​​​​​​LIFE   LESSONS  
​                                                                   By  A  TRAVELER

A "FRIENDSHIP" is just that a lasting friendships: relationship, close relationship, attachment, mutual attachment, association, bond, tie, link, union; informal bromance, old ties of love and friendship: amity, camaraderie, friendliness, comradeship, companionship, fellowship, fellow feeling, closeness, affinity, rapport, understanding, harmony, unity; intimacy, mutual affection.

In my opinion the opposite is: clingy, motherly, smothering, and demanding, which all are just one fine line away from being a friend! 

I have lived too long, independently, to have someone be clingy, motherly, smothering, and demanding! Please be forwarned, you will just push me away and we will never-ever, be friends. 

I have a very tight budget, and IF you expect me to pay for you, most of the time, than all you are is a drain on my budget. I don't pay to have friends!

What I am looking for is an adult woman that starts out as a friend and mirrors me as I mirror her.

Together, we will join forces and climb up; not spiral downward. And now I have to make a list of exactly what am I looking for in a woman, past a friendship. (OMG Noooooooo! Yes!!!!)

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Rules to Live By taken from the book ‘The Little Black Book of Success, Laws of Leadership for Black Women’ by Brown, Hayseed and McLean.

Although a word or two and/or a missing comma, has been changed/deleated by me. There are some gems that have great meanings.  

I have to admit, there were some that I use; there were some that were enlightening, and some were down right silly. Yes, I recommend reading the book.

These are called “MAMAism”.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

You have to work twice as hard as everyone else to get anywhere.

You are worthy and deserving of having the best of everything make yourself number one.

If you don't take care of you first no one else well.

There's nothing in the world you can't do what you put your mind to it.

Always take the highroad.

Stay on course and expect to be successful.

Positive energy yield positive attitude.

Hold your head up high just because all the people have problems don't make them yours.

Don't get caught up in what other people think.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

You are just as good as anybody else.

You already have the right to be here.

If you don't put yourself first you can't help others.

No one can be a super person all the time.

Everything is not your responsibility.

You can never change what you allow yourself to tolerate.

Life isn't fair.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Celebrate your knowledge of the dominant culture and make it work for you.

In this case being two-faced is not a bad thing.

Make the best of both worlds.

Stay in the game no matter what position you play.

It's a real world out there. It's not the way you wanted to be. It is the way it is.

You have to be in it to win it.

Give it all you've got get on your mark get set go.

Stop mumbling open your mouth and speak.

If you've got something to say so.

You always have something to say.

Stand for something treat people the way you want to be treated.

You don't have to be like to be respected.

Being popular isn't the only thing that matters.

Leadership is not synonymous with friendship.

You can’t hear what I'm saying when you're talking over me.

Look at me when I'm talking to you.

Don't make me repeat myself.

Pay attention to what I'm saying to you.

How many times do I have to tell you.

This no time like the present.

You don't get any dessert until you eat all your food.

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Plan your work and work your plan.

Don't just talk about it do it.

He who angers you Controls you.

Don't say anything until you heard the whole story.

Let it go like water rolling off the back of a duck.

Never let them see you sweat.

It is better to sleep on things before hand then to lie about awake about them afterwards.

It's not what you know but who you know.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Always try to see the good in people.

The same people you see going up you see coming back down.

You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

Speak like a human being.

Use proper speech for proper times.

Choose your words carefully.

Speak as if you're already in charge.

Don't be afraid to stand tall and stick out your chest.

You're worth more to me than the whole wide world.

Always be preprepared.

His self-worth is more important than Your net worth.

You are worth more than your weight in gold.

Always do your best and don't settle for less.

You can't change what you don't know.

Don't get stuck in the mud.

Never miss an opportunity to learned something new about yourself.

Don't take it personally.

Look in the mirror and see a reflection of your true self.

Don't lie to others at don't lie to yourself.

Perception is reality.

Nobody's perfect but work on your imperfections.

It's easy to look outward didn't work.

Seek wisdom from your elders.

It takes a village to raise a child.

Don't be afraid to reach out.

If you need help don't be afraid ask.

Two heads are better than one.

God didn't make us to be by ourselves.

You are who you surround yourself with.

Don't let other people bring you down.

No one is an island no one stands alone.

If you like down with dogs you get up with fleas.

Don't be afraid to try something new.

Don't get stuck doing the same old thing the same old way.

Stick your toes into the deep end of the pool.

Make that leap.

Try you may like it.

Learn everything you can knowledge is power.

