​​​​​​LIFE   LESSONS  
​                                                                   By  A  TRAVELER

​​​As previously mention in my journal, ...................... means I have added something new below the line.

# 1    JULY  2018

After numerous attempts to find my last lover, I have to admit, it's getting harder and harder to find her. So, I have decided why not just put my profile here and see what happens; or not! LOL because it is sad, but true. Welcome to my world, full of twisting, turning, winding roads, every day.

​And I have to LOL because in one question, on my last dating site, it asked "How do you like to spend your time." and I thought it read, "In the future, how would you like to spend your time." So, I responded "At home with my lover, or traveling with my lover." LOL yea, except no one said to me, "A, do you have a lover living with you? Because of what you said on your profile."  So, those women are long gone, because they don't know how to communicate and help another human being fix a fault, and ask a question, when they see a fault. In every mistake there is a reason.

Here is my profile, that gets a 98% rejection; and to date, the other 02% is a mix of new friends, (and time will tell, if they will withstand the test of time) and the women that make a J-Turn. (That is where you go full throttle at me and all of a sudden make a quick U-Turn and run in the other direction; away from me. Some as long as 3 days and one as short as 12 hours. NO I stand corrected 6 hours. Boy was that a strange one. Another story another time.)​

Again, you must understand, my profile is deliberately  structured to only get 02% of the women. IF you were running a company, would you hire people who were not competent? Wasting time and money, on those that are not part of the top 10%? So why waste time and money on a woman, who just wants a free lunch?

​(FYI: I just read an article about a woman, (Playboy, October 2009), Employee of the Month. 

Playboy: What would your ideal dinner date be?

Jennifer: I may be a lady, but I'm independent. I'm paying.

There you go. Todays, young, attractive and highly educated woman!

So, IF your still old school, where the man wines and dines you, and you take care of the man, later; sorry, find yurself a rich sugar daddy; cause it ain't me babe!

I’m looking for a woman to delight!

What I have learned:

I have found that I am compatible with Leo, Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius. (this is not a deterrent, just a guide line.) I also believe in Bio Rhythms, for good communications and compatibility.

Please, NO long distance relationship, although open for discussion and, seriously, I am NOT for every woman! Especially a woman, who is afraid, of an abundance of emotional affection, during the courtship; which should last a life time. Although, IF your up for a long distance friendship, I am available. Just remember, it takes two to make it work. Many a woman have fizzled out because they just are not communicators. LOL how sad, but true.

I am also very facetious in almost all subjects; and there are many a prude woman, who can't handle my open facetiousness. Just saying. So, be aware, for my blunt honesty also.

I'm seriously looking for that one special woman, who is financially and is independently capable to take care of herself, because on my retirement income, I have just have enough money to take care of my self; no one else. LOL because at times, I do over spend. OH! NOOOOO!!!!! Yes I do.

Simply put, that means I will not pay for any of your expenses, be they are meals, clothes, etc. and we have to split traveling expenses. So, IF your old fashion, and want me to pay your way, we are not compatiable.

It also means, IF you want to go out on a date with me, it’s dutch. I earn less than $20k a year; so I can't afford to pay for your meals.

NOW IF that is a problem, please just block me NOW! (And yes, many a woman has done that.) Because I don't want to hear you whining later or being a runner because you consoled your feelings/emotions, and left me; without giving me a warning. (And yes, many of many a woman has done that too. I come on strong, so be warned.)

NO pets, NO children at home, NO smoke, and sorry, NO taking care of a parent; because you already have a life. I don’t. I have NO pets, NO children, I don't smoking and I'm disowned from my family. I have the availability, to move about the country freely; and i chose to do so at any point in time. Again, I am for just one simi-similar woman.

I realize that physical attributes are part of a person's gene pool. I defiantly, prefer a woman, around my hight and weight; (kissing/hugging hight), who is retired from working, and is willing to travel with me, part time, and camping in the TARDIS (a 17' Travel Trailer) when parked and while traveling to neighboring towns via a separate motor vehicle. And then, we come back to the TARDIS as night falls.

A woman who is able to leave your home, for an average of 15 to 30+/- days and nights, at a time. (all subject to change.)

Honesty and good communications skills are a must, like me.

You’re an independent woman, who can take care of her self; emotionally and financially, like me.

You must like to definitely snuggle, hold hands, kiss, hug, public display of affection; and definitely not bring your past, into the present, like me.

