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March 14, 2020

I realize I have not been here in a while; because I am still working on the business plan. 

I got almost done except were I have to put in the costs, expenses and other numbers. Which i need bids.

So, here it is, the world as we know it; and it is starting to shut down, with corona virus. personally I think trump has it, and he is not sounding well, saws and heard him give the national emergency.

moving on…

Since I am part of the group over 60 year of age, I have concluded it is best to stay at home, and not go out. 

Plus, you may recall, me talking about the Strider. 

well, I have decided, that in order to get my immune system working, as not to die, my goal is 10 minutes an hour, as long as I am awake. 

May not sound like a lot, yet, getting back in to it, the Strider, I usually do more than 10 minutes. yet, being awake for a good 16 hours a day, puts me at…160 minutes, rounding up, 180 minutes/3 hours of blood circulation because we have an immune system that needs blood circulation, regularly.

IF you have no knowledge of what I am talking about, think of it as bicycle pedals on the floor. you sit, watching tv and you pedal. Not exercise because your muscles don’t get worked. just your blood flowing, which is part of our immune system at work.

When you really think about those that are getting sick. they are: over weight, diabetics, lazy, sedentary workers, fast foods, junk foods, drive about the parking lot until a spot near the door opens up, and prone to a heart attack.

So, which is you? waiting to die or wanting to live?

Well, I have to put a list together and on Monday, allegedly, make phone calls. although, from what i hear, by the end of the month, all will be shutting down. how sad; for about a month. 

Don’t know if that will help or not, have to wait and see.

Again, sorry about the delay. IF the plan works, I may be seeing you in the near, no far future. lots to do.

So,  get your blood circulating, and chances are you will not get sick.

a traveler, out