​​​​​​LIFE   LESSONS  
​                                                                   By  A  TRAVELER

The first two stories are my flag ship stories. The Moon is short and my first, while Lightening and Thunder is longer.  

Both are factual, with silly jokes along the way. 

I have given up on being an author. I like retirement followed by death in about 10 years or so. Disregard the rest. LOL!

NOW! IF you think they have potential, and would like to act as my agent, (10%) by contacting some publishing companies that will take the books and use them to change the name of the boy/girl to the parent(s) children's name in the story.

​I have about 30 more ideas for books, and I think selling to a market of parents who have similar interests, can be used to sell them the idea of the book, and they can to read to their children; with their names in place.

This is my agreement and my word is all I have to offer. It is a first come, first serve and IF someone has a better offer, we will have to strike a mutual deal. Tell me what you have, and what you can do, they can do, etc. (spell it out and submit it.)

I need feed back. Just send me some feed back on what you think of my two books. Thank you.

FYI: i had an librarian do some proof reading, but never put the changes in. I like them rough. It give the publisher an idea of how I write and what they can do to fix it. After all, I am but human and I make mistakes.

Everything is open, and I did start one on Lakes, but man, that was very hard to flow. LOL no pun intended. I just couldn't make a connections with all the information overload.

IF you like to collaborate on a book, let me know. It's not hard, just time consuming.

Again, you have to 50% of the work, otherwise I am doing your job. (All you need to do is be somewhat knowledgeable about a subject. Factual knowledge.) Then you have to put it on paper. back it up with some research on what you say.

Then I take those facts and see IF I can put it into a story like I did for the next two you are going to read.

Plain, simple and fun! FYI: the e-mail is up and running. so drop me a line any time.


NOW; for your reading entertainment:


THE MOON by A Traveler/Magic Car Books

Chapter 1

Come on in and close your door. Put your seat belt on and close your eyes, because we are taking a trip in Traveler's Magic Car.    

We are not! Braden says with a laugh.    

Yes we are, says Traveler, with a wink in his smile. 

Open your eyes and look around to see where my Magic Car has taken us, says Traveler, with a wink in his smile. 

What do you see?

Chapter 2

Braden, is looking around with joy in his eyes; when he then shouts, we are on the moon! 

Yea and then Braden begins to laughs and laughs. Lucky Braden had his seat belt still on buckled or he would have fallen on the floor laughing.

Did you know that the moon is not a planet, Braden?

Of course I did, said Braden. What holds the moon up?

I do not know, what holds the moon up?

Moonbeams say Braden.

They both begin to laugh because Braden made a joke.

How did the moon get here asks Braden?

It happened when a rock, the size of Mars, slammed into the earth.

A rock the size of Mars slammed into the earth? Braden  begins to think, and says isn’t Mars a planet?

No, it’s a candy bar, says Traveler with a chuckle in his voice.

Now Traveler, you are using your imagination. I know that Mars is a planet.

You are right, Braden I was kidding you because Mars is a planet; although it is a candy bar too.

Traveler asks Braden, what's the most popular snack on Mars?

Braden says, mars-mellows; and they both laugh and laugh.

Braden says, O.K. Travelers, enough with the jokes, when did earth get her moon? 

The earth got her moon, about four (4,000,000,000) billion years ago, Braden.

That is a very long time ago.

Yes, it is, a very long time ago.

Chapter 3

Wow - we! Yelled Braden, the moon is surely far away from our planet earth.

The moon is not that far away. The distance between the earth and the moon is about two hundred twenty-five thousand (225,000) miles away.

The moon sure looks big, when I look at it from my back yard on earth. Now the moon looks even bigger, since we are standing on the moon.

The moon is about one quarter (1/4) the size of the earth, say Traveler.

What is one quarter (1/4)? Asks Braden.

One quarter (1/4) is twenty-five (25) cents, answers Traveler.

Again, you are kidding me; aren’t you. What does one quarter (1/4) stand for?

One quarter (1/4) of a size means that the size of the moon, is four (4) times smaller than the size of the earth. One half (1/2) would be just that; half the size of the earth or half the size of an object. Do you get it now, Braden?

I got it, and I will not forget it. One quarter (1/4) is a measurement used to describe something that is four (4) times smaller than something else. Four (4) quarters equal one dollar.

Braden and Traveler both begin to laugh.

Braden then says, four (4) quarters (1/4’s) equal one (1) whole part of something. Twenty-five (25) percent (%) is one (1) quarter, also.

Correct Braden. Now, lets have a math lesson some other time, Braden.

Certainly, say Braden.

Traveler asks Braden, how do you know when the moon is going broke?

Braden says, I do not know how to tell; when the moon is going broke.

When the moon is down to its last quarter.

That is a bad joke, Traveler.

They both begin laughing, though it is a bad joke.

Chapter 4

When I look out my window at night, and I see a full moon, it looks so round, like a ball, says Braden.

The moon is not round like a ball; more like the shaped of an egg. 

You got a big imagination on that one, Traveler. I can see that the moon is round, like a ball, says Braden.

No, I am not fibbing on this one Braden. 

When we look at the moon, we see the end of the moon, like when we are looking at the end of an egg. We look at the egg itself as if was flat and not three (3) - D.

O.K. What is three (3) - D, Traveler, and why not three (3) - B or three (3) - E? 

A very good question, Braden. Tree (3) - D is the abbreviation for three (3) dimensional. That means that we can see all three sides of an object: either the front, side, top, or bottom.

Oh, I get it, like when I’m across the street, looking at my house, I can see the roof, a side, and the front. I can see three (3) sides of my house.

Is that what you mean by three (3) - D or three (3) dimensional? 

Yes, exactly, says Traveler.

Please explain why I cannot see the egg shape of the moon?

That is a good question Braden. 

As far as being shaped like an egg, I cannot explain it. I just know what I read and what scientists tell me about the moon.

I do know we cannot see the other side of the moon because of the way it is positioned in our sky. 

Chapter 5

The moon does not rotate or turn as the earth does. It just stays in one position, which is why everything on this planet see only one side of the moon.

So, if we see the same side of the moon always, does that mean that there is a "dark side" of the moon?

There is no "dark side" of the moon because all parts of the moon get sunlight half the time. We see only one side of the moon always.

How does that happen, that all sides of the moon get sunlight, Traveler?

Let us pretend we are standing in your driveway, back home on earth, Braden. I will be the earth, and I will stand with my back to the house. 

Lets say the house is the sun and you will be the moon.

O.K. I can do that. Just what do I have to do, Traveler?

For sake of simplicity, the sun (your house) and me (the earth), will not move for this experiment. You (the moon) will be moving around me (the earth).

How will I move around you?

Well, first you will stand three (3) feet away from me and face me. 

O.K. I am looking at you, Traveler. 

Good Braden, now keep looking. As you can see, I can only see one side of you, correct?

That is correct, says Braden. Now what do I do next?

You slowly go around me, but you do not stop looking at me. You do not turn away from me. 

When you are behind me stop. 

After you stop, let me know.

Braden slowly starts going around Traveler, facing him continually. 

Braden then stops and yells. Now, I'm now behind you Traveler!

Now Braden, if you will remember, when we were facing each other, the house, or the sun as we call it now, was facing your front. Correct?

Correct! Yelled Braden, who starts thinking out loud. 

When I was facing you, the sun was in my face. Now that I am behind you, the sun is at my back. Thus, there is no “dark side” of the moon because the moon gets sunshine everywhere.

Correct again Braden, so as you can see, there is no “dark side” of the moon. Just a side of the moon, we cannot see.

Wow that is so cool says Braden, tell me more about the moon.


Chapter 6

Did you know, there is no wind or water on the moon.

I knew that said Braden, because I do not feel any  wind on my face.

You do not feel any wind on your face Braden, because your wearing a space suit.

I knew that Traveler. I was just funning you. 

Why do you have a space suit on Braden?

Because; there is no oxygen in space. Without oxygen we would die.  

Correct, Braden.

If I get lost, can I use my compass to find my way back to the Magic Car?

No, because the moon has no magnetic field, so you can never use a compass to find your way around on the moon. 

