out $50.00 of products!

Recently we have been to the Arkansas State Capital to talk with an Arkansas State Senator, (not the U.S. Senator, a local State Senator) about MAGNOW.com.

IF you are not aware of what MAGNOW.com is about, it is a simple idea to pass a law, making getting a contractor’s license harder; with a background investigation. Now, they work on an honor system. 

Wonder why, I want to change the laws? $6,700.00 reasons.

It was a good meeting yet, I have a long way to go, to get my idea recognized. I accept that fact, because I have to contact 4 organizations that can help me; IF they agree with my idea.

IF NOT, I will cross that river when I get to it. (I just had an interesting thought…get to or is is getto? No such word, getto. Ghetto is.)

While at the Capital, they had a Post Office on the first floor. Well, IF you send letters out like I do, and you have been to Woodstock, like I have, you’ll want to get the Woodstock stamps. After all, when they are gone, they are gone. And since we now have Forever Stamps, I’ll take all I can get.

I had a few Woodstock stamps at home, yet most Post Offices were sold out. Here at the Capital Post Office, they had a good 10 sheets of Woodstock stamps. How cool is that?

Not only did I buy all the Woodstock stamps they had, I bought more different stamps, spending about $180.00 in stamps.

We bought them to Texas, and then later, when returning to Diamondhead, I brought most of them home with me. After all, I am home and in my office, dashing out letters. 

Side bar: I think I am getting close to closure on my $6,700.00 reasons; finally.

I put the stamps on top of my drug’s container when we left Texas for Diamondhead, Arkansas.

Being a diabetic, yes, type one and two, (how strange, both; well, I do take pills and injections) with high blood pressure, and other ailments; being a 68 year old, I have drugs. Lots of them.

I saw the packet of stamps a few days ago, when I was needing some drugs for my break out in hives. Still have them as they work themselves out of my body.

What has happened was, I have a tree stump in the front, west side of the house. 

When I mow the grass, with the riding mower, I get close to the tree stump, but not completely around it. So, naturally, growth around the stump is flourishing. Looks like a bush of sorts.

There was a small tree, growing about 4’ in hight next to the stump; which I have been putting off clearing the brush and tree around the stump.

Today was the day, I cleared the area. (I have to LOL because being retired, I really like doing nothing. After all, I deserve a break after, what, 50 years in the work force.)

Side Bar: anyone that keeps on working is definitely chasing the dollar. I was going to, except I had a bad attitude, and I was give the choice: resign or don’t see your pension. 

I got my mini hand saw from the cluttered garage, and proceeded to cut down the tree. 

Man, was it a tuff, tree trunk. Cut, cut, cut. Finally, I start to get down to the last few cuts; which seemed to go on forever.

I put my hand down on the stump, which was covered with dirt. I push away the dirt, pull some the grass growth on the side, I couldn’t get with the riding lawn mower, which came up easily, and as I said, I placed my left hand on the tree stump.

ALL of a sudden, I start to feel pain on my left hand.

I look down, and there is a whole lot of baby ants crawling on my left hand. 

Sue Ann says that they were Red Ants. I don’t know. All I know is I’m now in pain because those bastard ants, are now bitting me! And there is a lot of them on my left hand.

I ended up with a good two dozen bits on my left hand, about 10 or so on my right hand, and not wearing socks, about 8 on my right foot.

Being the person I am, NO! I did NOT retaliate; because I would protect my home just as they protected their home. Fair is fair. After all, that is their home.

Yes, I had all sorts of thoughts of killing those ants that attacked me. Sorry to say, I didn’t kill them at all.

You come into my home, and I will kill water bugs, (although, they usually come into my home to die, don’t know why), cockroaches, flies and mosquitos and I set free spiders and moths.

I have a back pink light bulb that stays lit all the time; next to the rear sliding glass door, and the moths just like it to hang out there, at night. And sleep there during the day. As well as stick figures and spiders.

When Sue Ann like to to go out back, she shuts off the light. I don’t mind.

There is a noticeable difference between the back deck/porch here at Diamondhead and the one in Texas. 

Here, in Diamondhead, you can hear the orchestra warm up, as night takes over the day.

First on the set, are the critters that make noise. Then another set of critters makes noise, and then the crickets and the sigh-kati-ah’s kick in. 

It is quite a musical going on, IF you take the time to listen, with your eyes close. 

First, on the west is noise, then on the east is noise, each out-doing the other. As nights pass, you can hear one advancing on the other, and visa versa. It’s really quite entertaining to listen to the sounds of night.

Not much noise in Texas. Although we did see a fox, deer and yes, the neighbors dogs do bark. And yes, I do bark back at them. It’s funny.

