​​​​​​LIFE   LESSONS  
​                                                                   By  A  TRAVELER

​​​​​​​​​10-03-30 Life Lesson: Parking lots

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When I went to the County Fair last week, I parked north & south and since I was there the other day, and I parked east & west on the numbered street. At the end of the day, (an 11 hour volunteer), I thought I parked east & west and went up and down the East & West numbered streets looking for our car. I do recall seeing 17th Street as I walked to the Fair Grounds.

Well, after going up and down the numbered streets, for a good 45 minutes, I saw a tow truck and driver towing a nice, new, red Jeep and a local Policeman there issuing a ticket. So, I asked; "Where do the towed cars go?" (I didn't care about cost because I had my check book and as long as I have checks, I have money in the bank.)

So, I telephoned Mary and asked her to meet me at the tow lot which was at the local pool. When I got there, our car wasn’t there either. So, when she found me, we drove up and down the East and West facing numbered streets to no avail. 

Fortunately, Mary spotted our car, in the middle of the block, facing South bound, on a name street. (Go figure.)

I could have, should have and didn’t:

1.    Write down where I parked. I do have a small note book and pen.

2.    Used my smart phone and tell me where it was.  (Unfortunately, I don’t know how to use a smart phone.)

3.    Have Mary dropped me off at the Fair. (After all, I was a volunteer. She did that the next day. I wonder why?)

Now, when I do go to: 

1.    Wal-Mart I do park at Automotive parking section. As well as Costco and Sam's Club.

2.    Home Depot, at the contractors entrance/exit.

4.    When I go to a different box store, I park at the opening of an exit I plan on going out. This way I can just keep going straight, (like a rock in water), and find my car.

So, IF your like me, there is nothing wrong with having a system that works for you.

​Care to tell us your system?

10-04-14 Life Lesson: Car Alarms/Horns

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

We have an old, well not that old, a 1998 Dodge Dakota Pick-up Truck with a key alarm.

One day at Wendy’s, I locked the doors because it has a key to lock and unlock the doors. Simple.

When we came back after eating at Wendy’s, there was another, newer Dodge Dakota Pick-up Truck parked next to our older Dodge Dakota Pickup. 

Since I was walking towards the Dodge Dakota Pick-up Truck and not paying any mind, I hit the panic alarm instead of unlocking the door. Well, I now panicked and hit the panic alarm again; and maybe again. HONK! HONK! HONK!

When I did that, it that set off the horn/alarm in the other Dodge Dakota Pick-up Truck parked next to us. The owner had to come outside and unalarm his car. 

Looking back, I can just imagine kids today, driving around in a mall parking lot, pressing a car alarm buttons to one of their cars; to see IF they can set off someone else's car horn/alarm.

Has this happened to you? Got a neighbor with a car like your? Go ahead, take a walk with your car keys.

10-05-14 Life Lesson: Type 2 Diabetic & Chocolate

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

Now, anyone who is a Diabetic, knows that chocolate cause our blood sugars to rise.

We have to monitor our Total Carbohydrates we take each meal, to maintain good health.

Exercise. I personally, jog to the bathroom each morning. (Part of being old.)

Rule of my thumb is:

1.    Three (3) meals a day, @ sixty (60) total carb.s a meal.

2.    Three (3) snacks a day @ thirty (30) or less total carb.s a snack.

3.    Eat every three (3) to four (4) hours and don’t forget to take your medication!

Monitor your blood sugars to learn what does and doesn't raise your blood sugars.

Now, for me, peanut butter usually causes a high blood sugar and there are others; but I just found out, that:

1.    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, (individual wrapped) is only 12 total carb.s.
2.    Almond Joy, (individual wrapped) is only 10 total carb.s.

Compared to other small bit chocolates, that are 25-30 carbs. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups is a good deal!

So, there you have it! You can (allegedly) have chocolate, just not in the quantities you may like. 

As for me, I look forward to my, individually wrapped, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup once a day!

Tell me what your doing to keep your Type 2 Diabetics in control.

10-06-14 Life Lesson: Consumer Report

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

When I plan on purchasing a big ticket item, I refer to Consumer Report. 

Some examples are:

1.    Home Depot has a great mulching lawn mower; Honda w/electric start for $500.00. W/O electric start, about $425.00.

2.    Cub Cadet has a great snow blower, around $500.00 too. (I have to double check that one.)

Don’t forget, the big box stores/clubs have some good, member, sales. Stock up when you can.

So, IF I have the time, and I can help you, with a big ticket purchase, let me know. Drop me an e-mail and I will give you my thoughts. 

10-07-14 Life Lesson: Buy in Bulk Whenever It's on Sale

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

Yes, I attempt to live by that rule; Buy in Bulk whenever it is on Sale. 

Some times it works, like I now have 8, 65’ rolls of weed eater lines, that I use regularly, to fill up 6 empty, weed eater spools, every summer. They will last me, at least 4 years. I got them at the end of the season, on a very good sale. I also get a great deals on liquid weed killers applications at end of season too.

I have over 20 wiper blades of all sizes that I bought for around $5.00 each.

I got a $20.00 Mag Light for $5.00. ( I should have bought the rest, but didn’t. What a Dee Da Dee I was.) 

I got a $38.00 Moen shower head for $8.00. Then, I had to buy a Water-pick shower head for the second bathroom for $15.00, normally $30.00. (Another Dee Da Dee mistake.)

Recently, I bought a Scotch Honey scotch for $9.61. When I realized it was originally, $21.00 I went back the next day, but the remainders were sold. (Good news is, I don’t like Scotch Honey scotch. So there are times you can screw-up and later, turns out to be a good thing.)

I just got a good deal on spray weed killer at Wal-Mart. $5.00 bottle. (Cheeper than paying a business to the same at 5 x's my cost.)

And I can't wait to go to Wal-Mart after Halloween. Candy and pumpkin colored lights, for next year. 

There are many other examples of buying on sales; especially at end of season sales.

At times, Menards has close out sales in Automotive Section. I got some great gas additives for 1/3 or less, of the regular price. (More on Automotive products, in another Life Lesson.)

IF they are out of a product, you can request a rain check. Ask to see IF they still have some at the warehouse; OR ask IF they still have some in the stock room.

I usually buy what is available at the end of a season, items that I use regularly and I check the clearance section regularly. Sure, it’s extra money I don’t have now, but later when I need it, I still wouldn’t have the money. So, I rather spend a little extra now, than a lot more later. (Also, it makes you think, ‘Do I really need this?')

So, just remember, “IF you have checks in your check book; you still have money in your checking account!”

Get any good deals lately and where?

10-08-14 Life Lesson: : Identity Theft

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

We all hear about Identity theft, at least once a week. We may even know someone who has had their Identity stolen. I do know an auto mechanic, who allegedly bought two new Kia’s. He still has not seen them; but he bought them.

So, what is a person to do? Pay a business $25.00 a month to be safe guard your Identity?

I have one better and all it will cost you is some time; about a half an hour’s worth.

Since you’re reading this, you have internet service. Good! 

Now go to the search engine of your choice, and get the web site of all three credit agencies. (NOW I had a problem with one, and they were foreign owned and wanted money, (the bastards) to freeze my credit score. NO, I didn’t pay. But two out of three ain’t bad. And yes, I did file a report, but didn't follow up.)

Well, there you have it. FREEZE YOUR CREDIT SCORES!

I can’t stress this enough. It cost you nothing to FREEZE YOUR CREDIT SCORES!

When that happens, you can’t get a credit card, you can’t get a loan, can’t do anything until you unfreeze your credit scores. So, IF you’re financially secure, FREEZE YOUR CREDIT SCORES and you’ll hopefully, never have to worry about Identity theft again. OR at least that is what I have been told.

Now how easy was that; and it didn’t cost you any money to FREEZE YOUR CREDIT SCORES!

I also suggest, you put your pass codes in a safety deposit box for safe keeping; you never know.

10-09-14 Life Lesson: Internet Infections

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"


Now I will admit, I like to surf the net; and leave it at that.

I got into a situation where it shut me out, of using my internet. It froze my system and they wanted money. Lots of money I don’t have.

So, after spending an hour or so, of applying all sorts of tactics, I finally got my internet unfroze.

Well, it happened again! This time it took about a half hour or so to fix the situation. (Yes, I’m getting better and unfreezing my internet.)

Well; I finally got smart. When I got hit with the same problem, I just disconnect my internet connection, from the modem. How cool is that?

I then went to Safari, (I have a Mac and I surf with Safari) and under the tittle Safari, it has a program called, “Reset Safari…” which offers to do the following:

     Clear history

     Reset top sites

     Reset all local warnings

     Reset all website notification warnings

     Remove all website data

     Clear the download window

     Close all safari windows

I then hit the reset button. Easy. Everything gets reset. History and all.

Apparently, that did the trick. Then I do a few free memory sweeps and other cleaning programs because I can, not that I have to; and the computer is as good as new.