Then I better not get lost.

Chapter 7

The moon's gravitational pull on the earth is why our oceans have tides. 

I have never been to the ocean. I have seen pictures on the television where the waves hit on the beach. Does the moon cause the waves to hit on the beach?

Yes, the moon does help form waves along with other wind forces that cause waves to hit on the beach. 

When we have time, we will go to the beach, in my magic car, and talk about waves.  

O.K. Traveler, the moon does help form waves and control the tides. 

Chapter 8

Tell me more about the moon, Traveler.

The shape of the moon appears to change, depending on the moon's position and the position of the earth and the sun. 

What does the sun have to do with the moon?

We see the full moon when the sun is directly behind our planet earth.

All full moons rise around sunset. 

A new moon, will happen when the moon is almost directly between earth and the sun.

It sounds really strange to me, this new and full moon, stuff. 

I know it is, and to be honest, I have a hard time understand it myself. The best I can say is, the moon reflects light from our sun, and depending on the day of the month, the moon is either, full, new, half or quarter.

So what you are saying is the moon does not produce any light, it reflects light from our sun?

Depending on where the moon and sun are, will depend on what type of moon we will see at night.

Boy Braden, You’re a smart young man. When I was your age, I though a giant electric cord lighted up the moon and when the moon was not full, light bulbs just burned out.

Now your kidding me, says Braden.

Yes I am.

Braden, what is more useful: the sun or the moon?

Braden says, the moon, because the moon shines at night when you want the light, whereas the sun shines during the day when you do not need it. 

Then Braden laughs and laughs so much, because he like telling a joke.

Chapter 9

I have heard adults talk about a harvest moon. What is a harvest moon, Traveler?

A harvest moon is just a name for a moon that occurs in September. 

In the fall harvest, farmers could continue to harvest their crops late into the night by using the light of the full moon. Back then, there was no such thing as head lights on farm machinery or ever motorized farm machinery.

Doesn’t the full moon give off light?

Yes, it does, Braden. The moon reflects light from our sun back to the earth at night; as we talked earlier.

Now I remember; thanks for reminding me.

So, why does the moon look bigger in September, or in the fall months of the year?

The moon is closer to the earth, because of the seasonal tilt of the earth. The seasonal tilt brings the moon closer to the earth.

So, it is not magic. The moon does appear to be bigger, because the human eye sees it closer.

Correct Braden.

The mind then believes that a closer moon is bigger than a moon that is farther in the sky. 

Most people forget the seasonal tilt, causing the moon to be closer and appear larger.

I could have not said it better, Braden.

Why does the harvest moon give us colors that we normally do not see during the rest of the year.

With the seasonal tilt, science, space, and atmospheric particles are combined, give us the orange/reddish color in the moon. 

I cannot fully explain why this happens, because as you know, I am a traveler, not a scientist. I will need a lesson on that later, Braden.

Are there any other names for a full moon during the year?

Yes, almost all the months of the year, have names for their full moon.

Well, Traveler, what are they?

There are many names, but here is a few that I remember:

January: Wolf moon, old moon, and moon after Yule.

February: Snow moon, and ice moon.

March: Worm moon, crow moon, crust moon, cap moon, paschal moon, sugaring moon, and storm moon.

April: Pink moon, sprouting grass moon, egg moon, fish moon, rain moon, and growing moon.

May: Flower moon, corn planting moon, milk moon, and hare moon.

June: Strawberry moon, rose moon, honey moon, and mead moon.

July: Buck moon, thunder moon, hay moon, deer moon, and hay moon.

August: Sturgeon moon, red moon, green corn moon, grain moon, fruit moon, and barley moon.

September: Harvest moon, wine moon, singing moon, and elk call moon. 

October: Hunters' moon.

November: Beaver moon, frosty moon, and snow moon.

December: Cold moon, moon before yule, long night moon, and winter moon.

How did they get their names and why did they name them with those names?

American myths, folklore and Native Americans gave the full moon of each month a name, Braden.

All full moons have their own special names because of what usually took place during the month, that the full  moon occurred.  

Do they call the full moon, in July, a thunder moon because of the 4th of July?

No, Braden, most likely because there are many thunder storms in July.

The full moon in December called a cold moon or winter moon. That is  because it is cold and in the winter months says Braden, proudly.

Yes, Braden, you now understand how the full moons got their names.

By the way Braden, is there a 4th of July in England?

Of course not Traveler.

Oh yes there is a 4th of July in England. There is a 5th of July, and a 6th of July and the rest of the month of July in England.

They both laughed.

Chapter 10

Traveler, what is a blue moon? Does our moon turn blue on a blue moon?

Braden, a blue moon is when a month has two full moons. The second full moon in that month, is a blue moon.  

No, our moon has never turned blue or any other color. 

History has it, that our moon did appear to be blue many and not so many years ago.

What happened, Traveler?

I was getting to that, Braden. I read that in 1883, the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa exploded.

With that explosion, lot of dust from that volcano went into the air, and for about two years, sunsets were green and the moon looked blue.

You are kidding me, Traveler.

Well, truth is, I was not around in 1883, yet that is what historians say happened.

Any other explosions you read about, where the moon was blue?

Well, now that you mention it, I also read in 1927, the monsoons...

What is moon-soons, Traveler?

The correct pronunciation monsoons not moon-soons, Braden.

O.K. What are monsoons, Traveler? 

Monsoons are a big wind blowing from the ocean to the land. Monsoons bring lots and lots of rain. Monsoons, usually last for a few months at a time. 

We will take a trip and learn about the monsoons at another time, Braden.

As I was saying, in 1927, the monsoons arrived later than expected in India. Before the monsoons arrived, the wind blew up enough dust up into the atmosphere, for a blue Moon to be seen.

I also read that in 1951, huge forest fires in Western Canada threw smoke particles up into the sky causing the moon appeared blue in North Eastern North America. 

Simply put, a blue moon is just an appearance of the moon looking blue. Caused by dust or smoke, high in the Earth's atmosphere thrown up by major volcanic eruptions, or smoke from large forest fires.

So, a blue moon happens when there are two moons in the same month. Or the moon can look blue when a volcano blows up, or a big forest fire happens because of dust into the air.

Correct, Braden.

So, when do you think I can see the next blue moon?

Well, since a Blue moon happens almost every three (3) years, here are some upcoming Blue moon Dates are:

    2010      November

    2012     August

    2015     July

    2018     January   &   March

    2020     October 

Or when the next time there is a major fire or volcano eruption, says Braden.

Yea, but let us hope, for the best, like no natural disasters, O.K.

O.K. Traveler.

Chapter 11

When I look at the moon with my eyes, it looks so white! Says Braden.

It is not white, Braden. When you look at the moon through binoculars or a telescope,  you will see that the moon has a grayish color to it.

You are kidding me again, Traveler.

Not this time Braden. It is grayish in color when you look at the moon through binoculars or a telescope. 

With binoculars, you will start to see some of the moon’s surface features. Specifically, you can see some of the moon's largest craters or holes on the moon.

I thought so, say Braden. When I looked at the moon, it did not look smooth.

Like a smoothie, Braden?

No, it is not like a smoothie, Traveler. Rough, as if it had holes in it. What was that word you used, crates?

No. The holes are craters, when referring to the surface of the moon.

When you use a telescope, look where the light and shadow of the moon meet and you will see the details of the craters.

I can see them plain as day now that I am looking around. 

Boy they surely are interesting craters. I bet they will look just as interesting if I were looking at the moon with binoculars or a telescope from my back yard.

With or without looking glasses, the moon will always be there for you to look at.

Chapter 12

Looking at my watch, it is time for us to leave. I hear the dinner bell ringing, says Traveler.

No, you do not. You cannot hear noise out here in space says Braden.

You are right Braden. Without air to carry the sound, you cannot hear noise in space. 

It is time for us to go home Braden. So, come on in and close your car door. Put your seat belt on and close your eyes, because we are off in Traveler's magic car.

No we are not! Says Braden.

Yes, we are, says Traveler, with a wink in his smile. Open your eyes and look around. What do you see?