IF you decide to type me a note, please be more than a one sentence wonder, because eventually, I will block you. I need a woman who can communicate, not grunt.

And yes, I prefer we communicate by telephone. Just ask me for my phone number and please tell when is a good day and time for me to telephone you.

What makes me happy? 

A woman, who is independent, has access to her emotions/emotional, is open and honest, doesn't console her emotions, when she know what is right and wrong; and does not run away from me like the wind. 

A woman who is like me; NOT afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone! Cautious yes, but not afraid.

Again, good communications are a must. I DON'T do text, e mail or IM.(Open for discussion.) I like to have long phone conservations and face time conservations.

A woman who is not obsessed by money and enjoys life, like me. Who understands, you can't take money with you when you die, but you can take memories. (And do I have memories. Every day is a winding road.) Woman who is willing to step out of her comfort zone, like me.

A woman who is willing to be my lover; as I am hers; until death do us part. Just one woman, not a player.

You should know, I do have woman friends about the county. IF friends bother you, then run away like the wind; because there is nothing sexual going on. I want only one woman to physically love. Call me old fashion.

I also like to add, I am definitely, NOT the strong, silent type. I'm full of emotional and physical affection to be give and received. Looking for similar qualities in a woman.

I am definitely not a runner from relationships, IF you are, please don't want my time and emotions on you. It makes it hard on me, to get back up and trust another woman after you ripped my heart out!

I also need a woman companion to travel with because w/o one, I am just plain; not energetic, alive, venturous, and outgoing. I need a woman to complete me; as I do her. (So IF a man has done you wrong in the past, and your not over your hatred of men, please don't write to me. I can't help you.Sorry, I've been there, and I don't ever want to go back there again.)

I own a small, 17' travel trailer, aka the TARDIS, and that is what I want to travel part time with, and start seeing this country again, one state at at a time. The TARDIS's only purpose is to sleep in, make breakfast and dinner in. 

I have a plan on traveling, so PLEASE, ask me. I also have a web site, set up to talk about the journey, and post photos.

I have ideas, and I can direct you to them, for you to read about them, on my web site; only IF you are seriously looking, for a long term relationship with me.

IF you not looking for a long term relationship, your just a tire kicker. LOL sad but true. and I have to say, you are part of the 98% Club. aka women who don't respond back or don't like me for who I am. LOL sad but true.

FYI: After all, I am not for everyone, just one woman. And I must add, that after reading what I typed, I now understand why woman are afraid. They never met anyone like me and they never will. I'm special, unique, different, and I am who I am; 100% me.

After serious consideration, I wil take the TARDIS out come cool weather in Sept., when school is back in session.

I like to add, my legal name is A Traveler, so, IF you have to ask what is my name, you have not read my profile. Shame on you!

NOW IF I have interested you to go this far and read about me, please, continue reading and then send me a note, a long note; because I always respond to all who write to me; otherwise, block me IF you don't like what you read, PLEASE.

Conversation Starters (i.e. what you'd like to do on a first date...)
PLEASE, use one of these or parts of my profile to start a conservation. Please take your time, and type me a story to read. Thanks in advance.

Do tell me how you feel about traveling with a 17' travel trailer, called the TARDIS? 

Or tell me about you and why your so interested in me?

Are you a traveler too?

How do you feel about sharing expenses?

IF you have pets, can someone take care of your pets if your gone for two weeks at a time?

What do you think about astrology?

What about your religion and religious beliefs? Problem?

Can you talk openly about any subject without being upset, closed minded, or non communicative?

Have you learned to be patient and enjoy the moment?

Or you can just ramble, and tell me about your week or day, or lets discuss a problem, and see if I can help you.

​I have been told both sides of the coin. I LOL reading it, to your a LOSER. Just depends on who is reading it. And overall, I do have a few close long distance women friends. Like I say, 98% of the women, don't respond and out of the 02% that do, most pitter out. That is what I say, "I do have a few close long distance women friends." aka Quality over quantity!

So, there you have me. 100%. And IF you should get past this hurdle, well, LOL, there is just one more hurdle. Telephone conservations and hopefully face time.

During the initial conservation, I will tell you personal information, which some men never tell. I deliberately guess I scare you. (More is written further down about my "scare" tactics. Sorry, I will explain later in this ramble.) After that, it is all down hill, until you'll come to a fork in the road. Are you a Keeper or a  Leaver? LOL, and then will you be a Friend or a Lover? 