Now I don’t know a thing about Windows, but there must be a similar program; or not. I do know that you can clear history and that may work but look for a reset button of sorts for the internet connection.

Drop me an e-mail and let me know; so everyone can know.

10-10-14 Life Lesson: Sometimes it’s Best to Pay a Bit More at the Nursery

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

I like to save money, especially when my printer is not working. 

I have found, that by buying plants at the nursery, I really save money, in the long run.

We purchased some perennials at the nursery, and compared to the prices the discount box stores were offering, the nursery ones have done much better this summer than the box store purchases.

The cost is a bit more, but like any good product, it's worth the difference of price.

Go out and find a local nursery, make a contact with the boss, ask lots of questions, and pay with cash.

Ask the owner about deals, clearance items, sales, and suggestions for what you are looking for. Sure, the box store may have someone who knows the answer, but they don’t own the business. And that will make all the difference in the world.

Finally, our home is beginning to look good with flowers, shrubs and trees. (And when I get the photo section up, I’ll take some photos. All I have to do is move the abandoned cars about, stacks of used tires, and feed the hungry dogs.

Remember, were all in this together.

Drop me a line about what type of flowers you have, about the house property.

10-11-14 Life Lesson: Automotive Engine Cleaners/ADDITIVES

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

Many of us are very illiterate about maintaining our automobile. To be honest, with the technology of today, I am too. (NOT! Well, maybe a little.) 

The day of the shade tree mechanic is long gone and those that know technology are the future survivors, because everything in your car is run by computers.

Yet there are few basic things you can do to keep your vehicle running at top performance to get more-better gas mileage by using ADDITIVES.

Yes, you can wait until your car gets to spitting, sputtering and gets complete lousy gas mileage. Which is what most of what you'll do. 

You'll spend your extra $5 at StarBucks instead of preventive maintenance for your car. (Typical human beings; we all want immediate gratification.)

So, lets say ‘you use quality fuel, and you change your fuel filter once a year or so', you’ll go about 100K to 130K miles before you’ll need to get your car’s injectors cleaned or replaced. (Depending on who your auto mechanic is.)

That will be just about the time you're in the market for a new car, and more car payments. Unless of course, your like me. I don’t want any additional payments of any kind. (I'll discuss Cash vs Credit Cards later.)

I also use 'high-test' fuel on all our cars, (with todays electronic timing, I believe the computer readjusts the spark automatically, not like when there were points and a condenser in your car). Remember, most cars today have computers. 

IF you do the math, it’s about $150 extra each year to use high test galoline, or about $4 extra a week. 

Do you really think car makers are going to say, "We recommend high test for your car."? Of course not, no one will buy their cars. We want cheep and throw away; and a new car every 4 - 5 years. (I'll discuss leasing later.)

Whenever I gas up, I always put a bottle of ADDITIVE into the gas tank first.

WHY? (Glad you asked.)

Most ADDITIVES have a water remover in their product. (Water freezes up in the winter, and blocks the flow of gas to your engine. So, IF the temperature is below freezing and your car dies on the way to work or will not start on the below freezing weather, chances are, you had water in your gas tank freeze up and shut you down.)

ADDITIVE also clean the carbon off the valves. (Too much build up and your valves don't close 100%. That is a major problem and I'm not going to discuss it later.)

ADDITIVES really clean your fuel injectors. (Cheep gas, causes buildup on the injector spray pattern and then the injectors don't spray properly. Thus lack of fuel which causes a lack of power. That causes you to burn more fuel, resulting in bad gas mileage.)

Here is another person’s point of view:

There is nothing wrong with carbon, and any buildup on valves might rob you of 1/4 hp at high rpm’s.

The people who sell cleaners and so on want to sell you stuff, so hype it to no end...

All I can say in my defense is ‘see IF ADDITIVES works for you’. 

I stated putting ADDITIVES into my 2002 Corvette, and Consumer Report says a 2002 Corvette should get 22 mpg on a 150 mile highway run. I got 27 mpg on a 340 highway mile run. ADDITIVES.

You do the math, is it worth paying for high-test gas and an additional $10 of ADDITIVES? To me, it certainly is a good deal, to use high test gas.

You can also pay $150 later, to have your fuel injectors professionally cleaned with an HD ADDITIVE at around every 120K+ miles or you can pay $5.00 every time you fill up your gas tank and add an ADDITIVE! (Preventive maintenance is what I call it.)

The benefit of putting in an ADDITIVE in with your gas, is you’ll save about $100 a years; yet you’ll spend about $100 a year in ADDITIVES. So why spend the money?

Good question, I;m glad you asked.

Our 1998 Dodge Pickup, w/318 cid got 12.3 mpg when I bought it used. Now it averages 13.8+ mpg. (And IF I do the trip mileage meter, I actually get about 15 mpg. So, with every 20 gallons of gas when I fill up, I get an extra 26 miles of driving or a savings of 2 gallons of gas which equals $8 saved. I then spend $5 on an ADDITIVE to add to my next fill up. Then later I spend another $3 on another ADDITIVE when I got shopping in town. I just buy a cheep additive, and put it into the gas tank in the shopping mall.)

Here are some of my favorite ADDITIVES:

CRC Motor Treatment Cost $6.00 at Menards; buy on sale at $5 and/or $1 rebate. Too bad, CRC Motor Treatment  is no longer available. I saw it on sale at E-Bay for $10+ a bottle. (Bought it all when they were discontinuing it. About 60 bottles at $3.00 a bottle. Remember: buy in bulk if it is on sale.)

Restore Fuel System Restorer Cost $7; buy on sale $4 at Advance Auto Parts.

Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Cost $13; buy on sale $8 or two for $13. Or go to Costco. and get a six pack for $20.00 or on sale for $15.00. (Remember, I did tell you to buy in bulk.)

A bottle of Chevron Injector Cleaner Cost only $7. Almost as good as Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus.

Risling, Seafoam, STP, they all have expensive and cheep products. Buy one, try it on your next fill up. And don’t forget to check your gas mileage now and after you start using an ADDITIVE.

Your local Dealership also has real, HD ADDITIVES for about $25 to $30 a can, which is the way to go, IF you only want to do it once a year. (Read below on 3M product.)

FYI: I put a HD ADDITIVE cleaner from the local Chevrolet Dealership and that Pickup truck of mine, felt like it just wanted to fly. I punched it every time, I took off from the line and boy was she fast. Went thru that tank of gas within a week. But boy was it fun!

Check your local Auto Parts store for ADDITIVES that are on sale, whenever you drive by one and only buy what is on sale; and bulk.

You can buy a gallon of Sea Foam at Menards for about $50 which is about $6 a can. All you have to do, is pour it into an empty 16 oz. bottle for use and reuse. 

Lucas sell a 32 oz. bottle of ADDITIVE that treats 100 gallons for a good price vs their $4 for a 6oz. bottle. And there is always my old favorite, Marvel Mystery Oil.

On Amazon, I got a HD 3M ADDITIVES  (3M 08814 Max Strength Fuel System Cleaner - 11 oz. for $11.59). I put it in all our cars, twice a year. You want premium, you have to pay premium prices. Lists for about $18.00.

I used to, whenever I go to Wal-Mart, Menards, or when I gas up, I visit the auto parts store across the street and I see what ADDITIVES are on sale there. IF none are on sale and cheep enough for me to buy, ($5+/-) I’ll buy a Gumout, STP, or other cheep ADDITIVE for $2-$3 dollars. I then go outside and promptly put it in the gas tank; IF it is 1/2 to 3/4 full.

Now, I have ADDITIVES in all our car trunks, and when ever I fill up, I put one in. Something a dry gas too. (More on dry gas later.)

I firmly believe you can improve your gas mileage, and break even or you can do nothing, continue to get bad gas mileage, and pay $150 or more later and be without a car for a day or two. Isn’t that just like life, when we are short money, our car decides it's time for some needed attention.

“IF you don’t have the $5 now, then when will you ever have the $150 to fix the problem?” (Naturally, you’ll just keep getting lousier and lousier gas mileage, which will cost you more, and more, and more to run your car.) 

As always the decision is your to make. Clean the carbon off the valves and gunk off the injectors or buy a new car in 5 years because the old one runs like a trash.

As always the decision is your to make. 

Me personally, I like my cars too much to have to pay for a new one. It’s cheeper to spend the extra $5.00 a week and keep them filled with high test and ADDITIVES than to buy another car.

10-12-14 Life Lesson: Volunteering/Joining a Group

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

I was looking out the window the other day, and watching the birds hanging out on the bushes in front of my window, and they were all, young sparrows.

I got to thinking, about that old saying, “Birds of a feather, flock together.”

There were NO old birds with them; just, all young sparrows, gathering together. When you see black birds or other types of birds hanging out, all you see, is one of a kind. NO mixed birds flying together.