We’re home, and with that Braden unfastened his seat belt, opens the car door, and looks around before he gets out of Traveler's Magic Car.

Braden runs to the front door, yelling, Mommie, Mommie, you will never guess where I have been? 

I've been to the moon! 

We also ate at a restaurant there, but it had no atmosphere.



Chapter 1

Hello Madison, how are you today?

I am doing fine today, Traveler. And how are you doing today?

Marvelous, Madison, I am just marvelous.

So, Traveler, are we taking a trip in Traveler’s Magic Car today?

Not right now Madison, maybe later.

Let’s go out side and take a look at the weather.

Look at the weather, Traveler, now you are joking with me.

Oh no I'm not Madison! Lets look at the sky, and see what we can see.

O.K. Traveler, although you do have an imagination.

Chapter 2

So, tell me Madison, what do you see to the North sky?

Madison, began looking at the sky, to the North.

I see a blue sky, with a few clouds.

What do you see looking at the sky, to the West, Madison?

I see, some very dark clouds in the distance, coming this way. I bet it is going to storm here later, Traveler.

You are right Madison.

Thunder storms are most likely to develop on spring or summer days like today, but thunderstorms can occur year-round.

O.K. Traveler, now I know that the dark clouds in the distance are coming this way, what else should I look for?

Come on in and close your door.

Put your seat belt on and close your eyes, because we are taking a trip in Traveler’s Magic Car.

We are not! Madison says with a laugh, as she put her seat belt on.

Yes, we are, says Traveler, with a wink in his smile.

Open your eyes and look around to see where my Magic Car has taken us, says Traveler, with a wink in his smile.

What do you see, Madison?

Chapter 3

Traveler, why are we where we started a few seconds ago?

Are you sure Madison we are not elsewhere?

We are still right here, in my driveway. Why is that, Traveler?

Because, we will watch a thunderstorm come this way.  We shall watch lightning and listen to thunder from inside my magic car.

Why? Lightning can kill you, says Madison.

You are right, Madison. Lightning can kill you. Thunder can be frightening. You do not need to be afraid once you understand some simple rules about lightning and thunder. We are safe, in my car.

O.K. What are those simple rules?

First, there are no safe places outdoors during a lightning storm; although, cars and homes are relatively safe from lightning.

Is why we are inside your car, because it is safer that standing outside?

Correct, Madison.

We are in a safe car because it is a hard top. When in a car, during a thunderstorm, close all car doors and keep all car windows up. 

What about a convertible, like the one Cranberri owns?

Convertible vehicles offer no safety from lighting, even if the top is “up”. Best not to be in convertible during a thunderstorm.

I will remember that says Madison.

Chapter 4

Here are some simple out door rules.

When you hear thunder, you should walk fast, to the nearest large building or to your car.

I can run very fast in my sneakers, says Madison.

Traveler smiles. Yes, running is good, but you have to make sure you don’t trip and fall, or run out in front of a moving car, so walking fast is safer.

If you are out in a lightning storm, it is best to keep away from trees because lightning usually strikes the tallest object.

Why is that, Traveler?

Trees attract lightning because they bring the ground close to the cloud. So, taking shelter under a tree is very dangerous.

I understand, but what about the rain? Wouldn’t I stay dry under a tree, because I would not want to melt, says Madison.

Sure you are as sweet as sugar Madison, and you will not melt if you get a little wet.

Madison laughs, sweetly.

The tree may help yo stay dry, but it will increase your chance of being struck by lightning because lightning usually strikes the tallest object.

And the tree is certainly taller than I, said Madison.

What will happen if lightning were to strike the tree? 

The tree could explode, Madison. When lightning hits a tree, all that heat in the tree from lightning, can cause the sap in the tree to become heated and explode.

Explode! Wow that sounds way cool. 

Yea, it sounds cool, but you can get seriously hurt from the flying tree parts. That is an accident you do not want to happen to you. Do you Madison?

No. You’re right, getting wet is better than getting hurt, says Madison. Besides, I do not like splinters of any kind.

Madison and Traveler both begin to laugh because Traveler, does not like splinters; either.

Remember, a lightning current can travel from an object to a person. Lightning can also travel through the ground, to a person, after striking a nearby object.

Wow, than my best safety choice is to be inside; or in a car, said Madison.

Right Madison. 

Chapter 5

Another rule you should remember is, to avoid unsafe shelters, during a thunderstorm.

Traveler, I thought all shelters are safe; after all, they do protect me from the sun and rain.

Not all shelters protect you from lightning.

Which shelters should I stay away from, during a thunderstorm, Traveler?

Stay away from picnic shelters; a beach shacks; metal sheds; and baseball dough out. 

Stay away from carports; porches; sheds and greenhouses. 

These shelters protect us from rain and sun, but not from lightning strikes.

So, not all shelters protect me from lightning. Correct Traveler?

Correct, Madison.

Chapter 6

Which ones are safe shelters to go to during a thunderstorm?

The safest locations during a thunderstorm are large enclosed buildings.

Do you mean large enclosed buildings like schools, stores, shopping mall, homes, apartment building, and office buildings?

Correct Madison.

Thunderstorms do not need to be dangerous if you follow some simple rules, Madison.

Like stay inside a safe building during a thunderstorm.

Yes, and what are safe building, Madison?

A safe building is one which has a roof, walls and floor, such as a school, office building, a shopping center, and where people live are safe building.

That is a good response Madison. 

Chapter 7

Here are some simple indoor safety tips.

O.K. Traveler, I am listening.

Once inside a safe building, stay away from the electrical appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Why is that Traveler?

Lightning can also travel through plumbing pipes and water to a person in contact with either one.

It is best not to take a shower, bath, use a hot tub, and is in or around an indoor or outdoor pool.

I do not have to take a bath. Oh boy, I like thunder storms.

Traveler, laughs.

You need to remember; we have no control of lightning and where it can strike.

So, lightning can strike anywhere?

Well, just about anywhere.

Can I use the telephone during a thunderstorm?

Using a corded telephone is the cause of indoor lighting accidents.

So, if the telephone rings, I should not answer it, says Madison.

That is correct, Madison.

If the telephone rings during a thunderstorm, do not answer the telephone, because you could get hurt. Lightning could strike the telephone wires and come through the telephone wires to your telephone.

You can reduce your risk of injury from lightning by using any telephone during a thunderstorm.

We had a thunderstorm by my home a couple of days ago, and lightning came in through the telephone wires and damaged our Caller ID device.

What did you do, Traveler?

Nothing I could do. I had to replace the Caller ID, which was cheaper than replacing the telephone.

So, it goes to show you, Madison, if it can happen to me, it can happen to you.

Can I use a cordless phone or cell phone during a thunderstorm?

Yes, cordless phones are safer than corded models, as long as you are standing far away from the base. 

Cell phones are the safest to use, during a thunderstorm.

Chapter 8

That is good advice Traveler, now what about our dog, Ginger?

Madison that is good that you are considering the safety of your family pet, Ginger.

When there is a thunderstorm Ginger’s dog house is not safe.

Dogs chained to a tree, or a wire runner safe during a thunderstorm can easily become a victim to a lightning strike or bolt.

So, we should bring Ginger into our home, right Traveler?

Well, not all ways correct Madison. You can put Ginger, in the garage or basement; because Ginger may not be allowed inside the house.

That is good to know, Traveler.

By the way Madison, what do you call it when it rains chickens and ducks?

I give up, what do you call it when it rains chickens and ducks?

Fowl weather, laughs Traveler.

Chapter 9

Gee, Traveler, what if I am on a small boat on the lake and I see there will be a storm? I do like to fish with Cranberry, you know.

I know you like to fish with Cranberry, because of the stories you told me about the one that got away.

Traveler and Madison both begin laughing.

Madison, here is some boating information for you.

O.K. Traveler, what do you have to tell me?

If you are on a small boat and you see there will be a storm, get to land and find shelter immediately. Your first choice should be to head for a safe building or vehicle as we talked before.

Is that because I may melt, says Madison with a laugh.

No because you and the boat, are the tallest objects on a lake.  Tall objects attract lightning because tall objects bring the ground closer to the clouds.