​Me? I always go for keeper and a friend and hope for a Lover; after we spend time getting to know each other. Again, some have made J-turns while other, have gone the distance and then chose to be a friend. A very good friend!

NOW, IF you want a friendship, then you too have to be communicative; because IF your not, sorry, bye-bye. Telephones work both ways. And yes, I started texting too. 

Why would I want plethora of women when I can have quality? Because my time is coming to an end. LOL because any one past 60 realizes that some day, they may die. Not being silly, I know of no one who has lived forever. 

​To put it in perceptive, just think of how many people, born on your birthday that have died already? Don't have all their fingers and toes? Are not cape-able of life like we know it today? We are the minority, even though they say Baby Boomer are at an all time high. Yea, look at the age range: 1948 to what, 1962? Now put it into reality, again, what percentage of those born on your birthday, are still alive today, functioning like us?

And I LOL at those that keep working past 66 years of age, retirement age; to keep on aquiring more money.

You can be at the top of your game, yet, some jerk in a 4 ton car can wipe you out, in heart beat. And yet, all you wanted was more money, not more memories. You can't take money with you when you die, but you can take memories. And Karma is real. I speak from experiences. (Not open to discussion. Sorry.)

​Yes, I know this for a fact. There has been occasions, when my Lover, Mary, has...done something to my life, that made me stop procrastinating, and do something. And Fran, my second Lover, who would enjoy...well simply put, bothering/irritating  me, was back as a fly. Yes, I know this sounds strange, but Fran the fly, only bothered me in the living room, when I was watching a DVD or Netflix. So, yes, our Lovers and maybe, many other, do watch over me and you. You just have to know what your looking for. I did converse with a woman who said similar, but I guess the government silenced her, because I never heard from her again.

​Every morning in the shower, and every night before I go to sleep, or when I can't go back to sleep, I recite my thanks. "Thank you Gods. Thank you Stars. Thank you Saint Anthony. Thank you Saint Christopher. Thank you Saint Joseph. Thank you Saint Jude. Thank you Mary Helen, my Lover. Thank you Fran Lauderdale, my Lover. Thank you Donna Jackson, my friend. Thank you Arch Angel Raphael. Thank you A, my Guardian Angel A. Thank you A's Army of Angels. Thank you all for allowing me another day of life. Thank you!" NOW you-all, who read this, know my secret; I have a direct line and no need, for a middle man or church. I have made it this far, and I hope to make it further; thanks to my gods, saints and angels; (and my lovers and friend.)

​Just recently, I was tired and went to bed. I lied down on my back, and had my feet outside the covers to cool off. I was not sleep. I was not tired. I could not go to sleep. OMG! I just realized I had not thanked my gods, saints and angels. LOL sad but true. 

Once I started thanking them, I yawned, (numerous times) and at the end, of my prayers, I did go to sleep. LOL because, here I am today, alive, telling you this. 

Speaking of  religion. There are approximately 200 religions in the world, and 10 religions have 80% memberships. So, which religion is right? No one have ever come back and told us.

​And back to dating...many come into my life. Some are a flash in the pan, other have a mental illness, while other want to be with family and church. Plus the pet owners! Donna is one. 2 dogs, one is mine, and 5 cats, one is Fran's. Donna will never abandon her pets, for me. LOL which is so true of many pet owners. The put the pets first over human relationships. I understand that, but do the pet owners? NOPE!!! Pets are part of the family.

Ah, so many women, so little nerve. LOL sad but true. LOL again, because those who know me...LOL!

​It definitely must be me!!! LOL, I have women that like me physically, yet when they read my profile, they run like the wind in the opposite direction. NO FREE LUNCH TODAY!

NOW, we all know of my local woman friend, Donna. And yes, she has 2 dogs, 5 cats, and I asked her would ever give up her dog's to spend time with me, 100% of the time. LOL of course NOT!!! Dogs and cats come first. 

So, as you read, any woman with pets, will always put their pets first over you!!! I had some woman call me stupid! because she had rescued something like, 8 dogs. Now where do you think a man would fall in the pecking order? Or the one who has a photo of her kissing her dog...yea, right!