Yes, I finally decided to become  a  member of a group.

What I have learned is:

1.    Sounds good on paper but in reality, not so good in reality.

2.    What do you have in common? (NOT your goals but their goals!) Most groups or organizations are for those who have a 9-5 M-F job or are retired.  They have very similar interests and some span all ages; while others are age restricted.

2.    Don’t be a quitter. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Give the group some time to get to know you and you to get to know them. Rely on your gut feeling on staying or leaving.

3.    Give it your best! Remember “IF you TRY, you get the credit IF you succeed. IF you fail, you get to say, “I tried.”.” (So, don’t try. Like I told Nancy, “Just do it!”)

4.    There are many organizations to  becoming part of a group. (Just because you’re not fully accepted don’t mean you’re the problem. Just means your not like them.)

5.     IF your like me, with ideas of making things better, and the group don’t want to change, even when you offer to do the ground work for them and they say no thank you, it's time to move on. Don’t stay when you're not part of the team.

I’m part of one group, and yes it's me. They are all great people with lots of activities, but I don’t attend all the functions they offer; (personal problem) as well as a distance problem. Presently, I’m looking at joining a ‘local’ group.

So, the morale of the story is, go and join a group and do your best to fit in.

But first, before you leap in, look around the company you’re going to get involved with and ask yourself, honestly, are you like them or are you like me, a castaway, (aka a uniquely strange and crazy New Yorker).

So, tell me about your volunteering or group you joined; and maybe I can join too.

10-13-14 Life Lesson: : Game of Hearts

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

Much can be said about the card game of Hearts. 

Here is what I have learned playing on line at www.silvercrk.com/hearts/ after about 8,000+ games.

1.    It’s just a GAME. It has nothing to do with your life. Get over losing in a GAME that has no effect on your life. Have fun and realize, no one cares IF you win or lose because it’s just a GAME.

2.    DON’T take the lead. I have seen players, who think into the future, that IF they take this lead, they can then do this…and they do take the lead, only to be the only one with that suit left, and they get the Queen of Spades. Always go under IF you can, unless you know where the Queen may be and you have a back door of a low card of another suit to pull the Queen out to a player, with a higher card than yours. (Card counting is allowed! I once went as far as making a list 2 to A and marked off the cards as they were played.)

3.    DEPLETE a suit when you pass 3. If you do that, you’ll have the opportunity to drop your high cards on that depleted suit before anyone realizes you have a plethora of another suit.

4.    Always pass the Queen or Ace/King of spades to your right. That is a dual opportunity. IF you get the Queen, you know the player to your right has to drop the Ace/King sooner or later and you can give that player the Queen. Or see 3. (Not a sure fire plan, but works most of the time.)

5.    MOONING is nice. You will usually get a moon hand or opportunity every 5 hands when you attempt to moon; which means you’ll end up with about 60 - 80 points before you actually moon, and the other players will only have about 20 - 30 points each. Do the math! You will eventually lose; so what is the point of Mooning? IF I get lucky, and get dealt a moon hand, I don’t usually moon because of Murphy.

6.    DON’T use your King or Ace IF you have the Queen when spades are broken. You just told everyone who has the Queen. Unless your last in your play. Remember, they don’t know who has the Queen. I always play like I don’t have the Queen, so that way I can dump her when I don’t have a suit. 

7.    The GOAL of the game is to win. NOT hold and eat the Queen because you want to give it to someone. 

7.    DON’T be a pass the queen and play spades. That is for people who are afraid of losing. Your not a loser. See rule 2. Let someone else pass the Queen and pull spades; and watch how they get the Queen, for the rest of the game. You’re dealing with human being; who to then, this is reality. You know better. This is a game of skill. No one like to been played.

8.    DECIDE on the type of game you like. I prefer a simple Hearts Game, of 100 points. There are many vibrations of the game. Jack of Diamonds. No Shoot. Partners. etc. 

9.IF your on MEDICATION, (yes it does effect your playing, and I speak from experience. IN 100 games I played, I took 80 games in fourth place.) DON’T PLAY under your 'nick'. I made one up, so If I should have to take med.s, something to the effect of, ‘I'm On Medication’. (LOL) So, this way, I get to play and not mess up my real scores where I play to win, but IF I lose, it’s just a game. (And yes, there are better players than me out there. I accept they have better skills than me.)

10.    When all else fails, remember: IT IS JUST A GAME!!! Not your life. No one cares, at least I don’t care, If I win or lose. Although; I do prefer to win. And these suggestions are just that, suggestions. 

There are going to be times, that no matter what you do, your going to get 25 points.

By following the outline above, I have managed from going to a low of 1350 to an high of 1430 and then dropping back down to 1380 and up again, down again, etc.; to an average of 1430. 

Now I’m maintaining an average of 1450 by being concise.

I also like to add, it pay to know who the:

Sheriff: a player who thinks they have to take a point in order to stop a moon.

PnP'er: a player who passes you the Queen of Spades, takes the lead and plays spades until you eat her.

Lead taker: a player who has the need to take the lead. (They are great to have them to your left. IF they PnP you, hopefully one of the two players between you and the PnP'er will throw out the Ace or King.)

IF you have any questions/suggestions about playing Hearts, please e-mail me.

IF you should choose to be a point counting member of Hardwood Hearts, you will have to pay first. Go to www.silvercrk.com/ on how to get started.

None of this is an ad for them. I have been playing since 2000+ and have about 8K+ games played under my nick, A Traveler; with a present average of 1450.

So, there you have it. I doubt IF anyone from Hearts will read this, but IF you do and it works and make you a better player; cool!

10-14-14 Life Lesson: Oil Changes and Testing

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

Many of us, understand the methodology of why we change our car’s oil. But for those of you who don’t understand, here is a simple understanding of why you should change your oil

Many years ago, there was only one type of oil. It was extracted from the ground. Pennsylvania type oil was regarded as the best. There were different weights, which were used predominately during usage of the engine and seasons.

NOW, there is synthetic oil. It is far more-better and much more superior, than regular oil. 

Here is why you should use synthetic oil.

1.    Synthetic oil doesn’t freeze together when the temperature drops. Regular oil molecules stick together for warmth when the temperature gets bone chilling cold. (Well, maybe not), but when it gets bone chilling cold, your regular oil doesn’t flow as easily as synthetic oil. (Actually, mineral oil don't flow at all.)

So, when you get your car started, using mineral oil, is basically running your car without oil lubrication, on start up. It can take 15 seconds to minutes, before your engine is covered with oil. And IF it really, really cold out; you engine may not start at all because the crankshaft is in the semisolid mineral oil. 

With synthetic oil, your oil is flowing right away no matter how cold it is outside.

You can get that cheep oil change, for $30.00 with mineral oil. Or you can spend twice the money and get a synthetic oil change.

So, why would you want to help ruin an engine life is beyond me?

Oh, you keep your car in a garage.

O.K. now that it started right up in your warm garage, and you now drove it, until it warmed up.

Did you park it out side in the bone chilling cold? Hot goes to cold, so the mineral oil will probably will freeze up, literally, in say 4 hours.

Now what are you going to do?

You're going to crank your engine without oil, until it starts up and goes clicktey-clack, clicktey-clack. Then your going to let it run without a proper lubricant, metal to metal causing friction. When you start to burn oil, you’ll now know why. Dee Da Dee.

2.    Mineral oil, also holds the contamination of your engines blow-by. (That is when your running engine, combusts the air & gasoline mixture, and some of the air/mixture goes down past your piston, to your oil. IF you ran it when it as very cold, and scarred the piston walls, well, you'll get more blow by, than normal.) After about 5,000 miles your mineral oil starts to eat away at your engine.

Synthetic oil, can be run up to twice the length of a regular oil change. (I spoke to a Mobile 1 synthetic representative who told me they run a Camero for 25,000 miles without an oil change and noticed no significant oil modification in the oil.) I used to run my old 1987 Dodge for 12,000 to 15,000 miles before I did my oil/filter change. Sure it got black but it was still fine. The leaf spring rusted out and that was the end. Good engine, bad body.

NOW, lets say you like to know the condition of your engine. I had a situation, where I just had to have peace of mind. I got my oil change and checked just after 300 miles.

The cost for peace of mind was another synthetic oil change was a modest $25.00 plus shipping. I sent it to:


Blackstone Lab.s are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You can go to their web site, make a phone call to them, and they will send you a 3 oz. oil container for free. Well worth the money for peace of mind.

Next time you get your oil changed, just ask your mechanic to put 3 oz. of used into the container, and return it back to you. Mail it out, to Blackstone Lab.s and get an analysis back within the week.

Again, this is not an ad. 

IF your going to sell your car, what a selling feature, all is o.k. with your engine.

Isn't peace of mind worth $30.00? (Unless you really hate your car, and want to make new car payments.)

10-15-14 Life Lesson: Life on a Carousel or Roller Coaster

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

If you think about life, as an amusement park ride, you will soon realize there are two types of rides.