So, lightning could strike the boat or me, because we are taller than the water around us.


Well, asked Madison, what about big boats, like the one Cranberri owns?

Large boats with cabins, especially those with lightning protection systems properly installed are relatively safe.

During a thunderstorm, keep away from metal, and electrical items, to keep you safe.

Good, because some times Cranberri and I go fishing and later on, we sleep on the boat.

That is correct. Cranberri and I, said Traveler.     

You go fishing with Cranberri to, said Madison?

Madison and Traveler both begin to laugh because Traveler corrected Madison’s use of grammar.

What would happen if lightning were to hit a fish swimming near the surface of the water?

A lightning strike hitting the water can kill the fish nearby, Madison.

So, if lightning can kill fishes, it can hurt me really bad, if I am in the water too.

Correct Madison.

Chapter 10

If someone gets struck by lightning, dial 


Get medical care immediately; or send someone for help immediately.

The injured person does not carry an electrical charge, so it is okay to touch them. You are in no danger in helping a lightning victim.

Can I do anything else?

Just dial 9-1-1 and tell the operator the location of the accident.

Yes, I know how to dial 9-1-1. My mom taught me how to dial 9-1-1, in case of an emergency.

That is great, Madison.

Chapter 11

So Madison, when you see lightning, follow these safety rules:

*    Stay or go indoors!

*    If you hear thunder, do not go outside unless absolute necessary.

*    When you hear thunder, walk fast to the nearest large building or to your car.

Because, you're not safe outside in a thunderstorm.

Always wait thirty (30) minutes after the last lightning strike before you go outdoors.

I can do that, because better to be safe that sorry, says Madison.

Chapter 12

Oh did you see that Traveler?

Yes, I did Madison.  Lightning often comes before the rain, so do not wait for the rain to begin to find shelter.

Traveler, what else you know about lightning?

Well, Madison, a lightning strike is nature’s display of electrical forces.

What place on earth, has the most lightning strikes, Traveler?

The place on earth, with the most lightning strikes is in Africa; the mountains of the Congo.

Africa. Isn’t that far away?  

Yes, Madison. 

Tomorrow we will have a geography lesson where the continents and oceans are.

O.K. But, what lightning strikes in the United States of America?

Florida has more lightning strikes than any other State.

The States along the Gulf of Mexico, and Florida has more lightning strikes than the rest of the States.

The States along Pacific Ocean North West coast have almost no lightning.

So, simply put, the States down south have more lightning strikes than other parts of the United States.

Correct, and why is that Madison?

Those States are closer to the water, says Madison.

Correct again, Madison. Out of all those southern states, Florida has the most lightning strikes.

Madison, did you know that earth, has about two thousand (2,000) thunder storms taking place some where, always?

Two thousand (2,000) thunder storms going on right now, said Madison. That is a whole lot of thunder storms taking place at once.

Yes, it is Madison. Lightning strikes the world one hundred (100) times every second.

No way, say Madison.

Way, Madison. That means that there are over eight million (8,000,000) lightning strike’s world wide, every day.

Somewhere in the world, lightning is striking right now, says Madison.

Correct Madison. You also have to take into consideration, that these lightning strikes are also taking place in the oceans, and other parts of the world we cannot see. Our planet earth is a very big place to live.

You’re right, says Madison. I can’t wait to learn more about our planet tomorrow, in the Geography lesson.

Chapter 13

Can I get struck by lightning, Traveler?

Yes. The average number of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes in the United States; is over twenty million (20,000,000) lighting strikes a year.

The chance of being struck by lightning is approximately one (1) in six thousand (6,000).

Do people die from getting hit by lightning, asked Madison?

Yes, people die from getting hit by lightning. About sixty (60) people lose their lives ever year.

Most lightning deaths and injuries occur in the summer.

Assuming you will live to the age of eighty (80) years, your odds in your lifetime become one (1) in three thousand (3,000) in getting hit by lightning.

What happens to those that do not die, asked Madison?

Each year, approximately five hundred (500) people get injured by a lightning strike.

Simply put, they wish they did not get struck by lightning; because they usually have continuous pain from the damage the lightning damage.

I surely don't want to get hit by lightning. I will find safe shelter when I know a thunderstorm is coming at me, said Madison.

Chapter 14

Traveler, what causes a lightning strikes to hit the earth?

First, we must understand; a lightning strike is natures electrical current. To understand this flow of natures electrical current, you need to understand electricity. You do have electricity, in your room; don’t you, Madison?

Yes, I do, Traveler.

Good. When you flip your light switch ON, the light in your room comes on. In order for the light in our room to light, you need electricity. 

I know that much Traveler. Explain electricity to me?

Can we have an electricity lesson another time Madison?

Yes, Traveler, but you were talking about electricity.

Yes I was Madison. What you do not see is one (1) wire going into the light bulb and one (1) wire coming out of the light bulb to produce light. One (1) wire is positive and one (1) wire is negative.

And what does that have to do with lightning, Traveler?

I am getting to that Madison. If you have a set of mini Holiday lights, you will notice a plug, which has two (2) prongs that go into the electrical outlet. When you plug in the mini Holiday lights, they light up.

They surely do Traveler.

Good. What you are seeing electricity going in one prong and into the mini Holiday lights. Electricity is then coming back out the other prong. One prong for electricity in and one prong for electricity out. Thus is the flow of electrify?

The same principal works with a light switch. What you do not see is one wire going to the bulb in your room and one wire coming from the bulb in your room. When the light switch is flipped to off, no electricity can flow to the bulb.   

So, what you are saying is, I saw a flow of electricity going to the mini Holiday lights or to the light bulb in my room. 


So, there is a big switch in the sky that turns the lightning strike on and off in the clouds, said Madison.

They both begin to laugh, because Madison made a joke. There is no switch at all.

What is happening with electricity, is you have these positive and negative electrons that we cannot see. These electrons flow through the wire, to the light bulb, and back out. This causes the light bulb to light up.

Electrons? Now what are electrons, Traveler?

Lets just say, for now, electrons are an invisible current of electricity. We really cannot see the flow of electricity, as we can see the flow of water. When the invisible electrons go through the wire to the bulb, the bulb becomes a bright light. As long as electrical electrons are going through the bulb, the bulb lights up. If we unplug the mini Holiday lights, or turn OFF the light switch, electrical electrons stop moving. The bulb does not light up.

And what does this have to do with a lightning strike.

I am  getting to that Madison. We now understand that for a light bulb to light, you need a current of electrical electrons to go the bulb and come back out from the bulb, to light up.

That is correct Traveler.

If there is no electrical current of invisible electrical electrons to the bulb, the bulb cannot light up.

Correct again Traveler.

Good. Now that we both know how a strand of mini Holiday lights or a light bulb in your room lights ups. Lets now understand storm clouds.

Chapter 15

We do know that clouds are formed by water evaporating from the earth. This causes clouds to take shape and become a cloud. Once a cloud has lots water inside the cloud, there is electricity; similar to the kind in your home. 

Inside the storm cloud is electricity building up as the cloud gets darker. Finally, the cloud needs a place to put all that electrical energy. First, there is an electrical energy charge in the cloud. Then the cloud releases this electrical energy charge. This electrical energy charge is a lighting strike.

Correct Madison.

How do scientists believe these lightning strikes happen?

Two parts water and one part electricity.

No, really, how does lightning happens, Traveler?

Scientists cannot agree on exactly how lightning forms in the storm cloud.  

Scientists cannot agree on the exact way. A cloud builds up the electrical charges that lead to a lightning strike.

So, what you are saying is that scientists do not know exactly how an electrical charge happens in the clouds.

Correct Madison.

Scientists do know that the electrical charge, or lightning strike will go to the earth, another storm cloud, or even into outer space.

Wow, I did not know that, outer space. Cool.

Chapter 16

Tell me more about the electrical charge or lightning strike that goes to the earth.

What first happens is one of three different situations:

1.    An invisible electron line starts to come down from the clouds to the earth.

2.    An invisible electron line starts to go up from the earth to the clouds.

3.    An invisible electron line starts to come down from the clouds to the earth and one from the earth starts to go up to the clouds.