HOW about this one: I quit my job, because my son needed a kidney and pancreas transplant; so I spent my time with him until he got better. Then I bought him a new car; which he totaled and I gave him my car, and he totaled that car. Now I drive a used Volvo. (With diabetes, you lose eye sight. HOW can a blind man drive? Regain his eye sight? just asking.) Plus, he said he would pay me back, and never did. And now he got mad at me and hit me in the forehead. He and his girlfriend were paying me $300 a month to live in my home, and now; since I filed Chapter 13, I don't know how I am going to make the payments to keep my house? Tears, tears, and more tears; (on face time). And now I'm driving a 2015 car her other son gave her. (What happened to the Volvo?) Personally, I say she is an SUV person and is not an idiot who don't know what she is doing.

​So, how about I pass about the hat, and you can send me all your money, and I will forward it to this desolate woman? LOL yea, right.

​There are other stories, I can tell about woman, but hell, who cares. I don't. I expect to attract silly women. Silly women who can't make complete sentences, who tell you lies about how...and how... and run like the wind in the opposite direction. Hell, I know I am not going to live forever; I guess they still think there are in their 20's  and have a plethora of time left. OR, LOL, "I had the best"...I guess this woman must have dated all the men in her state, before she got married. And one that constantly keeps telling me the same stories over and over. Sorry darlings, I am NYC born and raised. NOT some Arkansas Traveler.

​All I hope for is, when my home is organized, I meet a wonderful woman. LOL yea, right!

​Apparently, I have this "thing" for scaring women away. For the record, I knew I was doing it, but really didn't understand why. My last new friend, telephoned me, and fortunately, set me straight, indirectly. Thank you Sue. (Although the future is still up in the air with her and me scaring women.)

​Well, I had to ask my self why this behavior?

So, I went to sleep on it. And this is what I found: I attract many a woman who was abused physically or mentally in their marriage; for years. Why they stay is beyond me.  I didn't think abuse still went on, but it does...and I unintentionally decided, that IF I was to be in contact with a woman, that I like or she likes me...I need to know, IF she is going to bolt or not.

So, I come on strong. NOT an effective way to do things, but since it is usually by telephone, after a few hours of communications, I hopefully, understand where they are coming from.

Here are some simple stories...I was thrown thru the glass window...I have scars on my body, and no you can not see or touch them...my husband handled all the bills, and when he went into the hospital, he didn't pay his life insurance policy...I think your sexual jokes are crude and uncalled for...my husband beat me. Some come on strong to me, and then, make a J-Turn,...or come on strong and make a complete 180 about something I have said...and on and on it goes. Women with mental scars that will never be fixed; so why should I waste time with these women?

I have decided, I am not their doctor, savior, head doctor, or BIG Mack Daddy. Hell, I have my own problem to deal with. So, yes, I come on strong, and IF you survive my blast, I'm always going to be there for you; even if we are miles apart. 

​For the record, yes, I do have some very good women friends; in far away places: OH, TX, AZ, NY, MA, AR, and I think OK too. And I would never ever forget about them; even when I meet that one special lover. Unless of course I die. And I have to make sure they know, because I would not want them to think I deserted them.

​I think I may have found that special lover. The relationship is still young and I'm infatuated with her. When she read my profile, she not only LOL, but had to show it to her neighbor, woman friend. (There has to be joke in there...OH? I'm the joke...LOL!!!)

I also liked her profile and yes, she is really attractive, because we do FaceTime. And funny also.  She also puts up with my silliness. I guess the best part is, she is not afraid of me or my tactics. The only hick up is she is 600 miles/10 hours and a state away. So, time will tell. 

There is always that fear, as they brain wash you into thinking, "IF it is too good to be true, it is." 

​Yes, I had fear after the first telephone call we made to each other.  And I slept on it, and woke up, kissing the snuggle pillow. LOL. So, yes, I am in contact with my emotions. 

When we do finally meet, and see how our chemistry mesh with each other, that will hopefully cement our relationship. (OF COURSE, I will keep you posted.) And she is definitely NOT a runner. 

​OH! She is 5'7", 140 pounds, a voice of an angel, beautiful face, loving, funny, (sigh), is an Aries, and I did a bio rhythm; and we are 78% compatible. 98% physical, 42% emotional, and 98% intelligence. I could ask for more, like living closer, LOL!!! I forgot to mention, she is 74 years old. (and I am 67 years old.) And I believe, she is more fit than me! Although, I am getting back into exercising.

​So, as you can read, I really like her a lot! And she want me to take care of her, financially. She always had a man take care of her. So, since I can't, bye bye!

NOW for the bad news. In order to have a relationship, you need to be together, like...two hands moving together, and not apart and banging into each other. LOL only way I can phrase it.