Is your life like a Carousel or a Roller Coaster ride?

First the carousel.

You can sit, in one of the chairs and just watch the world go by. A very nice feeling, in and of it self. Been there, done that. (Drugs?) You just do nothing and that is what you get, nothing but a good, warm feeling. Like peeing in a wet suit.

You can ride the painted ponies that go up and down. You can ever try to reach the brass ring, which is structured so that no one, ever gets the brass ring. Been there and hated it because it was a set up. But you do have your ups and downs; although not like the Roller Coaster's up's and down's.

Now the Roller Coaster.

We all, well…, most of us have been on a roller coaster some point in our life. The new ones are O.K.; although I for one haven’t been on a new roller coaster ride yet.

The one I remember clearly, is the Cyclone, in Coney Island; located in New York City, New York. 

Now the Cyclone was a roller coaster! An old, wooden built, roller coater that was built, way before my time.

The best part was, that when you went up and down on the ride, you raised both hands in the air. Now that is just cool! There is just a bar that goes across you gut/legs and nothing more to hold you in. (Remember, this was built way before seat belts and safety was a way of life.)

The best part, of my last time at Coney Island; was going into the second seat alone. Up we go. Down a short drop and back up higher. Down again, everyone screaming, (except me of course), my arms/hands extended way up in the air, and then I recall a hard turn to the right, at the bottom of the ride.

Since I was in the seat alone, on the right side of the seat, closet to the platform; where you enter the seats, on the Cyclone. 

With such great force, as the Cyclone made its hard right turn, I was immediately thrusted to the left side of the seat; (wow weeeeeeeeee!) with my arms/hands still up in the air, and; (Thanks to my Gods, Saints & Angels), I came very close, to being ejected out the left side of the seat. After all there was this “bar” just holding me in. 

Man, was I lucky.

So, yes, you can live your life on a carousel and go round and round and watch the painted ponies go up and down; or you can have a life like mine. Lots of ups and downs and at times, get almost thrown out of the ride. (Been there done that, especially in my younger days; one too many times.)

I have Mary and she has me; for over 25 years. We like our paid off house, and all 5 cars. (Each car has a different type uses. A convertible for sunny summer crusin every where and going now where. A pickup truck for housing supplies and for dropping off yard clippings. A highway/police cruiser for long trips. A small wagon for a Wal-Mart run in town, and Mary’s blue car, which she got from her daughter, just before she died.

I got a few dollars in the bank and we have no debt.

I look back on my life, as I went from job to job. From gang to gang. (I remember, that between the ages of 5 - 18 I had been with 8 different gangs.) From state/location to state/location. (W.P.P. - Wittness Protection Program) 

Yet, I remember along the way, there were some very special people who reached out to me and I will always be remembered. I guess you can say, we were short-term friends. I guess when I die, I’ll have more memories than most people; and that makes me a very rich person. (I know someone who had a lot of money; and died younger than me.)

I like to think, that when we die, my God, (a woman, of course) is going to say to me, “A, come on over here and snuggle up; and tell me another story.” Because that is what life is about. Gathering stories for us to carry us over through infinity. And who doesn’t like to hear a good, positive story? 

As for those negative people out there, you’ll have an eternity to review how you screw over you fellow human being, for what? A few dollars you can’t spend now because your dead.

You’ll have an eternity to relive those negative feeling.  Feelings of negativity you created because no one wants to hear just how you screwed over another fellow human being. Except maybe those that want to screw you over because birds of a feather, flock together.

10-16-14 Life Lesson: Dry Gas

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

I had thought I had knew everything about car mechanics. After all, I have been to two auto trade schools, and been turning a wrench since I was 17 year old. 

Well, Mary saw a T.V. show I about Dry Gas, (back in the early 90's) and she taped it for me. After watching the dry gas experiment,  I was shocked at how much I didn’t know.

There are two types of Dry Gas; the cheap one and the premium one.

The cheap one takes the water from your gas tank and floats it to the top of your gasoline. I guess eventually, it will break down and flush out your gas tank. I really don’t know. Or does it just breakdown and pool at the bottom of your gas tank?

I do know that the premium one, is called ISOPROPYL alcohol. This one cost more, about twice the price of the cheap one. $2.00 vs $1.00 a bottle.

ISOPROPYL mixes with your gas, and then flushes the water out of your gas tank. (Remember that person who parks in the garage, they are the ones who will have more water in their gas tank, or IF you wait to fill up when your empty. Air contains moisture.)

Menards has “SPLASH” ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL for about $1.50 a bottle. BUT IF you wait until Menards have “SPLASH” ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL on sale, @ $1.00 a bottle, you can stock up, like I did. (When you have 5 cars that need maintaining, you buy in bulk.)

Put it into your tank at the beginning of Fall when the leaves start to change, and then about once a month till the snow is gone. Great preventive maintenance at a great price of only $1.50 a month.

OR you can do nothing and when your on your way to work and the weather is bone chilling cold, (plus the speed your traveling makes it even colder) and your gas line freezes up…well you get the idea. But when that happens, all you have to do, is put a bottle or two into your gas tank and your car should start right up. (I know, happened to me, back in '75.)


10-17-14 Life Lesson: Life

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

When you in your teen’s you know more than any adult because:

1.    You listen to them most modern music, not that of dead people.

2.    You have someone who wakes you up, feeds you, provides shelter, chauffeurs  you around and you don’t have any bills to pay.

When you get into your twenties:

1.    You go to college and have fun.

2.    All your friends are getting married, and you don’t want to be left out.

3.    IF you lucky, you can move back home and live like a King and be waited on again.

When you get into your thirties:

1.    You realize, parenthood is not all it’s cracked up to be. You have one who, well, is just like you were; and now you're the parent and they are the KING! (or Queen).

When you get into your forties:

1.    Life throws you a curve ball, and you miss it. You get a situation that changes your life forever. (I threw out my back. Mary’s daughter lost her leg, and later died. And the list goes on.)

When you get into your fifties:

1.    You realize, your getting old and that you still have a good 10 years until you can retire.

2.    Your injuries are constantly becoming problematic.

When you get into your sixties:

1.    You realize no one told you it would be like this. OLD!

2.    You can’t wait to retire, but do you have enough money to do so?

3.    What took an hour to do, now takes 6 hours. Work 10 minutes, rest 20 minutes.

4.    As you look around you, you see the old people who are getting by. The very young lovers who don’t realize what is ahead of

       them. Divorced parents. Problem teenagers. Those with aches and pains you can identify with. Reckless drivers. Tailgaters and more.

5.    You take a night time aka-seltzer to get a 10 hours sleep.

6.    You take aleve for your pain so you can sleep at night.

7.    You learn to drive slower and enjoy the drive, even if it is only to Wal-Mart.

8.    If only we had know… . Yet we don't because we never listened before, and now, well now, we are that old person.

When you get into your seventies:

1.    You realize, what a long, strange trip it has been.

2.    And since no one ever told us what it is like when you die, you wonder, (and yes I believe in Gods, Saints, and Angels) is there really another level we go to? Is the purpose to gather up as much life experiences as possible so we can relive them later? Or is this it? (Which I personally hate, because I have a new experience every day; and sometimes more than one a day.)

I recall, being told "Heaven don't want me, and Hell is afraid I take over." What a life I have!

I like to add, the oldest profession in the world had one thing for it. There was an exchange of what we call today, money.

IF you look around you, 90% of the population evolves around money. (I’ll discuss that again, in another life lesson.) Too bad you can’t take it with you! Lol. what a cruel joke life as played on us. You spend a life time accruing all this money and you can’t take it with you.

MY friend Shellie has this motto on their wall, at work:


Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, latte in the other, body throughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “WOO HOO, what a ride!”

I firmly believe, that IF every person on this planet did just one thing to make this world a better place, just once a year, what a better world this would be. Imagine what would it would be like if just once a month? Once a week? Once a day, you found a problem and came up with a solution! 

What a more-better world this would be. So, as I have always said, "Don't give me problems, give me solutions."

So, IF you like Life Lessons, share with us a lesson you learned, and help make the world a better place  to live. Besides, "IF not you, then who?" (Remember "I'll HELP!")

10-18-14 Life Lesson: Suet Feeders are for the Birds

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

IF you’re like me, you like to watch the birds from your window. 

I have five (5) bird feeders in front of my window. (Yes, it gets pretty expensive keeping them all filled.)

All was good because the bird feeders were on the grass. Since Mary and I cut the grass, we prevented any strange growth from growing;  and cost was minimal when I was working.

That all changed this summer when, I dug up the soil and planted some ground cover. 

Then I put grass clipping, on top the tilled soil. Big Mistake! 

The ground cover was O.K. and slowly growing but where I put the grass clippings, well, it just made a great place for strange growth. (Now, it makes me now wonder about mulching the grass when you cut it, and does it help weeds grow?)