These invisible electron lines meet somewhere between the clouds and the earth. When these invisible electron lines meet, lighting happens.

You remember, we had one electrical line, with invisible electrical electrons going to the light bulb?

Yes, go on, Traveler.

We had one electrical line, with invisible electrical electrons coming from the light bulb. When the light switch was ON, electricity or electrical electrons flowed, and the light bulb lighted up.

Yes, I do, Traveler.

And when the electrical switch was turned OFF, there was no electrical electron current flowing to the  light bulb.

Yes I do, Traveler. So, when the light bulb is lighted up, electric, with its invisible electrons are flowing into the light bulb and back out. That is why the light bulb is lighted up. There is a flow of invisible electrical electrons. A lightning strike works the same way.

Correct Madison. Only a lightning strike is for a brief second or two.

Have you ever touched someone or something and gotten an electrical shocked?

Yes, I have. 

What has happened is, you were carrying an electrical charge in you. You had nowhere to put it, so it was stored in you. Like the storm clouds, they have an electrical charge stored in them. 

Nothing will happen until you touch some one or something to get rid of the electrical charge. That is what caused the electrical shock.

I now understand. The storm clouds have an electrical charge in them. They zap the earth, or another cloud, or into outer space. This happens when invisible electrons meet each other or touch the earth or outer space. This then releases their electrical charge in them, as a lightning strike.

Yes, Madison. 

How much time does it take for these invisible electrons to touch the earth; when this invisible electron process starts, asks Madison?

Some where between a blink of an eye to a few seconds. That is why you should not be outdoors during a lightning strike.

Because when these invisible electrons lines touch each other; lightning strikes. I  could get seriously hurt, and I don’t what to get hurt.

Correct, Madison.

Cool, Traveler. I will stay indoors in a safe building or car during a thunderstorm.

Chapter 17

So, tell me more about the earth to cloud lightning strikes, Traveler.
Every thunderstorm produces lightning.

Every thunderstorm produces lightning? Says Madison.

Yes, every thunderstorm produces lightning. Lightning often comes before the rain, so do not wait for the rain to begin to find safe shelter.

So, just how fast is really fast that flash of lighting strike traveling, Traveler?

A flash of lightning travels faster than the speed of sound. In that instance when these invisible lines touch, a lightning strike happens.

How fast is the speed of sound?

Very fast, is all I know. I don’t know the exact speed, but I can tell you, very fast. How about a lesson on sound and light another time?

O.K. Traveler. How long are the lightning strikes? Asks Madison.

Most lightning strikes or bolts on the average are about one (1) mile long. Some lightning strikes, or bolts are much longer than a mile long.

What is the record for lightning strikes longer than a mile, Traveler?

I heard that the recorded a lighting strike on Texas that was eighteen (18) miles long.

That is long. Eighteen (18) miles. Why that is from here to... How far is that Traveler?

Too far to walk Madison. Again, we will need a geography lesson to learn miles and distances. You seem to ask more questions that I can answer right now. 

Can it wait till next lesson, Madison?

Certainly Traveler, you know I am just a sponge wanting to absorb knowledge, don’t you?

Yes you are Madison, and more.

They both laugh, because they both know, Madison loves to play, more than anything else. Yet, Madison knows, that today's knowledge will be useful in her education, eventually. Which is why she is asking questions?

Well, if they are miles long or longer, how wide are the lightning  strikes, asks Madison?

The actual distance of a lighting  strike can be from about one half (1/2) inch up to two (2) inches wide.

Chapter 18

How hot does lightning get?

A bolt of lightning will immediately heat the air around it.  This heat can be as much as fifty thousand (50,000 F) fahrenheit degrees. That is about five (5) times hotter than the surface of our sun.

That is really hot. Says Madison.

Imagine, in only a second, a lightning strike is the hottest place on earth!

Well, I now know it is very hot, but what about all that electrical energy?

The energy from just one (1) lightning strike can light a hundredth (100) watt light bulb for about three months.

So, why does not someone sell all that lightning going on in our world to the electric company, asks Madison?

A good question, Madison, and the answer are because no one can predict where or when lightning will strike although lightning is one of the oldest observed natural phenomena on earth.

That is when lightning happens, says Madison with a smile.


When a lightning strike happens, the electrical charge can go to the earth. The electrical charge can go to another storm cloud or even into outer space.

Chapter 19

What's the purpose of lighting? Traveler.

That is a great question Madison.  I will do my best to answer it.

Lightning helps the earth maintain an electrical balance. Scientists know that lightning is a steady current of positive electrons. These positive electrons can flow upward from the earth to the thunderstorm clouds above.

You remember those invisible lines we talked about earlier, Madison?

I certainly do.

Are they the electrons flowing upward?

Yes, they are Madison.

Yo do remember that when those invisible lines meet, they form a storm cloud, and a lightning strike, or bolt hits the earth. This lightning strike is a negative charge coming back to the earth. This lighting strike keeps the earth in electrical balance.

Now I understand, lighting helps the earth stay in electrical balance.

Correct, Madison, without thunder storms the earth’s electrical balance would disappear.

This must be why lighting strikes the earth about fifty (50) times a second, and some where on this planet, there are about two hundred (200) thunder storms going on.

Correct again, Madison.

Chapter 20

What else does lighting do, asked Madison?

Lightning also helps plants grow.

You are joking with me again.

I remember that you told me that if lightning were to strike a tree, it could explode it. So, how can lightning help plants or even trees?

Correct about the exploding tree Madison.

The air around us contains many gases. We will talk about those gases another time. For now, there is a gas called nitrogen, in the air around us. Plants need nitrogen to grow, but plants cannot absorb nitrogen through their leaves. The have to absorb nitrogen through their roots.

Is that what I saw mom put in her vegetable garden last week?

Could be, and that it could be that nitrogen was just one of the chemical your mom used to feed her plants and vegetables.

We will have to ask her later.

O.K. Traveler, lets get back to how lightning helps plants and trees.

When a lightning strike or bolt hits the earth, it helps dissolve the nitrogen in the rain water that fell to the earth. These lighting strikes help create a fertilizer that the roots of plants absorb.

So, plants get the food they need, and grow up big and strong, with the help of a lightning bolt.

Right again, Madison.

Does lightning do anything else, Traveler?

Lightning produces ozone.

One is another gas that helps protect the earth from dangerous rays of the sun

Wow, lighting is a very good thing to our earth.

Yes, Madison, lighting recharges our earth by thunder storms that produce lightning.

Chapter 21

I saw in the distance a bright flash of light? Was that lighting?

That was lightning, Madison. You just saw lightning in the distance.

I know that, but come the inside of the car didn’t light up?

That was because lightning was very far away.

Oh yea, how far away was it, Traveler?

That lightning was over ten (10) miles away.

I also did not hear any thunder. Does thunder always follow lighting?

No, Madison.

Thunder; can't be heard farther than ten (10) miles from the lightning discharge. This is why you did not hear any thunder when you saw the lighting flash.

Chapter 22

Now Traveler, tell me what you know about thunder, said Madison.

Thunder storms  typically produce rain for a brief period. Thunder storms last anywhere from  thirty (30) minutes to an hour. Lightning always produces thunder. 

Just remember, thunder cannot hurt you. Thunder is just a noise; nothing more than a noise.

Thunder occurs when a lighting flash heat up the air around it  so fast that the air expands very quickly.

We know that a bold of lightning can immediately heat the surrounding air. It can raise the temperature to as much as fifty thousand (50,000 F) fahrenheit degrees. A lightning strike is about five (5) times hotter than the surface of the out sun.

When the air becomes heated to fifty thousand (50,000 F) Fahrenheit degrees in a fraction of a second, the air expansion rate, exceeds the speed of sound. Thunder is the result.

Thunder occurs when air becomes heated to fifty thousand (50,000) degrees?

Not just the air being heated to fifty thousand (50,000 F) Fahrenheit degrees, but also when the bolt or strike of lightning hits the earth.

When air becomes hot, by heating and quickly cooling the air, an explosion happens. This explosion creates a sound wave, which we hear and call thunder.

Wow, so lighting happens and then thunder follows, says Madison.