ON any relationship, you need the following order:

1. We have yet to meet. (not going to happen with the distance. 600 miles and a 10 hour drive. "Soon" is a nice word she uses often. The definition of soon is: in or after a short time; used to indicate one's preference in a particular matter. To her soon was never.

Yes, that is what I constantly am hearing. "Soon!" Reality is, soon means: OMG NO! We will NOT meet. I like FaceTime, because it makes me feel loved. It took me a week to realize that. (Yes, I am slow. LOL)

2. Once we meet, will the chemistry be there? I believe it can be, because we do face time. And IF it is...

​3. Will I give her more love and receive less love? OR will she give me more love and I will receive less love? Or equal loving?

​4. Will I spend more time at her home and less time at my home? Or Will she spend more time at my home and less time at her home? Or equal time?

5. Will she give up job and spent time with me? Or will she continue to work, although she don't have to? (Very important because, money is more powerful than love. Especially to those that are past retirement age. Nice position, lots of money coming in. NO time for a friend, NO time to love. And I give money to my children.)

6. The most important emotion is, how does she feel about leaving her family to travel, in the TARDIS?

7. Thru experiences, I have found that after 10 days, you know IF you and your mate are compatible with each other. Just saying...

I recall how one woman recalled how her and her husband were going across America in a rented RV. It was a complete disaster. Maybe that is why she is single again. Image 24/7 for a month with each other...OMG NO!!!! Yes! make or break! It takes a special person to be with me. Just saying.

Just an up-date. I live in a fantasy world, where men and women are equals; NOT where the men MUST take care of the woman, financially!!! Who the hell is going to take care of me? 

​It appears that most of the woman, over 60 years of age, still have this mentality that the man MUST takes care of the woman, 100% financially, emotionally, physically, etc. OH yes, as one woman wrote, "I want to be wined and dined  and afterwards I will take care of the man." Hello, this is not, and I still don't live in the 1950's Happy Days Era; when those things took place. Besides, I'm impotent with neuropathy. (And yes, I have pills, but no one wants to play with me!)

So, IF you a woman is over the age of 60, Please read the paragraphs above again. I am NOT stuck in a time warp. I am fully real and aware of life and its many problems. I have a hard time taking care of my self, let alone taking care of you! So, IF you can't contribute: FINANCIALLY  & EMOTIONALLY to the relationship, then find some Old, Senile Man, to take care you! (Who still thinks it is 1955!) And please don't ever ask me for money or possessions of mine when I die; because if you do, Dee Da Dee, that is the end of the relationship.

​I treat you like I want to be treated. With respect, love, consideration, lots of touching, kissing, holding, snuggling, sex and massages. IF I left something out, then you add it to the relationship, and I will follow your lead!

​And one wonders why the hell, I would put up road blocks? Because as women get older, they get more and more set in their thinking on how they should be treated. NOT how they should treat their man. 

I know I have limited time on this planet. I know that IF I spent; no waste my time with a woman that has obsolete thinking, I will live to regret having wasted my time. Thus, I have definitely, 6 long distance woman friends to date, and one local woman friend. These women friends will never be given up by me for you!

​Personally, I am heading into home plate head first. I know that some time the future, I will die. I don't have time to be continually be told "soon"; because it is not going to happen. Or deal with J-Turn woman. They are the worst! They come on full blast to me, and...BAM!...they make a U-Turn w/o a blinker on. GONE! in less than 60 seconds.

I have to tell you the story about this one woman who did it in less that 6 hours, some day.

I have been there and once you get attached to money, you like the life style. Been there; I earned over $100K a year working on the RR. Now that I am gone, I have learned that I can get by on under $20K a year. And when the savings run out, so be it. You can't take money, but you can take memories! (read my today's news story, under #3 August, 2018.)

​So, as you can read, their are: the J-turn women, there are the abused women, the ones who "I had the best" women, pet women, family oriented women, religious women, scam women, and on and on it goes. Dating is not hard. What is hard is to finds a woman who has not tinted her life with her beliefs. Yea, I leave my phone on 24/7/365 because my child, (who is 40+ may need to telephone me.) Or my job...

You would think dating would be easy as we get older. LOL because it is NOT! Because we now have to over come more road blocks up than we had in our youth.

The sad part is we don't realize we have put them up. NO I'm not going to give up my search for a woman that will love me and give me 100% in return. Just more stories to tell here.