Fast forward to later this summer, I had up to fifty (50) sun flowers growing around my bird feeders. What a jungle it was!  Not only did it block my view of the street, but my hanging flowers, were the bird feeders were, had to be moved.

At the end of the summer season, I cut them, pulled them and now I have five (5) suet feeder. 

I still have five (5) hanging bird feeders but I only fill them up once in a while now. 

The birds do prefer bird feed to suet, but when suet is only available, they sure eat the suet. Suet lasts about two (20 weeks, while the bird seed last about 3 days.

It’s very simple to make a suet bird feeder hanger. 

You’ll need to buy

1 - 24” or so metal fence-post post-holder, for a 4” treated wooden post.

12 - 3/4” - 1” wood screws and washers.

1 - 4” x 4” x 8’ treated wood post.

5 - metal suet feeders and a case or two suet on sale.

1 - 3/4” - 1” treated lumber for the inside of the suet feeders. (About 2’ IF you can find some that short. I use 1” solid plastic decking.

Plastic ties.

Here are the instructions:

1.    Go to the box store, (Home Depot/Menards) and purchase a 4” x 4” fence-post post-holder. They are usually 24” or 32” inches in hight and run about $20.00 each. (The shorter the better.)

They hold a 4” x 4” treated wooden post, which is usually 8’ in hight and cost about $15.00 each.

Also get 12, 3/4” - 1’” wooden screws and large diameter washers. (You’ll never know when you will lose one or two when you’re building this project.)

The diameter wash is to cover the hole in the suet cage and hold it to the 4” x 4” post.

You’ll also need about 2’ of 1" x 5” solid plastic type 1” wood deck flooring. This will be cut to size, to fit inside the suet feeder. 


You can cut some 3/4” - 1” treated lumber. Either way, the goal is to elevate the inside base of the suet feeder to about 1” or less.

This raises the suet above the level of the inside cage. 

That means the suet is not so far deep that the birds can’t get to it, when it is horizontally mounted. 

I then use plastic ties to hold down the cage when I put the suet into the cage. (You put the tie through the top of the cover, and through the top of the base and pull it tight. I use pliers to pull it tight, because I don’t have the hand strength to pull it that tight. Expect to have mashed the suet through the top of the holder; not by much.)

Remember, your going to have the suet feeder on a horizontal level, and not on a vertical level. (They will be secured sideways with two screws and a washers to the 4” x 4” post vs hanging up n down on a chain.)

2.    Cut the treated 4” x 4” treated lumber post to the hight you want. I suggest about 4’ to 5’. (Although you can go higher, and do a double suet feeder. Four on the top and about two feet lower, another four suet feeders.)

3.    Buy 4 or 5 regular size suet feeders. I prefer the regular ones because they are easier to maintain, cheeper to purchase and I do buy suet on sales; in bulk. Runs from 65 to 75 cents each on sale. I usually buy 3 - 4 case of 10 each. And there are a half a dozen different types. Peanutbutter, Orange, Blueberry, Woodpecker, etc..

4.    Now, put the suet feeder on its side, horozontally, and put two 3/4” - 1” screws w/washers through the suet feed cage, into the side of the 4” x 4”treated lumber. One at a time of course. Two will secure the suet feeder from moving about, and will keep the suet feeder stationary; on its side.

Do this to all suet feeders on all four sides. You can also put a suet feeder on the top, just put the screws through the bottom of the feeder onto the top of post. Pretty cool.

Now, the suet feeders are on each side of the 4” x 4”, with one on the top. 5 Total suet feeders.

5.    Now decide where you like to put your suet feeder. 

When you decide, all you have to do is pound the post-holder into the ground using of course a sled hammer. You can keep the base above the ground. (That is where the 4” x 4” post gets secured by two screws.

You will also need a box wrench to tighten the bolts. (So, ask a neighbor to beat your post holder into the ground for you. (You’ll use about 6” of a cut 4” x 4” which will fit into the post-holder; and then, begin to beat it with a sledge hammer.) Then remove the destroyed 4” x 4” teated wood and place your suet feeder into it, and tighten it with a box wrench.

6.     All you now have to do, is put in a foundation into each of the suet feeders, for the suet to sit on. (I used the plastic type of decking wood or you can use treated wood into the suet feeder. See NO. 1 above. It will take some cutting to make it fix. A sharp, hand saw works great.) 

When the suet feeder bottoms are cut, put them it into the bottom of the suet feeder, and put your suet on top. Bring a rag because the suet is a bit of a mess to handle or you can buy throwaway rubber gloves.

7.    I only buy suet when it is on sale, anywhere from 65 to 75 cents each. (Right now, they are selling suet at $1.49+ each.)

The birds just stand on the suet feeder and eat. Every once in a while I see the ground squirrel or chip monk; up there with the birds eating. They do like the orange type; but I bought some different suets ones as well.

I hope this has made sense, because I’m not a technical writer.

Enjoy your bird watching, because I do.

​10-19-14 Life Lesson: Dieting

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

All dieting or anorexia says about you; is that your too lazy to exercise.

Think about it. You do something like what is natural, like eating and instead, you go to an extreme. 

We all know that eventually, you will stop this extreme and go back to your normal ways. EATING! It is only natural to eat. And when you put in more calories than you burn, you store it as fat.

What you don’t realize is that our bodies rely on a certain amount of calories to survive. When we cut those calories down, our wonderful body readjusts the new, lower calorie intake from the one we used to have.

Simply put:  IF you're a 2,000 calorie intake per day person, and you cut it down to 1,000 calorie intake per day; your body now does what 2,000 calories did; to 1,000 calories per day. (Imagine IF our cars did that. One day we drive so more-better and get great fuel economy and from that point on, no matter how lead foot we are, we get great fuel economy. (LOL, yea right!) Well that is our bodies for you.

This all goes back to cave man days. We may have matured intellectually, but not physically. So, why diet at all?

Again, now your body has adjusted to 1,000 calories. Do you know what happens when you go off your diet?

I’ll tell you. Anything over 1,000 calories now becomes fat. That is right, FAT! Thus the nasty cycle of attempting to lose weight becomes a cycle of gaining weight. And imagine, just gaining a pound a month. 10 pounds a year becomes 100 pounds in 10 years.

Why is that? (Glad you asked.)

Because back in cave man times there were famines. So, our bodies stores this extra fat in case of a famine. It learned to store fat. 

So, IF you don’t like yourself, have no self confidence, and diet to please another person, your just plain silly. Accept the fact that your fat. SO WHAT!!! 

NOW, IF you really want to do something about the fat, try exercising.

Yes, exercise is what you need to do.

First of all you’ll be healthier. 

Second of all, you may just weight the same or more because muscle, weights more than fat. But most of all, you’ll look and feel sexier. That is right. sexier and feel better about yourself.

Think about it. First of all, you’re no longer this fat lazy person. You’re active, Firmer all over, with more self confident, and looking healthier and sexier. You may be big, but you're not going to die from over eating. Actually, you should continue eating like you do because you’re burning those calories.

I know, exercise is a hard habit to start; and when you get to my age, you no longer care. Well at least I don’t.But, like the statement says, a journey of 1,000 steps starts with the first step. And soon the garage will be cleaned, and 1/2 of the garage will have my exercise equipment in there, on a plush rug. (And yes, I will write about my exercising.)

I suggest you first start by walking around the block. That is it. Just a walk around the block.

After a when you’ll get tired of the same scenery and take an extra block to walk. 

Soon, you’ll decide you rather do it in home, on a treadmill, while watching TV; which is better than sitting, eating and watching TV; especially when it is cold outside.

Next, you’ll be thinking of a 24 hour gym. This way you can go whenever you choose. And those skinny, well built people will look at you and stare, but the longer you go, the slimmer you get, you’ll start noticing, the more healthy gym friends you’ll have.


And If you have a sedentary job, cool. On break, take a short walk. (Short to get you in the habit of moving around. NOT going from desk chair to break room chair.)

So remember, you may be plump on the outside, but inside, you’re a whole lot healthier that that skinny person next to you. Truth be told. Enjoy your life and life it for you, NOT someone else!

10-20-14 Life Lesson: Toilet Bowl Fresheners

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

I just have to write about this incident; because it just happened.

Mary put a toilet bowl fresher on the inside of the toilet a week or so ago. Sure it masked the smell of human waste, but guess what, (your right), somehow, it fell into the toilet water and got flushed away. O.M.G. Nooooooooooooooooo! OH YES!!!

Now it is stuck, (hopefully), in the toilet system. (I know this because the water doesn’t flush properly with force.) Which is a good thing, because it didn’t go down into the main system and clog up everything.

So, I decide, that I have to take the toilet off its foundation,because I tried to stick a coat hanger thru the porcelain, and retrieve the toilet bowl freshener. That didn't work.

Fast foward, the unit was fortunately, at the bottom of the toilet bowl, after I took it off its foundation.