Lighting and thunder can occur simultaneously, but lightning reaches your eyes quicker.

Light travels at one thousand eighty-six (186,000) miles in a second.

Thunder travels much slower, about three thousand (3,000) miles in a second. Thunder takes much longer to get to you.

I forgot.

Light and sound will always move different speeds.

You will hear thunder after you see the lighting, says Madison.

What happens when you see lightning but do not hear any thunder asked Madison?

The lighting is too far away for the sound waves to reach you. Thunder will normally have an audible range up to ten (10) to fifteen (15) miles from the lightning strike or bolt.

What should I do if I do  hear thunder, asked Madison?

If you can hear thunder, you are within lightning striking distance. Go to as safe place immediately and do not go outside unless absolutely necessary.

Chapter 23

Here are The 30 Rules.

What are the thirty (30) Rules, Traveler?

Well, the first Thirty (30) Rule helps you learn just how far a lightning strike or bolt of lightning is.

O.K. I am ready to learn that rule, said Madison.

You can use thunder to tell how far away a lighting strike is from you.

1.    When you see a flash of lighting start counting slowly.  Like a second on a clock, count seconds to the sound of thunder.

Remember: it takes thunder five (5) seconds to travel one mile after you see the lighting strike or bolt.

2.    Divide the seconds you counted until you hear thunder by the number five (5).

3.     This will give you. The miles the lightning is from you.

When you see a lightning strike, you start counting. (1 Mississippi, two (2) Mississippi, three (3) Mississippi... until you hear the thunder.)

If you have counted to ten (10) seconds, after you have seen lightning, and you heard thunder, you would divide by five (5). You will know, that lightning strike or bolt was two (2) miles away.

I can do that, and even if I cannot, I can always ask you for help.

Yes, you can, or another adult friend can help you count and divide.

Are there any other 30 Rules I should know.

Just two (2) more Thirty (30) Rules.

1.    You should seek shelter if a lightning flash followed by thunder is thirty (30) seconds or less.

2.    Wait thirty (30) minutes under safe cover after the last thunder you heard. The trailing storm clouds still carry a lingering charge.

That is good advice Traveler, after all, better to be safe than sorry or hurt, as in thunder.

You are so right, Madison.

Chapter 24

Looking at the weather, it is time for us to leave Madison.

You are right, Traveler.

Lighting and thunder will be coming this way soon.

So, put your seat belt on and close your eyes, because we are off in Traveler's Magic Car.

No, thank you, Traveler. I am heading inside my home where it is safe to be during a thunderstorm.

Before Traveler can say, open your eyes and look around, what do you see?

Madison has unfastened her seat belt, opened the car door. Madison looks around before getting out of Traveler’s Magic Car. 

Madison runs to the front door, yelling, Mommie, Mommie; you’ll never guess a thunderstorm is coming this way. 

And I’m not afraid of thunderstorms any more.


HAUNTED HOUSE by A Traveler/Magic Car Books

Come on in and close your door. Put your seat belt on and close your eyes, because we are taking a trip in Traveler's Magic Car.

We are not! Madison says with laughing.

Yes we are, says Traveler, with a wink in his smile. 

Open your eyes and look around to see where my Magic Car has taken us, says Traveler, with a wink in his smile. What do you see?

Oh my, it is a haunted house!

And why do you say that Madison?

Because of the way the house looks to me.

And how does it look?

Scared. I am afraid, Traveler. Can we leave?

There is nothing to be afraid of Madison, and no we cannot leave just yet.

What your looking at Madison, is a house that's abandoned by its owner. After years of no one living there, and no one maintaining the house, it began to look like a haunted house; inside as well as outside. These houses are dangerous to go inside because of structural damage.

Well, if it looks like a haunted house, isn’t it a haunted house?

No, it is not, Madison.

Why is that?

Well, lets first look at the outside of the house.


What do you see?

I see broken windows, and the front yard grass needs to be mowed. It still looks haunted to me.

Now there you go again, letting your imagination run away with you.

How is that?

A haunted house is a house that people believe to be a center for ghosts, poltergeists, or even evil demons. 

Legends about haunted houses have long appeared in stories many years ago. Roman-era authors wrote stories about haunted houses. Even Shakespeare wrote about haunted houses.

Haunted castles and mansions are common in gothic literature such as Dracula. It was a fashion of story telling to get you to be afraid of something that was not real. In the movies, it is just actors acting and what you see is just fiction.

What you are telling me is that haunted housed existed many, many years before I was born?

No Madison, haunted house stories existed, not actually haunted houses.

What about the noises you hear?

Noises are just that, noise. 

Every house makes noise, the only difference is that at night, when there is no noise in the house, you hear noises.

And what cause those noises?

Mostly it is the house settling?

The house is settling. Now you joking with me.

Oh no, the sun heats the house,  it expands during the day. We cannot see the expansion, but it is there. 

As the night cools down, the house contracts. Sometimes animals get into the attic of the house.

Like elephants stomping around?

No, more like mice or squirrels.

You have to understand, at night, most of the day noise has stopped. That is why you hear noise at night. There is no street noise to cover up the noise within the house.

So, the outside of the house look bad because no one maintains the house and the inside noise is just an animal or the house settling. Are you saying it’s not a haunted?

Correct Madison.

Well, I am still afraid! 

And you should be. 

Abandoned houses are sometimes homes to homeless people, drug addicts, or bad people.

You should be afraid to go into an abandoned house but not because it looks haunted. Because the people living there may hurt you not ghosts.

Also, the house may need repair to the inside floors causing it to be dangerous and unsafe on the floors and other things.

So, I was right in being afraid, just not for the right reasons.

That is correct Madison. And the same holds true for monsters in the closet or under the bed.

You believe in them too?

No Madison, I do not believe in monsters in the closet or under the bed.

But I see them.

No you have not Madison. Again, you have allowed your imagination to run away with your thoughts. 

Not me, nor your parents will ever allow a monster to live in our homes. 

The only monsters are our fear of being alone in a room with  the lights turned off.

So, there are no monsters in the closet?

No monsters, Madison.

It’s just our imagination because we cannot see what is the closet, so we imagine something that is not real. Every day we wake up, alive. Because, there are no monsters in the closet.

What about under the bed?

Same hold true for under the bed as well. There are no monsters under the bed either. Just our imagination. Our parents are here to protect us, and they never, ever will allow a monster to live with them.

What about what I saw on Television the other night?

Television is just a group of people acting which is also make believe. Someone wrote a story, and everyone acted and read from a piece of paper. There are people who put to make up on these actors to make them look scary. They are not real; they are just actors.

So, what you are saying is, television is making believe.

Most television shows are making believe. Some, are real. When you get older, you will be able to tell which is making believe and which are real.

That is good to know; my parents will never allow a monster into our home. And that some television shows are making believe. 

I’m not afraid of haunted houses, because the house is haunted. I’m afraid it's because bad people may be living in them, and I should keep out.

Very good, Madison.

Oh, did you hear that noise Madison?

No, Traveler. You’re frightening me. Now what noise did you hear?

I heard the dinner bell. I think its time for dinner. What is your mom making for dinner tonight for us?

Sorry Traveler, tonight is mom’s no cook night; so no dinner for you tonight.

It is time for us to go home Madison. So, come on in and close your car door. Put your seat belt on and close your eyes, because we are off in Traveler's magic car.

I wonder what we shall do for dinner says Madison, to her self.

Open your eyes and look around. What do you see?

We’re home, and with that Madison slowly unfastened her seat belt, opens the car door, and looks around before she gets out of Traveler's Magic Car.

Madison walks to the front door, still thinking, what are we going to have for dinner, when suddenly she smells her mom’s cooking.

Mommie, Mommie; you’ll never guess where we went. We visited a haunted house, and I am not afraid any more.





TELEPHONE MANNERS  by A Traveler/Magic Car Books

Chapter 1

Come on in and close your door. Put your seat belt on and close your eyes, because we are taking a trip in Traveler's Magic Car.

We are not! Braden says with a laugh.

Yes we are, says Traveler, with a wink in his smile.