​As we get older, we apparently put more restrictions on our date, then we have ever before, in our entire lives.

Very few women what to give up their jobs, even when they are past retirement age because of the money. They want to be close to their family or live with their children. And yet, they want a gentleman, to wine and dine them. To have a man as a guard dog, and to treat that man as such, while they put family, religion, friends and pets, before that man; who is not in fourth or fifth place.

Yes, I find it hard and difficult, to find a local woman, who will return 100% of what they receive from me. There are few givers and many takers.

I still have not found the SAINT of ROMANCE! LOL and I will let you know when I do because being treated like a yo-yo, it is driving me crazy. Yet, we all are different. Just finding someone who is similar, well, at least I have 7 grand long distance friends. (In no particular order: Sue, Debbie, Judie, Roseatta, Jackie, Donna, and Darlene.) NOW, how about one local, Donna.

As for me, I know my initial road blocks are deliberate. I have no family, I'm disowned, have no children; and have I lived my life, my way with no regrets. I am here because of my past.

I'm willing to travel to see you. As for relocating, I will not give up my home. Other than that, I will live and love you at your home, (or my home), as long as you give me back what I give you. 100%. I don't take kindly to your friends and/or family screwing with me. So, now you know about me and my life and alleged love affair(s). And yes, there are and will still be more stories, to tell. Sad, but true. Happy Trails,

# 2    August  2018

Relationship Chemistry Test Results:

As someone with high self-confidence, you feel quite comfortable interacting with other people. Indeed, you find the company of others very stimulating and enjoy meeting new people. Your relaxed demeanor in groups makes people around you comfortable too. Perhaps because you feel comfortable talking about yourself, others tend to enjoy being around you and perceive you as socially competent.

The confidence that helps you feel comfortable talking to people also spills into your own personal beliefs about yourself. Although you have several strengths, it’s likely that you also acknowledge and accept your weaknesses. But unlike some people, you take full responsibility for your actions—you rarely regret things you’ve done in the past and are not embarrassed easily. 

Perhaps the defining feature that sets you apart from most people is the exceptionally high standards that you set for yourself. Your competence in social gatherings as well as at work should provide ample evidence for this. With these characteristics, it’s very likely that people come to you for advice and generally think of you as someone with leader-like qualities. 

Family Orientation
As someone low in family orientation, you’re not sure whether raising children and developing a family is what you want out of life. If you already have children, you enjoy spending time with them, but may feel somewhat constrained by the stress of being a parent and wish to “cut-loose” more often than you may be able to. If you don’t have children, you’re probably not very sure whether you desire having any in the future. Or, perhaps you’re not ready to settle down into a serious relationship just yet.

It’s not necessarily that you are opposed to the idea of having a family, it’s just that you’re not convinced that the domestic lifestyle is for you. This sentiment is illustrated by the fact that you don’t particularly enjoy doing things around the house—like cooking and entertaining guests. Instead, you tend to prefer eating out at restaurants and going to clubs and parties. It’s possible that in time you might prefer spending more time at home as you may eventually grow tired of late nights out. However, your voracious appetite for excitement might make staying at home on a weekend night unappealing. 

One thing in particular that sets you apart from more family oriented people is that you tend to be expressive and tend to make your frustrations known to others. In addition, you tend to appreciate spending time with other people and work well with others. In fact, you very much enjoy getting things done, and by attending to familial issues while continuing to get your work done you may find settling down in a traditional romantic relationship stressful and unpleasant.

The self-control personality dimension captures the way in which a person regulates and directs him or herself. Being low in self-control can be both good and bad. Occasionally people may be compelled to follow their intuitions and give in to their temptations, and your degree of self-control makes this likely to happen more often than not. This can be good in circumstances where being relaxed and open are important. However, in situations where it is necessary to be focused and careful, you might find that you do or say things that may be inappropriate. 

As someone who exerts little control over your actions, you may find that you commit social blunders that might offend other people and get yourself in trouble. For example, if you’re given responsibility to work on a project that requires close attention to detail, you may be likely to overlook important details because you have difficulty staying focused. Consequently, you might feel more comfortable delegating such tasks to other people who are more detail oriented. Being able to recognize such characteristics in yourself and having more detail-oriented people do such tasks could be an effective way to manage your own stress level.