NOT a big deal, because two bolts on the side hold the toilet to the foundation. Just loosen and remove the nuts. Up comes the toilet. Less than 5 minutes of work.

Don’t forget to shut off the water supply and remove the hose that is connected to the toilet. Need I mention, to drain as much water out of the toilet after you shut off the water.

Now you’ll have to remove a wax ring that will need to be replace. (I suggest throw away gloves for this project. Not that the wax ring is nasty, it’s just wax and messy.)

Replace the wax ring with a new one. 

I put the toilet on its back, or sideways. (Try this again.) I put the toilet tank on its back, so the base was showing, up in the air, in the center. Easy access.

Then I got my throwaway rubber gloves, (I got two boxes of food gloves from Sam’s Club.) And took out the old wax ring. Cleaned up where the wax was and I put the new one in its place. Easy.

Replace the nuts and bolts if they are rusty.

When you tighten the nuts, do a little on each side, so it is not lop-sided when you tighten them down. 

Personally I suggest,  IF you need to replace your toilet, I suggest Kohler low water usage toilet. And Kohler has a toilet seat that when you give it a pull to close, it closes it self. How cool is that.

10-21-14 Life Lesson: Dryer Vents

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

Another situation that needs attention is dryer hoses.

A friend told me a story how his son’s dryer wasn’t blowing with force out the external vent. It was basically a straight line from the dryer to out of the house. He took a broom stick and pushed it in and out the external vent, and that made all the difference.

A whole lot of lint came out. 

Now, we had birds wanting to nest in our dryer vent, a few years ago. I put a bird cage cover over our dryer vent. 

When I was up there, Mary turned on the Dryer, and by the force coming out of the dryer vent, I knew that the dryer was functioning properly. 

IF you can turn on your dryer, go to the outside vent, and feel the air flow. 

IF there is not a whole lot air being forced out, I strongly suggest you clean your vent at the bottom because gravity is holding lint in which is blocking your vent. You may even experience a fire when all this lint ignites.

So, please, take a moment out and check to see IF you have a force of air coming out of your dryer vent.

You can take a vacuum cleaner and it will gather the lint for you. But you have to move the dryer and turn on the vacuum cleaner. That is called preventive maintenance.

10-22-14 Life Lesson: Circulating Fans

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

I now know of two people who left a floor circulating fan on, when they left the house to run an errand. Both had a fires. 

One was in an apartment, and the other lost her home, burned to the ground, with all her possessions. (Being a pack rat, I don’t know what I do?)

Mary goes around and shuts off all ceiling fans; before we go out running errands.

FYI: Ceiling fans and circulating fans are two different fans.

I strongly suggest you put ceiling fans in all your rooms, except the closet and bathroom and do away with a floor circulating fan. 

Ceiling fans are made more-better, add summer & winter circulation, increase property value, rarely need to be replaced, and they now make halogen bulbs for them.

Also, this is a plug for smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors. 

IF you don’t have any, get some. 

We have smoke detectors in all bed rooms and one in the hall way.

We also have carbon dioxide detectors in two bedrooms floor outlets and one in the kitchen floor outlet. 

What is your life worth?

10-23-14 Life Lesson: Toilet Paper

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

​When I was much younger, I would read “Dear Abby” because people wrote in with the most stupid things and, well, they knew the answer but were afraid of realizing it. So, they wrote to Abby, for reassurance. Human beings, go figure.

Well, I recall, about every few years or so, someone would write in about toilet paper and the “proper” way it should be put in the toilet paper roller. 

Yes, since one bathroom is out-of-order, and it took a second to realize, that the toilet paper was almost empty from my last usage; (Mary), and then I thought about Dear Abby.

Well, here is a great experiment for you to do. 

When your toilet paper runs out, put the roll in the opposite direction of which you usually place it.

When you first tug on the toilet paper, see if the same amount comes down more or less.

My experience has been, we automatically have a certain tug. 

After all, after about 10,000+ habit pulls, we all know, just how much toilet paper we need. When we change the direction of the toilet paper, the tug is the same; but the amount is different.

So, are you an inner or outer? 

And then there is the question: one or two ply?

And NO I’m not going to keep track of what you say and post it. I just wanted to share this though with you.

10-24-14 Life Lesson: OXYMORON

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

This is an original letter I received and is printed in its original format.

In the upper left hand corner is:


July 15, 2014

Mr. A. Traveler

xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx

Auburn, Indiana 46706-xxxx

Dear Mr. Traveler,

I have received your letters dated July 10 and July 11, 2014 sharing your thoughts and ideas for the Perdue Master Gardner Program.

I appreciate feedback from Master Gardeners volunteers and encourage Master Gardeners to express their ideas about how we can continue to improve this excellent Purdue Extension program. Thank you!

However, there are higher priorities for the program. Therefore I will not be pursuing your suggestions nor will I require your assistance with the suggested projects.


John C. Orick

Perdue Master Gardner State Coordinator

NOW, do you have to ask what happened? 

I saw a problem and I gave a solution; in which I would spear head the suggestions.

IF the suggestions were short lived, we all would have learned from them. 

IF the suggestions were blooming ideas, the Master Gardner Program would have gained so much.

Thus, the simple reason why I chose NOT to be part of an orgainzation that refuses to take a chance and grow. And we all know that the turtle goes no-where without sticking it’s head out. 

Too bad, Mr. Orick chose not to share those “...higher priorities for the program.” with me because I may have been able to help him polish those higher priorities.

After all, none of us is as smart, as all of us together!

02-01-15 Life Lesson: 80/20 Precent Rule
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At one point in our life we must have heard about how 80% of the work is done by 20% of the workers. After careful considerations, I firmly believe that the 80/20 percent rule is alive in all parts of our lives. Just put it to the test and see for your self; IF it’s not true.

I went to the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center where I met with Marilynn, who asked me to do three (3) things.

1.    Ask seniors “How they feel about my idea.”. (Truth be told, the 80/20 percent rule applies here too; and being I have learned to be objective, here are my findings.)
    1.    Great idea. (But I’m here because I don’t need it. I’m part of the 80%.)
    2.    Would use it. (But I rather telephone 211 and not see you in Wal-Mart as a person who knows my problem.)

Reality is: The 20% that could use it, will not know of it because they are the 20% that are in need of help; but they don’t realize it until it’s too late. (Human nature.)

2.    Get a dozen (12+/-) friends/strangers to help polish your idea.
    1.    I have no friends. (Nor do i mind. Just me and Mary, is fine with me.) I do  have a lot of friendships, but no one comes over to the house nor do we visit anyone. So how am I going to get people to help?
    2.    I was advised reality is, There is no seed money for nonprofit start ups.
        a.    recall the 80/20 rule. 80% of the population is all about money; while the other 20% is homeless.
        b.    Angels/Sharks, Friends/Strangers want to invest in a money return.

Reality is: How do you get 12 strangers to help? I’m not a salesman. I couldn’t sell water to a person dying of thirst. (Mary & I are givers; not takers.) Selling the idea is fruitless.

3.    Once polished, you’ll need a Board of Directors, preferably nine (9) to break any ties. And once your there, you’re no longer in control. (So, IF I get that far, and it becomes a reality and  takes off, I can be removed for someone more-better.)
    1.    Being 1 & 2 are not becoming a reality, no need to ever go to 3.

Reality is: I only lost less than $100.00 on this idea VS $45K on my last venture. (And no one told me the dark truth. ‘It will take 3 - 5 years, and about $350-500K before you start turning a profit.’ I figured that one out in less than two (2) weeks and I closed the doors.)

I like to ‘Thank You’ all, very much, who did at least consider helping me. 

Reality is: I really have to ‘Thank’ Marilynn, who like me, is part of the 20%; where we tell the dark truth and shatter peoples dreams. Sure, there are times, we just have to prove the other person is wrong. Reality is, I was *wrong this time and I accept that.

I guess you might say, I have an anorexia nervosa pertaining to fame. I have tried many times, and I have never, ever hit the target. I hope, that my remaining years on this planet, are filled with knowing; you know who I am. ‘Thank You Very Much’ for your friendship!

*Actually, 80% of the time I’m right, but in this instance in time, I was part of the 20%.

Post Script:    I just discussed the 80/20 rule with Mary, my lover, friend, partner, etc. and truth be told, I prefer her by my side. 

Yet, as the motto goes, ‘lead, follow, stay by my side or get out of the way’. There are times, when the path only allows one person to lead and other times the path is wide enough for two people to be side by side. 

Let us not forget about the Y in the path. Personally, I chose to take the path least taken. And that has given me the most memories, I can ever cherish. Although, what a long, strange, roller coaster trip, it has been; to date.

I personally think; IF everyone understand the 20/80 percent rule, we-all can play together in the sand box. After all, we’re in this together.