I wonder where we are going now, says Madison, to no one particularly.

Open your eyes and look around to see where my Magic Car has taken us, says Traveler, with a wink in his eyes.

What do you see guys?

Chapter 2

Why, we are in our living room and the only thing in color is our telephone. Now why is that? said Braden.

Yea, Traveler, we don’t own a pink telephone. Do we? said Madison.

No Princess you don’t own a pink telephone, although today we are going to talk about telephone manner because there are times when I’m disappointed to find that both of you lack good telephone manner. Apparently rudeness and a lack of consideration have crept into your telephone practices.

I do too have good telephone manners, says Madison with a hint of annoyance in her voice. I use common sense which I’m proud to say when communicating with others. Go ahead and ask my mommy.

Just then, Kami, Madison’s and Braden’s mother, enters the room.

And why are good telephone manners so important any way? Says Braden loudly!

And without missing a step, Kami says, When you’re on the telephone with someone, you’re only interaction with them is verbal. The right words are important to make the right impression because your voice over the telephone is the first impression a person receives of you.

Traveler says, remember guys, you always want treat people the way you would like to be treated.

I always do said Braden. Besides, I don’t eat when I’m talking to someone on the telephone. I always rid my mouth of food, candy, cough drops or chew gum before I begin talking on the telephone because I know because the telephone receiver automatically amplifies the chewing of gum.

Madison shyly removes chewing gum from her mouth and begins looking around for a place to put it.

Remember guys, that your talking to another human being so always speak respectfully.

Kami looking at her paternal children and says, you need to behave more better when your talking on the telephone. Kami pauses and then says, think about how you would act if you spoke with Cranberri face to face.

And just as Kami was finished saying her last word, Braden spoke up and said, And don’t interrupt when the other person is speaking; looking at Madison.

Madison paying no attention to what Braden has said, Our mommy, says you should creates a good spot to hold your conversations in a private area where there are no distractions.

Yea, says Braden, our mommies holds her private conservation's in the garage.

Madison starts giggles loudly.

Chapter 3

Say Traveler, what do you do when a telephone call can be too demanding? Asks Madison.

Actually Madison, being polite does not mean I have to sacrifice my own time or drop whatever I’m a doing to answer the telephone. There are times when I just don’t answer the telephone.

Really, says Madison, in a shocked tone.

That explains it says Braden, matter of factually.

You must remember, there are no rule that says I have to drop whatever I’m doing, just to answer the telephone. Besides, I have caller I.D. and I can see who is calling and if I need to, I can call you back later.

Or if it’s important, says Kami, they will call you back later.

Remember guys, if someone calls you at home and catches you in the middle of some thing that is urgent, it is fine for you to call them back later. You can always say, I’m sorry but we were about to sit down to dinner can I call you back after we finished? Or I’m sorry, but I was about to walk out the door. Can I call you when I get back?

Chapter 4

Braden sneezes loudly, scaring everyone in the room except Kami.

And if you have to sneeze, says Madison, turn your head and cover your mouth with your elbow, and Bradon remember to hold the receiver away from you so you don’t get germs all over it.

Kami handing Braden a tissue and says, if you have a cold you should wipe the telephone receiver down otherwise, others will catch your cold.

Yea! Shouts Madison with a hint of aggregation.

Chapter 5

Remember guys, when answering the telephone…, at that moment, the telephone begins to ring, like magic because there is no telephone cord attached to the pink telephone, on the night stand in the living room.

Go ahead and answer the telephone Braden, it may just be for you, says Traveler.

Kami says, Just stop for a few second or three and take a deep breath. Before you answer the telephone with a simple hello. Remember, the way you answer the telephone sends a strong message to callers.

Madison says, Just remember, always answer a telephone call pleasantly by smiling when you answer the telephone because it automatically makes your voice sound brighter and friendlier. Madison, is now smiling to her self.

Braden picks up the telephone handle, pauses, smiles and says hello. He then looks at Kami, confused.

Kami says, you don’t need to identify yourself right away because it is not a good idea to give your name away when answering the telephone.

Why not?

Because the person at the other end, telephoned you. They need to identify themselves first, says Kami. If they do not tell you who they are after you say hello, you my ask then by saying some thing like "Who is calling please?"

After they identify themselves, should I identify my self?

Certainly, says Kami.

What, if  they say who they are, and they ask to whom they are speaking with.

Then you should identify your self and ask them who they would like to speak with.

What if they want to speak to me?

Only speak to that person if you know the person at the other end of the telephone. If not, give me the telephone and I will speak with them. Because: children, like you and Madison need to remember the telephone safety rules which are:

1. Don’t answer any questions that make you feel uncomfortable.

2. Don’t tell anyone when you are home alone.

3. Don’t give out personal Information to anyone over the telephone.

4. If someone dials your telephone number accidentally; accept their apology because everyone dials a wrong number sometimes. No one deliberately wants to dial a wrong number. Just politely tell them they have dialled the wrong number.

Parents, please remind your children of the risks of giving out too much information to callers, they don’t know. Such as their name, age, address, any personal information and whether their parents are home.

It is best not to ask your children to lie to a caller. If you don’t want to talk to that person, I just ask them to say you can’t come to the telephone and that you will return their telephone call later.

Chapter 6

Remember guys, when your having a conservation, continue the conservation as if you were talking the person in the same room by speak clearly and articulate.

What does articulate mean? asks Braden.

Articulate is a fancy way of saying, you should pronounce your words clearly and distinctly and mean what you say because certain words have certain meaning.

Does that also mean, you should never yell in the telephone asks Madison? Looking at Braden.

That too. Just talk loud enough into the telephone speaker without shouting. There is never a need to shout into the telephone even if you are angry.

I do that says Madison, who has been smiling all this time. I always speak clearly into the receiver; and I don’t yell into the receiver when I talk to Cranberri.

I wait for the person telephoning me to identify themselves first, says Braden proudly.

Chapter 7

Remember guys, whenever you pick up an incoming telephone call make sure there is not too much background noise.

It’s best to turn off the radio, television, and the computer because back ground noise can be very distracting to you when talking on the telephone.

Which is why mommy holds her private conservation's in the garage, says Madison.

Kami says, You don’t want to bury the telephone in your shoulder or neck, Madison.

Remember guys, doing other things while you’re on the telephone it suggests that you are not listening to the caller. Be a good listener and don’t do other things at the same time because I can tell when your not listening to me. It’s very distasteful.

Sorry, I didn’t know you could tell said Madison.

Me too, says Braden. We’ll get better at not multitasking when we are talking on the telephone. 

Thank you both, says Traveler.

Chapter 8

Remember guys, if the person for whom the telephone call is available; never stand with the telephone in your hands and yell for that person to come to the telephone. That is simply rude.

Kami says loudly, Madison and Braden, you both know the house rule! No yelling in the house. Instead put the telephone down quietly and walk to where the person is, and  tell them they have a phone call.

Remember guys, if you are putting the telephone down, it’s very important that you first say one moment please. Or, simply say, I’m putting the telephone down to get the person you asked for. Do not just put the telephone down with a bang! while clapping his hands together, making Madison and Braden jump and Kami laughs.

Kami says, for goodness sake, Braden and Madison if you have to put the telephone down please do it gently to spare your caller’s ear. It’s just good manners.

Chapter 9

A good rule to remember is to listen more than you talk; especially if the telephone call is for you. Because someone is calling you and it is likely they have something important they want to say to you.

Kami says, Good manners let the caller be the one to end the call first. After all, they did call to speak with you, and if you end the call early, they may not want to talk to you later because you were rude.

Remember guys, make the time to have a conversation. Don’t cut it short. If you have to go somewhere, make it a point to tell the person calling that you will call them back at a better time, if you have to end the telephone conservation short.

Chapter 10

Remember guys, good telephone manners go beyond saying please and thank you. It also includes not leaving the caller on hold and always use a friendly greetings and closing.

Kami says, If you have to put someone on hold asked them whether you can call them back. Don’t keep them waiting while you do something else. That is just plain rude. Just ask them for a call back number to return the call later.

It’s also rude to interrupt a conversation when someone is having a conservation with Cranberri, on the telephone says Madison looking at Braden.

