​​​​​​LIFE   LESSONS  
​                                                                   By  A  TRAVELER

FYI: In the near future, I will be learning how to connect you to my Facebook page, [phuckenatraveler] and there will be photos also. 

Just don't go thinking it will happen over night! 

And I think I also have FAceTime. 

So, there you go, (and IF I can think of a good acronym, for FYI), I use it now. (And not For Your Information. More like Future Years Iced.)


My name is  A Traveler.

I have decided that at age 63, I'm not going to live forever, so I decided to share some of my  Life Lessons (experiences) with you. I hope you'll choose to share your Life Experiences with me and others.

Oh, before I forget; I'm not computer literate. (I remember when we had the same type of zip-codes Canada has and later, a 25' extension cord on your rotary dial, kitchen phone was uptown.)

Happy Trails,

A Traveler, out.

​P.S> We all have good stories to tell, please, just remember: "What you say can and will be used against you in a court of law." So, that is why I'm the Editor. To help you from incriminating yourself. (dee da dee)

I don't always get to my e-mail promptly, so be old and have some patience; like me.