I just like to know, when we die, are we graded, left behind and we’re reincarnated; or do we go to the next phase in our journey, whatever that may be? 

Or do we go out like a candle blow out, and never carry our memories with us?

What a life we live!

Looking back in history, life has always been 80/20. Funny how we just relate it only to work.

Either way, I hope the 80/20 rule has helped you, as it has helped, Mary and I.

Happy Trails,

A Traveler

One more ramble:  
wwww.atraveler.info  (This web site is now being dedicated to Larry, (BRCF).  Thanks Larry for your support!) 

10-01-14 Life Lesson: Death of a Lover; Mary!

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A Life Lesson I learned the hard way, is my Lover, Mary, dying before her time. (Or at least before I wanted her to die.)

Mary taught me unconditional love. For Mary loved me unconditionally, no matter how big of an "A"sshole I was.

Now that Mary is dead, I like to talk to you about what you can do to prevent your self from going down the crapper, and becoming an: Alcoholic, Wino, Drug Addict or simply Dying from a broken heart.

​To be continued......

08-18-16 Hazardous Material are being rail loaded thur you state by a computer that is in my opinion, defective.
Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

Soon a copy of my letters to 48 governors and 98 senators and some Government Official!

​To be continued......NOT!!! After a battle, which I could have won, I chose to accept early retirement. NO cash benefits or other attachments. Eventually, there will be an accident, and the Engineer will be blamed, we will all forget those that died because a computer ran the train. 

10-03-14 Life Lesson: Name Change
Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

I had a very lousy childhood. I simply put lived with a family, but was not part of the family.

My mother had my two, younger, sisters. My father, never taught me a life lesson. Everything I know today, is because I learned it the hard way; all by my self.

So, in order to escape my past, not only did I leave N.Y.C.; I left my name behind as well!

I reinvented myself by going to K.C. where a good friend had a house and spare room in the getto, and help me get employment. Which was the foundation, for who I am today; A Traveler.

Recently, I had the honor of being at a friends house, who had changed her name; or shortened it. While there her daughter's daughter was, politely put, yelling at her daughter, (which I didn't realize at the time) that her name was (full name) and not the shortened version she was introducing herself to me, LOL because her mother, had shortened her name as well. 

So, here I was in a house, where Mother, daughter and daughter's daughter had all shortened their names. The only one who has not shortened her name was the two year old child, who in my opinion, was a darling, with a wonderful name. Too bad, it's in the gene pool, that she too will be like the three adult women in the family before her, and she to will change/shorten her name.

The best part is, i really think, not one of them realize, they too, changed their wonderful names also. LOL

​I like to state, at this time, IF you like me, had a lousy childhood, or just some stupid shit happen in your life that you have a problem shaking; consider a name change. Do it legally, and you unlike me, will be able to get a passport. Mine is another story, mixed with another story for another time. 

But, you, if you want to change you have to start by changing. A name change followed up by going to a new place, and reinvesting your self is a wonderful way to change your life; especially if your young enough.

​10-01-14 Life Lesson: Gods, Saints, and Angels
​Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"​

I realize that many of you will think, crazy New Yorker, but that is cool. The only person who can back me up is dead. So, either you believe me or not; is just your choice. It has no effect on my life.

​When we purchased our home, i put a crystal in each marker hole outlining our property. That was a first. Then i put crystals in all the windows, ceiling fans, and other places throughout the house. 

Years ago, the house across the street, behind us and both house to our left and right, all lost shingles from their roofs. We never did.

One night, around 0200 in the morning, Mary had to get up out of bed, because they (Gods, Saints and Angels) were making too much noise in the living room. Mary had to ask them to be quiet.

IF you know what a spicer is, cool. If not, it connects two wires to one via a spicer. At 1815/0615 pm Mary told me that she messed up the remote control and it is not working; again.  Now it was working earlier, so I attempted to fix the problem. This lead to a full blown fight. I though I had tripped on the ottoman; but Mary said it was 6 feet behind me next to Mary. Long story short, I found the problem. The cable from wall was spliced to the television; bypassing the cable box. I thought the fight took 45 minutes and it actually took 2 hours 45 minutes. The clock on the wall read 2100/0900 pm. IF Mary was here she would tell you I was telling the truth because she was there. It still blows my mind because the television worked and where did 2 hours go?

At times, when me and Mary watched television, one of the little ones, would stick me with a sharp instrument in my foot. It would feel like someone struck me with a pin.

​There were times when i was lying down in bed, and the bed felt like someone has sat down on the bed. when I open my eyes, and look, no one was there.

About 45 days after Mary's death, one of the little one's pricked my right foot with a sharp object, just to let me know, they have never left me. But, I haven't been pricked after Mary's death or since, except that one time. I guess they are let me mourn.

By now, you have realized Mary has been dead for a couple of months now. And I have to say, that without me stopping the television, at what appeared to me, to be an emotional script, we would talk about what we would do, if the other should die.

Mary was going to have to downsize. Me, I was going to bring my girlfriends to her funeral. (Funny, I have not had a funeral for her yet.) Within less than 3 hours I had my profile on the web. LOL. Without a plan I would be an total mess. Mary knew I would go into a tailspin, and never come out of it. Mary always said to me, "You can't tell me you love me when I'm dead, because I can't hear you." So, here I am, chasing the skirts.   

I have to admit, I miss Mary, but life goes on. I learned that when President Kennedy got shot. Time didn't stop.

But now I have to tell you this story.

A few days after Mary's death, the kitchen garage door and the front glass door both opened and closed. I know Mary and our Gods, Saints and Angels have returned.

Then I started getting bouts of depression. Only when taking a train from Chicago back home. It would last an hour or so and disperse.  

​About 3 weeks later, I had a full blown, 8 hour depression, I couldn't shake. I know Mary has left the planet. She has moved on. 

​Then about 2 nights or so later, I had parked the Corvette in the driveway, for reason I don't know. I do know it is 0100 in the morning, and I am going  out the front door. As I open the front door, i saw these two, mature, sweat bees on the left side of me, floating up and down; waiting for me. I immediately knew it was Mary and her lover. So. I open the glass door and i say, "What are you guys doing here." 

I close the front door, and as the glass door closes, I think, Mary like the glass door locked. So, I turn around, put the key in the lock, and this sweat bee, brushes my left cheek. Mary's way of telling me how much she loved me and how I never did her wrong, and i should move on. And I have since them. 

​Sure, i get emotional; I'm a marshmallow. What can I tell you.

Enjoy your life, talk with your significant other, because Mary, had a 2 month notification; before she died. Talk about what you are going to do!

To be continued......I found that most people know more than me about death, long before their lover dies. So, why should I waste my time trying to explain why they should love that person 100% when together?

September 19, 2017

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How times have changed. Yes, it's been over a year since Mary's death, and here I am.......in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas!

I must say it is good to be writing again. I have a lot to type; since I wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts going through my brain, like a freight train I used to run. 

So, give me some time to gather my self up off the ground and slowly start walking, with the living again. LOL

OH, I like to add, (which I have have), Diamondhead Blog is going to be my main direction. Which doesn't mean, I have forgotten Life Lessons. I have had so many..........this past year. Yet most of them are now here in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.

September 20, 2017
Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

 I like to say that I now have completed getting all my toy. 2 sports cars, 1 highway cruiser, and an old beat up pick em up truck; along with a boat and jon boat. (NOT that i know how to boat, being from NYC.)

A while back I read in a magazine, about this t-shirt that was in Chinese, (yes I know I can't spell.) and the translation losely came to: "When the wheels on the ground are turning, the wheels in the mind are (also) turning." I think we can all contest that when we are driving our motor vehicles, we sometimes think.

Well, I didn't have a motor vehicle to drive. (But I have to say, I was quite angry about something I read, which didn't make me a good driver. NO tickets and NO accidents.) Yet, I did have a boat to go out on the waters on; which I did with my LOVER, Fran.

It was a good experience and although I did have some anger issues, we had a grand conservation and i gotten enlightened. 

​Funny, how being ignorant can make you "see red". Yes, I was upset about what I read, and then found out, that the direction I was heading in, was jumping ahead of what I needed to do first. Thus, IF I did, I would be going down the wrong road, full speed ahead! 

So, my advice to you is. Certainly you believe your right! You think your right! and you many be right! BUT; what if your wrong? 

Take a breath, stop what your doing. Relax; and damm the torpedoes! NO, really, what is the worst damage you can do IF your wrong? Ruin your credibility and your reputation. 

Find someone you can talk to and listen to what they have to say. And IF your still enraged, ask what facts do you have to back up your anger? IF you don't have any, go out and get some facts and then act out, professionally.

​And IF you don't know what I am talking about, go to Diamondhead Blog, 9-20-17, and read what I have to say.

​Aside from that, I'm getting more better at boating. It only took me a good 30 to 45......minutes to dock the boat! LOL

September 20, 2017
Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

To many of you that I have had a personal interchange with, I believe most would agree, I'm open, flexible, speak my mind, roll with the jokes, and am cordial. Thus I can proudly say, "The New Yorker in me, has NOT come out!".