Chapter 11

When a caller asks for someone other than you, you should first ask them who is calling as we discussed earlier.

DUPLICATE When they tell you, you need to say, hold on one moment please, while I get that person. Do not just drop the telephone, and yelling telephone. You do recall our house rule about yelling in the house? You do not have to detail what the person is doing or where he or she is.

If a person is busy or not at home you need only tell the caller the person is unavailable. Simply say, I’m sorry they are not available now. May I take a message? Or who is calling please? Or I’m sorry they are busy now. May I take your name and number and have them call you back?

Remember, it is your responsibility to be as polite and helpful as possible when taking messages.

When taking a message for a family member who is busy or is not at home think about what you would want to know when one of your friends called while you were away.

A notepad with a pen that works by the telephone is a good idea. Then write the message down and put it on the refrigerator.

Chapter 12

Here are some helpful tips on how to write telephone messages down.

1. Who is the message for?

2. Who is the message from and please verify the caller’s name.

3. Their telephone number.

4. The time the call came in.

5. Write a short message?

6. Sign the message so the person who receives the message has any questions they can contact you.

7. Be sure to pass on the message.

Remember to take accurate messages. Good penmanship is plus, and make sure to return the telephone call promptly, if the message is for you.

Chapter 13

When telephoning others, check the number carefully and then dial it correctly. Don’t call then too early in the morning or too late at night.

Remember to always give the person you are calling plenty of time to get to the telephone before you hang up by allowing it to ring long enough to give the person time to get the telephone. If they don’t answer by the sixth ring, they must not be home, so hang up or let the answering machine answer.

Always identify yourself first when you call someone. Don’t make them guess who is calling by saying it’s me. If the person who answers the telephone is not the one you want to talk with, give them your name and ask if you may speak with the person you called. Then ask may I speak with Cranberry and not is Cranberry home. If Cranberry isn’t home, ask if you may leave her a message.

When telephoning someone, always ask them if it’s convenient for them to talk now. It’s also polite to ask if your interrupting anything they were doing.

Don’t ask anyone to wait the moment that they answer. 

Chapter 14

If you get an answering machine don't hang up; leave a message. That is why they have an answering machine. So you can leave a message.

When leaving a message, please, take your time, don’t rush. Leave your name, telephone number, the time you called and a very brief message by speak slowly and clearly. Remember to articulate.

You can also mention when you will be available for a call back time from them.

If you have dialled the wrong number, again apologise; just don’t hang up.  

Chapter 15

Remember guys, your coming of age where if you ever need to use the telephone, wait until someone has finished their telephone conservation before using the telephone. By not yelling I need to use the telephone.

If you need to talk to someone who is already on the telephone don’t pick up another telephone and start talking.

If you have to get off the telephone quickly excuse yourself and tell the person you will call them back as soon as you can.

When you finish talking to someone on the telephone it’s polite to say good-bye or some similar word or phrase appropriate to the conversation the appropriate response will depend on how well you know the other person and why they called.

End each conversation with a good-bye or bye - bye, just don’t hang up abruptly. And remember guys, always hang up the telephone gently.

Chapter 16

There are people who earn a living by calling people at home and asking them to buy their products or services. These people are tele marketers and no matter why they are calling, you at home, they want only one thing; your money.

It is fine to tell these people that you are not interested and ask them not to call you at home anymore.

It is fine to ask them to have your name and telephone number removed from their list. By law tele marketers must not telephone you again. Just do It nicely because they too are human beings.

Chapter 17

When using a speaker telephone just ask the caller if you can use your speaker telephone, before putting a person on a telephone speaker telephone. A little politeness goes a long way.

Chapter 18

The rumour mill has it that when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876 that ahoy, a greeting on ship radios, was used to answer the telephone, instead of hello at the time.

However, the American Inventor Thomas Edison did not like the maritime term so he invented hello, which was recorded in the dictionary in 1883.

Chapter 19

Every person should learn how to use 911. It is important that children understand and how to dial 911 in an emergency. The life you save could be you own.

Chapter 20

When there is a poor telephone connection or when you're disconnected, the individual who originally initiated the call is responsible for calling back the other party.


















 This book is incomplete, (opposite of  the Lake), because of lack of information. Todays standards concerning transgender's would be good, when I get some transgender friends who like to contribute. I personally think, keeping is simple stupid (K.I.S.S. theory) will make this one a flag ship seller also. So, IF your a transgender, and like to collaborate let me know, via e mail. I figure I will need about 5 -6 to answer questions on your beliefs. thus giving an objective points views. AT

GARDEN PARTY by A Traveler

Braden and Madison were running along the side walk playing tag. It was one of those, exceptional beautiful days, where it could have been spring, summer or fall. 

When all of a sudden, Braden stops and Madison, with her long legs, almost runs into him.

Madison, being a girl, is just about to let Braden have a slice of her mind, with full force; when Braden slowly starts to raise his arm and points to “the house”.

Madison, all of a sudden, and quite honestly, opens her mouth and nothing emerges. Which is really strange for Madison to not have a sound come out of her open mouth.

They look at each other, like paternal twins who know what the other is thinking; about “the house”.

Together, they hold hands, and skip towards “the house”. Like deer caught in the highlights of an oncoming car.

Silently, they arrive at the front door, and silently each one is daring the other, to ring the door bell.

Time stands still. Time passes.  No one actually know for sure, just how much time has passed, and yet IF you looked closely, Madison is very slowly starting to raise her arm, with her finger pointed towards the door bell of “the house”.

When all of a sudden, the front door of “the house” opens, and Traveler say, Hello guys, how are you doing?

Madison and Braden just look at each other and begin laughing.

Traveler interrupts them by asking, “Do you guys want to...”

Before you can say Certainly, we do!, they are in the back seat of Traveler’s magic car, yelling Come on Traveler, we don’t want to be late.

Well, considering the whole block is filled with cars, more cars as far as the eyes can see, it’s certainly a wonder they got into the right car at all.

Well come on in and close your door. Put your seat belt on and close your eyes, because we are taking a trip in Traveler's Magic Car.    

We are not! Braden and Madison says with a laugh.    

Yes we are, says Traveler. 

Open your eyes and look around to see where my Magic Car has taken us, says Traveler, with a wink in his smile. 

What do you see?

Why... say braden.

We didn’t go anywhere. says Madison.

Yea, Traveler, we didn’t go anywhere says Braden sullenly.

That is because you guys didn’t let me finish my sentence earlier. I was going to say, Do you guys want to go, with a pregnant pause, to a garden party?

We do, we do, shouted Braden and Madison.

And I was going to say, pausing again, the garden party is right next door.

Which explains why all the cars are here, there...and everywhere says Braden finishing Madison’s sentence.

Good observation Madison and Braden. Now if you guy’s will unbuckle and step out of the car, I’ll take you next door to the garden party to meet a plethora of my special friends.

And thus begun the beginning of a very special friendship between Braden, Madison, and Traveler’s special friends...


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    


(From here on is where, with your help, I can start writing Book 1, (What do you tell a 9 year old; about hybred women)?


Then Book 2 (What do you tell a 14 year old; about hybred women)?

Book 3 (What do you tell a 19 year old; about hybred women)?


Book 4 (What do you tell a 23 year old; about hybred women)?


Book 5 (What do you tell a 40+ year old; about hybred women)?


Book 6 (is about relationships:

        1.    dating

        2.    sex

        3.    marriage

( I still have not actually got to book 6 in my head.)


Book 7 (is your Bio.)


Book 8 (is about Compatible Dating.)


The goal is simple: to build a foundation that simple human beings who have no knowledge about a hybred woman can understand, and finally take them to the dating stages, where they will not be afraid to speak to you. The more you know, the more comfortable you are with the situation.


Now you are a mainstream hybred woman. Thus, a win win situation for everyone involved.


One simple problem: I can’t do a damn thing without your help. So, please; help me help you. Talk to me. 


Please understand, with the start up of a new business NRI and soon to follow ATF, my time is going to be limited, but with your help and understanding all can be accomplished in due time.


Thanks in advance for your help!


A Traveler

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