So, I have written some letters, (which I got the O.K. from the Contractors Board, that all documents are public knowledge, except for $ and social security number), which I will post in the near future. Thus explaining what I went through, with my alleged metal roof and contractor. 

Perhaps we all can learn from this and in-turn we can fight to make our contractors laws more stringent. Have to start somewhere and here is a good place to start.

Since I had some letter to mail, I start looking for my stamps.

I couldn’t find those $150.00 worth of stamps that I  brought back worth me from Texas. My mind begins to race. Where the fuck are they? What happened to them? I did see them a few days ago.

As you can imagine, I just went off on Sue Ann. Complete meltdown on my part. NOT nice!

I know I didn’t take them. I know I didn’t throw out the hair brush or the Triple A batteries. I was on a roll, and I was adamant, that Sue Ann did it! Where the hell are my stamps?

So, for the next 10 minutes or more, I was just livid. Like I had a quarter stuck in my ear. On and on…I went.

FINALLY, after we both looked, and looked for the stamps, again.

I told Sue Ann that I can’t take these loss any more! I am going to bring you back to Texas and I am going to go back home alone, until I find my G. D. stamps!  (NOT nice.)

And yes, I was going to dump Sue Ann because I am not going to continue to be out products, that I paid for, since there is only Sue Ann and me who has access to these products. 

I just can’t take it any more. Three products gone, and I know for 100% certainty, that I did NOT throw them out

Sue Ann suggest we go through the banker boxes again. I say O.K. because I know, the stamps will NOT be found. I saw them two days ago, and now they are gone. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. (aka What The Fuck!)

As we are going through a bankers box full of papers, and still no postage stamps to be found. I know because I have been thru that box earlier in the day.

We both start taking hand fulls of mail and papers, out of the box. At the bottom of the box, was these coupons, you get on the Sunday’s paper. 

Must have been a few weeks worth. (Being a Senior Citizen on a limited budget, and over my head in finances…because I got hit all at once with car insurance, drug doughnut hole and house insurance at the same time, I was drowning in debt. I hate being in debt!)

As I was going through the coupons, and in the middle, nicely placed in between the sheets, were the postage stamps.

NOW! How do you explain that to you self? That you may be sleep walking and you are deliberately causing this conflict?

OMG! NOooooo! OH Yes, you, (me), totally fucked up! NOW WHAT

I have been through a lot in my life, and yes, I had a minor implosion. Yet, looking back on my life, it may explain a few things to me; about some of my misplaced things.
(On the other hand, when I moved, somethings were just plain taken, w/o my approval.)

Sue Ann, was like WoW! 

Sue Ann still loves me and accepts me for the Asshole I am. 

No, I can’t explain why she does still love me, and IF this will have a future situation between us. For now, we are good! Yes, days later, while I review this story, we are good. (Just don’t push it again, ASSHOLE!)

Yet, I wanted to tell you this story; as a way to get it out of my system and onto paper. Perhaps it can happen to you; like me, you may not know that you sleep walk. OR at least, that is what I am, of the belief.

I will have to purchase a night, (for lack of a more better word), CCTV to find out IF it is really me, who disappears from the bed, and does things I am not aware of. How STRANGE is that?

I purchased a single motion photo, camera, from Walmart. Cost $30.00 and I will mount it on the wall in the hall way. IF it goes off, and I’m captured on still video, then yes, it is me. IF not, well, what you going to do? Deal with it!!
All these years, no one has told me I sleep walk. Go figure. Explains a lot to me; IF it is me.

I have more stories to tell, yet, I have to get busy and sort out the banker boxes that are full of papers and other items of no value. LOL

Again, I am so fortunate that Sue Ann, after all I have said, still accepts me for who I am. An ASSHOLE! Oh well, we all can’t be perfect. 

As for Sue Ann…I am in her debt for accepting me.

And I have one more story, just keep an open mind when I talk about EVOLUTION and UP-GRADES. The ending has quite a twist; once again, thanks to Sue Ann. And recently, I have been thinking about it, and WoW is it gottene more intereting. (I can’t wait to write about it!)

So, now you know more about my life. Talk about a roller-coaster adventure. No two days are the same. Although, I dream of the time when I can just, relax and not have exterior battles to fight.

Speaking of battles, I think the end is in sight, about my $6,700.00 reasons and all side stories, which I have not discussed, due to it being an ongoing investigation. Although the Board thinks differently. (Go figure?)

With that said, why have I NOT gotten communications from the Diamondhead Police and Hot Spring County Sheriff Office pertaining to my requests for a Police Report?

END for now...And as I stated earlier, all new news will be put on the top of the page, and continue from there. Easier to scroll and read IF I have posted any new news. More Simpler. 

​Thank you for your patience and readership.

'Phucken A' Traveler, out!

Happy trails!










​To be continued….. LOL same page, same writer, stay tuned!