Low self-control may diminish your effectiveness at work. Acting too relaxed can make it difficult for you to focus on projects that require organized sequences of steps or stages. Thus, your ability to accomplish may be inconsistent. Indeed, it’s possible that you might be criticized periodically for being unreliable or unable to “stay within the lines.” Nonetheless, you may still experience many short-lived pleasures and never be thought of as boring.

As someone with a low score in openness, you are down to earth and prefer fact to fiction. It’s likely you don’t particularly enjoy the arts because it’s not always clear whether it has any practical use. Moreover, you probably don’t consider yourself to be a very emotional person because you tend to focus attention on concrete goals and objectives, so there’s no real reason to get too upset about anything because such worrying will not change anything. 

Rather than day-dreaming and playing with abstract concepts and ideas, you prefer thinking and talking about concrete issues where a clear answer or decision can be made. That is, you tend to think more logically and methodically about most things. Thus, it is likely that you prefer working on projects where there are clear instructions and objectives; you may find it difficult and pointless to work on projects that require too much creative thinking.

This propensity can have advantages and disadvantages. For instance, when there are clear rules about how to solve a particular problem, your ability to follow instructions makes it easy for you to accomplish your work and excel. In contrast, you may be easily overwhelmed and frustrated when working on projects that have no clear solution. 

Easygoingness refers to one's ability to relax. Based on your score, you appear to “take things as they come” and enjoy having a good time. However, being high in easygoingness also has the potential to produce stress in a number of ways. For example, you may find it difficult to complete tasks thoroughly and efficiently. In this way, being high in easygoingness cannot only make your life difficult, but also the lives of the people around you. Another potential problem with being too high in easygoingness is that it can provide you with gratification in the short-term, but in the long-term provide undesirable consequences. 

High easygoingness, even when not seriously destructive, may also diminish your effectiveness at work, for example. You may find it aversive and difficult to put in all the effort that may sometimes be needed to effectively accomplish certain tasks. For this reason, your colleagues might view you as forgetful and unfocused.

How does your personality affect your love life?
Given the strong degree of confidence that you have, it’s no surprise that you get along well with most people. Indeed, it’s self-confidence that allows people to feel comfortable interacting with others without feeling insecure and vulnerable. For this reason, you shouldn’t have much difficulty in romance, at least not initially. Your social skills will likely help relieve any anxiety your romantic partners might have on those first few dates. However, over time, the high standards that you have for yourself could potentially frustrate your partner. 

As someone who enjoys the excitement of a night on the town and is uncertain about the prospects of settling down in a serious romantic relationship, you would probably be most satisfied in a relationship with someone that shares these qualities. For this reason, you would probably be quite content in a romantic relationship with someone who also enjoys going out to parties and staying-up late at night. 

Because you are a very relaxed person, you’ll likely be attracted to most people. However, your free-spirited nature might make being in a relationship with a person that is more rigid than you difficult because you might perceive the person as being too uptight and controlling. For this reason, you may ultimately be most satisfied in a relationship with someone that is shares your level of self-control. 

Moreover, your level of conventionality might make it difficult for you to tolerate people with beliefs different from your own. Although such people might be fun on first dates, once you begin talking about serious issues you might find their unorthodoxy unsettling and even offensive.

Back to reality...I believe I have said this before and I will say it again to those that have forgotten. I find some women irrestiable; and when I do, I like to have a relationship. IF you don't fine. I we do grand! Except, tomorrow never comes. Life gets in the way. I don't handle "soon" "tomorrow" "next month" ETC. very well. 

IF you can't communicate openly, on your feelings about me, then why the hell are we playing games that we played when we were young and had a life time ahead of us?

I am a one woman lover. I have yet to find that one woman, in my life, (IF I am so lucky), than yes, I will be your until one of us die! Yet, until then, I have no ties that bind me. So, IF you like to try, please say so because I am not a mind reader.

​WELL I guess, I may be wrong in my thinking...I may have found the illusive woman I have been looking for. NOW, I'm not sure because we only communicated by telephone and text to each other, and no FaceTime or Skype...yet. And IF the chemistry is there by visual stimulation, them that is another plus for us. 

NEXT will be a face to face meeting and IF all goes well, I guess we will be making future plans or not! "On the road again..." LOL

We all have beliefs as to the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with, and after a few hours, days or a week or so; we have an idea in our brain, "IS this is going to work or not.". So, by the middle of September, we will know one way or another.

Stayed Tuned! Same Station! Same Channel! LOL...A Traveler!!!!!