To be competitive you got to do your homework.

More you know The better you get.

Don't limit yourself to your own backyard.

Whatever you do do the best.

God bless the child who has their own.

You have to earn what you get to really appreciate.

You're responsible for you.

There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs.

Let the work you've done speak for you.

all is fair in love and business.

There is no challenge that can overtake you when God is on your side.

You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

To your self be true.

Sometimes you must go along to get along.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Don't put all your business in the street.

You don't have to like people to get along with them.

Both good and bad people have lessons to teach you. Learn from them all.

Each one teach one.

Don't leave anyone out.

Everybody always has something to offer.

Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find the Gold in a person. Keep your Shovel handy.

Great leaders inspire great followers who become even greater leaders.

Keep your eye on the prize.

Hard times come to every body sometimes.

Just because he/ she is your boss doesn't mean he/ she is always right.

One of the keys to failure is trying to please everyone.

You can tell how big a person as my wanted text to discourage them.

Work smart not hard.

Put some sun and your sun bank every now and then.

All work and no play makes you dull I may give you a heart attack.

Recharge your battery.


Don't be afraid to turn the spotlight on yourself.

It's not what you know but who you know that matters. 

It takes one to no one.

When you need a friend it's too late to make one.

Networking is a contact sport. You got to touch somebody.

Keep your bag pack and your pocketbook at the ready.

Always put something aside from rainy day.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

When you're too comfortable you are not growing.

God will not close a door without opening another.

Become known as the expert without overshadowing others.

Raise your profile to help aAdvance your career and increase your market value.

Never be afraid to march to the beat of your own personal drummer even if no one else can hear the music.

Brand yourself and be your brand.

Be yourself. That's enough.

Smart people are not afraid to ask for help.

If you need a helping hand you will find one the end of each of your arms.

it’s ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

You know what to do when the time comes.

Name it and claim it.

They visionary does not follow up path instead goes where there is no path and leaves trail.

Don't limit your success.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Keep your feet on the ground in your eyes on the sky Terry

Out of chaos comes opportunity.

Every adversity brings a benefit of some kind.

You're not learning when your lips are moving.

Growth does not come without sacrifice.

No pain no gain.

Do not let other people kill your joy.

Remember that you always have choices.

There is some battles that weren't fighting even when you win and others that must be fought even if you lose.

Don't let those crazies get you down.

When you decide to fight them to win.

Use what you got to get what you want.

Real power comes from relationships.

Don't let your power to go to your head.

Preach with your life rather than your lips.

Own power that you have.

When one way doesn't work try something else.

Don't get stuck in the mud.

Do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Believe in yourself trust your instincts.

If it first you don't succeed try try again Jared

Leadership and learning go hand-in-hand.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. 

Always put your best foot forward.

You're never too old to learn.

If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always gotten.

You have every right to be there savor about the experience.

It is lonely at the top.

Always watch your back.

Don't apologize for your success.

Only by going to far will you find out how far you can go.

To whom much is given much is required.

Make what you do matter.

Successful leadership is more about influence than control.

You can do anything but you can't do everything.

Take the better with this sweet.

Learn to read the tea leaves.

If at first you don't succeed figure out what went wrong and try again.

Painful lessons usually turn out to be blessings in disguise.

It is what it is.

Each one teach one.

Contribute to something larger than yourself.

No gift is too small to do what you can.

I have because I get thank you because I have therefore I am never without.

Pass the torch.

What will matter?           by Michael Josephson

Ready or not, someday it will all come to an end.

There will be no more sunrises, no more minutes, hours or days. All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten will pass to someone else.

Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance. It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed.  

Your grudges, resentments, frustrations and jealousies will finally disappear. So too, your hopes, ambitions, plans and to-do lists will expire. The wins and losses that once seemed so important will fade away.

It won’t matter where you came from or what side of the tracks you lived on at the end. It won’t matter whether you were beautiful or brilliant. Even you gender and color will be irrelevant.

So what will matter? How will the value of your days be measured?

What will matter is not what you bought but what you built, not what you got but what you gave.

What will matter is not your success but your significance. 

What will matter is not you learned but what you taught.

What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion, courage, or sacrifice that enriched, empowered or encouraged other to emulate your example.

What will matter is not how may people you knew, by how may will feel a lasting loss when you’re gone.

What will matter is not your memories but the memories that live in those who loved you.

What will matter is how long you will be remember, by whom and for what.

Living a life that matters does’t happen by accident. It’s not a matter of circumstance but of choice.

Choose to live a life that matters.