​Well, you read and decide.

C.S. Diamondhead·5 Sep
I'd love to play, but I'm a TERRIBLE golfer.  If anyone would be willing to play with me with zero expectation of performance, please let me know!  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous!

J. N. Diamondhead·5 Sep
What's the cost per team

J. R. Diamondhead·6 Sep
A single player is $60 per person if a member.  Please call the ProShop for the exact fees for non-members.  We have played in the past and have really enjoyed it.
They have a silent auction for gifts and prizes that anyone can bid on after play.  
I'm sure, Cindy, they have teams that are looking for players.  Skilled or not it's a great cause to get out & enjoy the nice weather.

A Traveler, Diamondhead·20h ago
C.S., I am wiling to state, your more better than me. (FYI: most of my hits are ground balls at the driving range.) I got clubs that need to be broken in and a golf cart that I hope can make all 18 holes.
Let me know if your interested. A Traveler 260-573-8176 (on Plum Hollow Blvd.)

J. R. Diamondhead·19h ago
This is response to "a traveler ". Cindy was talking about a golf tournament that has already happened. Please watch what you are responding to or start a new subject. Thanks.

A Traveler, Diamondhead·8h ago
J. R., i have to ask:  i see no reference to a "golf tournament". talk around the subject, yet NOT about the subject.
I also have to ask, are your the next-door police?
IF NOT, than please, don't tell me what i can or can't respond to or what I should or should not do.
And remember: Your not my mother!
Respectfully Submitted
a traveler, out

J. R., Diamondhead·7h ago
It's on the picture! Excuse me for telling you anything. I'm hoping this will be a wake up call for the administrator of this site!

A Traveler·Just now
Your not the administrator. Don't act like one!
And I will do you a favor. I will pass our comments onto the adminstrator(s) and request to find out IF you have in the past acted like the administrator,  chastising other. 
a traveler, out
Post Script: For the record, C. S., Diamondhead·5 Sep didn't complain. YOU DID!!!!

And that is what i did. I filed a complaint with administration, requesting that J.R. stop chastising and harassing me. And to review IF she has been doing this to others.

So, as you can read, I'm your best friend or worst nightmare. I'm just a mirror, who mirrors your actions towards me. And I do enjoy a good joke, even if it is on or about me.

Which reminds of a time when I was part of the crowd stoning Mary Imaculate or what ever her name was. I don't remember.

Jesus steps up, and says, "He who is without sin, cast the first stone!"

​All is silent, not a stone was thrown, and then, out of the sky comes this big rock and hits Mary in the head.

The crowd is stunned, and Jesus says, "Mother, please."

I just found out that D.P. is a moderator for the site I was talking about.

​D.P. I believe that as the Moderator, your responsibility is to prevent "Please watch what you are responding to or start a new subject." which was not necessary to state since Jo Rhodes is not an administrator nor a moderator and Cindy Sacker, who I was addressing, had no complaint about what I said.

IF you can, in minute detail, explain to me what I said wrong, I will fix it!

Respectfully Submitted,
a traveler, out
www.atraveler, out

August 11, 2018
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Apparently NO ONE Cares. Is the truth. We all have battles, and Big Business usually wins. After of years of fighting battles, I have finally decided to not do so much fighting any more. The world is structured in such a way, that, the squeaky wheel get replaced. Easier that way. 

All you can do, is learn from others, to make your self more better. Sure you can fight, but hell, the big machine keeps on grinding out and spitting you out; as someone else takes your place.

​I have always said, "I am here today because of my past." So, why look back? Look forward and learn from your mistakes and others mistakes. And in the end, nothing else will matter.

“Double-u, whose name reflects stages in the letter's evolution when it was considered two of the same letter, a double U, is the only modern English letter whose name has more than one syllable.” Per Wikipedia.

YET; when man began to write, it was in block form. Cursive writing was not invented yet. (and that is my belief!) So, why is a W not considered a “Double V”? 

Which then brings in the question of our existence? 

OH! I know, “The Traveler’s Guide to the Universe.” LOL.

I always, well, not always, but since I arrived here, at my new home, I wondered why people keep boats that they never use. Apparently, they must be paid for by now, so why keep a boat in a covered shed?

​I figured it out!

When I bought the TARDIS new, a 17' Travel Trailer, I paid, almost $900 for DMV plate. Yea, $900 for a life time plate. So, why the hell should I want to sell the TARDIS; after paying $900 for a plate? aka keep the boat, even though we don't use it; because you never know when, we may use the boat. LOL, because 'the happiest days of your life is when you buy the boat, and when you sell the boat'. Never knew that meaning until I bought and sold my boat. LOL

​IF you are a music person like me, aka can't tell one note from another, but I know what sounds I like...The library has some grand music CD's that you can borrow. I take out 20 CD's at a time, and in about 10 seconds, I know IF I like the noise or not. IF I do, I copy the noise to my iTunes, on my computer. NOW I have a collection of music I like. To date about 9K songs. The best part is I can burn the songs, onto a CD, in any order I choose and play them in the car.

I spoke with a wonderful woman, Judy, who enlightened me about a stroke. She had one, and you have one hour to get a shot that will help you from being in a wheel chair. And IF you don't practice every day, you forget. You forget, and you are back in a wheel chair. 

Judy, also told me that our bodies deplete melatonin as we get older. I had to double check that, and I asked the pharmacist and he verified that fact. So, aside from taking 2 "EQUATE (Walmart) Nighttime Sleep Aid's I was not getting my regular 8 to 10 hours sleep. (Yes, I know, but hell, I don't have to get up for a job.) I was waking up in the middle of the night/day, (new day starts at 0001 hours.) so, I got me 1 mg. of melatonin at the store. 

LOL cause yesterday, I took 1/2 mg. of melatonin and 2 sleep aids, and I was tired in about an hour later. So, I went to bed about 2030/0830 pm and woke up at about 0030/1230 am. I decided not to get up, and although I may have slept, I don't know, I did get up at 0430/0430 am. And here I am telling you this story.

So, that explains why as we get older, we sleep less. Funny how no one told us because we lack Melatonin in our body.

August 17, 2018
Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"

NITROGEN get it in you car tires and get more better gas mileage. LOL here is a great true story about that!

​I went to my auto mechanic and told him I needed new tires.

Walmart and Sam's Club sell tires that are on the average, 1.5 years old. So, an average of 6 years life span is now cut down to 4.5 years. Sure you get a discount, but what IF you like me only drive the car, 5 to 7 thousand miles a year? WELL, hell, with a span of 60 to 80 thousand miles, you just scratched the surface of wear and tear on the tires, and they only lasted about 4 years before they start showing signs of cracking.

You may recall the movie star, who got a old car, and punched it, and wiped out, killing him and his buddy. What they didn't tell you was the car sat for about 6 years, the tires were not new. They had tire rot. Yea, now he is dead. Hello! Spend you money on good NEW tires!!! 

​Well, he got me a set of Cooper Tires, that were 3 months old.

ON the side of the tire, it shows the birth date,  two for week and two for year.

Next time you get tires, go and ask to see the manufacture date. I did that at Sam's Club, and the technician showed me. They were 1.5 years old. 

I use Tire Rack for tires on the Corvette. I have them research all warehouses for the most recent tire dates an then buy them and ask to see the date when they arrive.

​So, I tell him, I an going to get NITROGEN put into my tires. (NOW, call me silly, but I swear that I can go 2 to 3 miles faster around a 30 mph turn than I did without the NITROGEN.) He  then proceeds to tell me that my tires already have NITROGEN. And adds, that the air we breath has 80% NITROGEN. It's a sales gimmick!

​And I am thinking, "What does this old man know!"

So, I go home and research the percentages of things in our air, on this planet. LOL, OMG!!! Yes, was I wrong. Well, partly wrong, because I knew we have about 20% oxygen to breath and we need 18% or greater to breathe.

​The other 80% is NITROGEN! And about 03% other gasses. Go figure. That old man was 100% correct. Now wrap your brain around that one, IF you think NITROGEN is so grand.

They let the air out of your tire. OK, Now what about the air that is still left in the tire?  Say, 03% of which is 80% NITROGEN! And then they add pure NITROGEN, so you now have about 97% NITROGEN in your tires. VS 80% NITROGEN. So, does an 17% difference make that much of a difference VS a placebo? All depends on how you think.

I don't know, but I do know that 1.5 years on a new set tires purchased sure does matter, when purchased new. aka tire rot. And what about a used car tires? What is your life; families life worth to you?

​Sure your getting a 20% discount on 25% tire usage. They still make 05% off you, Dee Da Dee.

FYI: So, IF you don't find it here, try my journal.

Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"
​Brought to you by www.atraveler.info ... "Where pregnant ideas are born and nurtured"